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Rudra singh oberoi – The cute prince .. (chapter-01)

(A/N:-please don’t beat me for my typing error and mistakes 😘😘)



The episode starts with A boy is shown

Dancing with some friends in a club..

character cheela hai song..plays…

(Yes!! That boy is non other than our Rudra singh oberoi )

Rudra gets his mom’s call..

She asks where are you!! Om and I called you many time,  you’re unreachable … shivay ask about you many time…

Rudra ask her to calmdown, be cool mom.. I’ll reach there in 2 hours ..

Jhanvi asks don’t forget today is your brother’s wedding,  come fast..

Rudra says mom chill down ..

Today is bhai’s wedding that’s why I’m celebrating party with my friends..

How will i arrenged party in house then dadi will break my legs mammi ..

Jhanavi smile and tells don’t talk much then I’ll break your teeth .. ok finish your party and come fast my chotu…

Rudra says ok done bye…




After 1 hour Some time …


A man is stand before the mirror ..

He looks sad.. his colorfull eyes are filled with tears..

(Yes.  That man is our sso aka shivay singh oberoi)

Shivay~something happend which i didn’t imagine … Tia’s mom blackmaild me to marry tia.. else my family will suffer a danger, i won’t let this happened with my family..

He is ready as groom…

But his mind is not ready to accept this relationship … because his only love bird is annika.. shivay’s annika..

But he don’t know what place is she give him in her heart …

The long hair handsome guy enter the room… (yes guys that is our omkara singh oberoi)

Om says oh god..

Shivay asks what???

Om says i know you are getting married soon but why are you absent.. if you don’t love her then why are you forcing your life in this marriage ..

Shivay asks om don’t you start again please.. everythings are fixed also..

Where is rudy..

Om says ohhh your baby is great like you.. that duffer is not ready to accept this marriage but give party for his friends .. he’ll reach sometime .. puja is starring we’ll go come..

Shivay and om leave to stage…

When shivay is about to go to the stage .. police arrived there.. and says mr.shivay singh oberoi….

Everyone are shocked …..

~be continue …

Precap:- shivay asks what shall i do now…. om hug shivay. They cry badly.

A girl tells don’t worry .. everything will alright and nothing will happen to him he’ll fine…

Tia’s mom tell tia we’ll never force him in this situation else it’ll danger for our plan…


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