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Savitri Devi 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Savitri Devi 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum telling Dr. Kabir that she is happy for him as he will work in other country now. She says she and his Papa have thought to locate to their native place. She sees his ID card and asks what it is doing here. Dr. Kabir thinks SDCH is the integral part of his life which nobody can separate. Peon gives tea to Jaya, but she refuses to have it saying she don’t drink tea bags tea. Veer brings ginger tea. Jaya thanks him and says she needed it, but she sees his face and refuses to take it. Veer asks her to take it. Jaya says you are not suitable for my daughter, says she is dean here, but you are just a doctor here. Veer says I know that I am not near her capability, but very soon you will realize that I am a good guy for her and you will tell this to Sanchi. He promises to become

a good human, better doctor etc. Jaya looks on.

Gayatri gives tea to Savitri and tells that she is upset. She tells about Jaya coming to hospital and says they fought with each other to divert our attention. She brings loban’s smoke and says it is best to get rid of mosquitoes, and says I didn’t know you are allergic to it. Savitri asks Gayatri to go and rest. Gayatri gets angry and thinks to handle Priya first before Sanchi. She calls someone and invites him home.

Sanchi is walking on road and sees Soumya walking on road. She thinks what she is doing here. A car is about to hit Soumya, but Sanchi saves her and asks what happened? Soumya tells her that she is worried about Harman. She tells Harman don’t want her in his life because of her one mistake which she did accidently. Sanchi says I can understand and tells that her hospital’s best doctor is leaving the country, but she is hopeful that she can stop him. Soumya says Harman don’t trust her and thinks she is in dilemma what to do. Sanchi says it is your life, you have to decide. She says true love never bends down and asks her to trust her husband’s love. Soumya says your love gave me strength and asks her to take care. Sanchi says God made us meet to help each other and asks her to meet her in SDCH. Soumya asks her to take care. Sanchi thinks what to do. Soumya thinks I shall not lose strength.

Dr. Kabir is leaving. Kusum and her husband is going to their place. Sanchi comes there. Kusum asks why did you come here and what is your problem with his happiness. She pushes Sanchi and makes her fall down on road. She asks Dr. kabir to go. Dr. Kabir goes to Sanchi. Sanchi thinks he came to help her get up, but he takes his bag and asks Kusum to come. Sanchi asks Dr. Kabir to listen to her. Dr. Kabir and his parents leave. Sanchi asks God to help her.

Dr. Kabir tells Kusum that he forgot his passport at home and asks his parents to go to station, says he will get passport and leave for airport. He gets down from the car and looks on villianous. Sanchi finds Dr. Kabir’s passport on road and thinks he will come to take it. He comes and asks her to return his passport. Sanchi asks him to listen to her first and asks her to punish her, but not SDCH and his patients. She requests him to return. Dr. Kabir takes his passport and says ok, but I have a condition. Sanchi says I agree to your condition. Dr. Kabir asks him to listen to his condition first.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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