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Episode 1..
Rab se Sona Ishq hai 💑

so lets began the first episode of this new story (new tale).. Started the episode with a smile and love(❤️)or with full of positive no negative please..New story so leave all things whatever happened in the past. No Hate I need that you all become happy after read my ff.. So do warm welcome to rab se Sona Ishq hai FF..
Camera the first view a big beautiful city London. Weather is so beautifully slightly snow❄️ -falls making this place amazing. Trees wearing dress of ices. People busy in their work.

Westminster Bridge comes ocean all sided of the bridge giving perfect texture and cars going so fast like a wind. People standing in circles one man singing others enjoying this. Some of the peoples dancing many things going on in street market. Very much cold weather. Girls and boys busy in kissing. Many people going ice-skating. Very modern country. But one family is here they live here, but they never forget their values and principles. Modern thinking but their culture is first priority. It’s none other than Sarna family billionaire Punjabi family they are Very famous family in London.You can say that they live like some royal family. And ruptured name in London their name is enough in London. A small kid to knows them. What they are..

A beautiful mansion showed. It’s very big mansion you can say places Everywhere guards standing near mansion.. Lets went inside see who living in this mansion.

Palazzo Steyn Valued at $25 million, the 32,000 square foot mega mansion features 7 bedroom suites, 2-story foyer with domed ceiling and grand staircase, 2-story library, 33-car subterranean garage and more. Outdoor features include a circular driveway with fountain, tiered lawns, infinity edge swimming pool and two unique waterfall features on either side of the home that spill out into a man-made lake. There is also a separate gate house and staff/guest house. 📍Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Tag your photos & videos with #MansionKings. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ | © All credits correspond to photographer/designer/owner/ creator |

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First scene comes. Door of Sarna Mansion open. A lady standing in mandir. She had back and light grey hairs. Wearing salwar kameez perfect Indian attire she cared. The best thing she has beautiful smile on his face.. White color Krishna and radha
Sculpture (murti )is in mandir it’s very huge sculpture Wearing gold jewellery. Mandir fully decorated by lights whole mandir interior is white and very classy. Both of side of Krishna and Radha sculpture. Diya stand Long made with gold there. A lady lit the diya. First her eyes comes.”Which” telling about herself. Very self-respect woman she is. And her lips.
What she speaks amazing people loved to hear something from her mouth. Each words she speaks with full care and understanding she knows if you speak something you can’t take it back..she fold her hands in front of god. Fully her face shows its (none) than lata Sarna. Elder woman of this family.
Lata:hey Bhagwan always keep my family happy Bas. She turned and whole mansion roofs see. whole mansion is very classy and elegant work all expensive art work is here peoples talking about this mansion work very unique and lavish sarna mansoon named comes in beautiful houses. She went towards study room.
Study room:: whole room is very good ambiance. Many books are there on tables. A man standing near window it’s wall windows outside views’ comes. Water slightly dipping on glass windows. An old man holding coffee mug in his hands enjoying his coffee and with beautiful view of nature. Outside garden having very long green trees and flowers. Making the place more beautiful they worked like Navratnas
Old man kept the coffee mug aside and took his glasses. This man is head of this family its Prithviraj Sarna root of this family. Totally Indian man having dark black hairs very much young according to his age. He looks at the picture handing on the wall. Its family photo and one side India flag is there.
Prithviraj Sarna: (PoV) mera bharat India.
30 years passed I leave my India and come in London. My India is best. Many years have been passed still I miss my country.I came London to give my kids good life and proud my India name in other country.When I come here I don’t have very much money. Day and night I did work hard and today here I stand. One day nobody knows me today single people of London and others countries to knows my names. A small ornaments designer achieved so much famed and respect. I just staying here but never forget my culture traditional and smell of my bloomi. People say money change the man but I’m still old pure Indian man. What my parents taught me even me to and my wife taught our kids know they teach their kids.3rd generation of Sarna family my grand kids.Just than lata open the study room door. Door opening sound comes and Prithviraj turned and see his life is standing at door.He gives her smiled even she too back him. She went towards him and stand beside him.
Lata: what you see haa. He gestured her towards pictures.
Prithviraj Sarna: what I’ll see rather than this my first view before starting my day.
Lata: yes I know this. Because If they didn’t come near you. You can see their face in photos.
Prithviraj Sarna: yes my family brightness of my eyes my family.
Lata:my too. Every day, I wakeup and see my grand kids face they give me so much happiness. Why you didn’t come for morning pooja like others. He laughs.
Prithviraj: sorry.. I sleep late in night.
Lata:hmmm when you meet with your friends in party next day you told me sorry.Whole family still sleeping.
Prithviraj: all must be tired after party. But I know like always you wakeup first.
Lata: why only me even my pota too with me..
Prithviraj: om and kunj 😍..
Lata:yes.Ek toh always wakeup late.
Prithviraj: haa. Always I thought If my grandkids not come than how we will survive.
Lata: mere pote meri jaan hai. Crown of my head.
Prithviraj:and my poti too my heart.
Lata: then let’s go down.
Prithviraj: haa first where is my morning hug.
Lata: aap bhi na.. 😍she hugged him.
He wrapped his arms around her shoulders. People didn’t understand why you hugged me always in morning..
prithviraj:why I hug you because everyday I want to tell you that your place is here.
Lata: humare pyaar ♥️.. What rudra say evergreen..
prithviraj: haa evergreen. After all my wife is not small woman very famous writer. Last night only she achieved award from (London PM ) it’s not small thing so .
Lata: even aap bhi.
Prithviraj: I make many diamond ornaments but you are my favorite diamond.
Lata: I’m writer but sometimes I doubt on you.
Prithviraj: in your company I learn something from you.they both hold each other hands went downstairs.

Many of servants working here. You can find servant in every side of this house. All is very good in their works. Lata give voice to harikaka. Harikaka very old faithful worker of this family working in this house since long back. He Handel everything.Now he is to part of this family. Harikaka went in hall see Lata and prithviraj standing waiting for tea.
Harikaka: yes dadi ji..
Lata: where is tea you know na before 9 we had tea.
Harikaka: yes dadi ji I’ll get. He went and get tea and Lata make tea for prithviraj. While he was reading newspapers.
Lata: le jiye aap ki chai. He fold the newspaper and take the tea.they both enjoyed their tea time together.
Harikaka:I’ll check breakfast.
Next scene. (In Avej)
Avantika wake up and look at tej who sleeping and cuddle photo frame. She smiled and went towards window and open the curtains’ sunlight coming on tej face. His sleep get disturb. He open his eyes and look at avantika who standing and giving him smiled.
Tej: what is this avantika you always disturb my sleep. Why???
Avantika:what can I do tej you can’t wake up itself so.. now go and get ready fast it’s so late tej MAA and daddy ji.. must be wakes up. I’ll take out your clothes okay. Her room not less than any queen room.
Very lavished interior. She went towards wardrobe take out her and tej clothes. She hanged his clothes on coat rack stand and went in washroom.
Later tej to get up, and they both get ready and went downstairs. From other side of staircase Manohar and Usha coming.
They look at each other gesture that they are really late.. they went in hall there living room was too big couch is there in circle way.jumar handing on the sling dim lights in jumar in .The jumar in middle perfect. Long two sided staircase.
prithviraj and Lata already sitting. They wished them good morning. They too.
Lata: finally you all come.
Avantika: MAA sorry late.
Prithviraj: so what beta. If ghar ki beti late uth shakti hai than why not bahus.
Usha: daddy ji.. You are best..
Lata: now come have your tea.
Avantika: I’ll check breakfast MAA.
Usha: I’ll to come. They both went in kitchen while tej and Manohar sit beside their mother. She make tea for them.Just that one girl who wearing saree looking so beautiful. Holding parshad in her hands. She had long back hairs pink lips her eyes not less than any ocean. She is none other than Anjali Saran. Grand daughter of this family. She sees her fathers and dadu.She went towards behind prithviraj back. Sand covered his eyes with her hands. Tej and Manohar see her and smiling. Prithviraj too he knows who she is..
tej: guess Papa.
Prithviraj: hmm 🤔 who is she.. Anjali smiling. He kept his hand on her. She is my Anjali.Right Anjali said.. Come and sit beside her dadu..
Anjali: you always guess right dadu.. How?
Prithviraj: easily I can sense you to touch your hands because you grown up in my hands😍😍.so it’s very natural my beta.
Lata: yes. Anjali rest her head on his shoulder.
Anjali: dadu you are the best my dadu..
prithviraj: even my Anjali too.
Tej: bas dadu what about us..
Manohar: yeah bhai shab..
Anjali: even you both too. She gets up and took their blessings. And give them parshad..
Lata: you went gurudwara.
Anjali: yes dadi I went. I’ll see MAA and badi MAA. What they do. She too went in kitchen. Anjali see her both mothers busy to giving instructions to servants.
Anjali: you both.. Take parshad.. Anjali give avantika back hug.. Badi maa. Goodnight.
Avantika smiled wished her good morning.
On one can’t say avantika is a mother. After seeing her she really beautiful and very much elegant and her saree is the best make her more beautiful and loose hair-bun. Usha see them.

Usha: so mother and daughter loving sessions done or not.
Anjali: never.♥️. Avantika turned cupped Anjali face kissed on her forehead.
Avantika:after all Meri beti is so sweet. She took the parshad. And give usha too.
Just than servant give tadkha to upma very strong. Which make Anjali choke she had allergic of spices smell So..
Avantika: you know na can’t you wait..
Usha: take her out avantika. Avantika take her out of the kitchen. Anjali choking sound tej Listen he about to get up, but they were coming towards them only. Tej get up and went towards them..
tej: Anjali beta. Again.
Avantika: tej you make her sit I’ll bring water for her first. Tej take her towards side couch make her sit on the couch.
While Avantika bring water for her. Anjali continuously coughing.Tej rubbing her back while other get worried about her.
Prithviraj: Anjali beta what’s the need of go in kitchen haa. Anjali takes deep breath.
Anjali: I’m fine you don’t get worried about me.
Tej:how can we not beta.Tej make her drink water with his hands. Lata just admiring bond of his kids.
Scene shifted
A boy was doing jogging in park. Headset on his head listening old music. Looking hot his hairs so soft shining like moon. Julpi kumar also known as 😝. 6 fit height perfect body. Other girls is there they just doing jogging for OMkara so it’s omkara. Grandson of Sarna family. Girls looking at him this he sees but ignore.He sits in side done with his excise session. Wear his glasses and went for home.He walked rather than used cars and all’s.Soon he entered in mansion. First he went towards all families members.He removed his goggles
See his dadi who just standing in side just waiting for him. He ran and hugged her from back.While dadi closed her eyes and smiled.
Om:dadiiii. 😍cuddling her more and more. She turned towards him.Lata look at on om face.
Lata: finally you come.Yeh hai 2 part of this story om kara Sarna. Mera pota.(in heart)
Om: why you always wait for us.. You know na I went for jogging.
Lata: I know but I know this to that you will come before breakfast, and we have together. Om took her blessing. Hugged her too.
Om: you go I’ll get freshen up fast okay..
Lata: okay till than I’ll go and wakeup what you all called him.
Om: he laughs out. Sleeping beauty.
Lata: yes sleeping beauty..
om:let’s go and wake up him together. They both went upstairs. Om opens the door.Door open their eyes went on bed see boy sleeping peacefully on the bed while pillows is here and there whole room is messed up.They look at each other and laugh. It’s very hug master bedroom. King size bed is here.They entered in room. Dadi open all curtains and window.While om jumped on the bed.
Lata: om he’ll not wake up like this.
Om: true dadi.Om removed blanket on his face. It’s rudar Sarna. Little bother. Very less brain 😂😂.. hell comedy girls dying on him. Hot body with six-pack abs boy.
His face slightly open smiling itself. Our little Sarna is in dream world. Let see what dream is.. music Kudiyon Ka Nasha Pyare Nasha Sab Se Nasheela Hai
Jise Dekho Yahaan Woh Husn Ki Baarish Mein Geela Hai🎶
Lights on everywhere girls standing in western dress.Rudra come and all girls cuddles him music on in disco.He removed his shirt and open champagne 🍾 bottle sprinkled on girls face they were enjoying.Just than one hot girls’ comes in disco he looks at her lost in hotness. Girl winked at rudra.They both dance together. He looks at girl lips and she too. He makes pouty lips in both dream as well in reality. Dadi and om laughing to see him. Om cupped rudra lips and took some clothes pins which placing on side table. He took it and pinned it on his lips.. He screamed 😂😂😂😂…
rudra: haaaaa. He wakes up with jerk while om and dadi laughing loudly.. rudra open his eyes and see om and dadi giggling 🤭.
Om: how’s your dream 😝.
Rudra: What is this O. You always break my dream we just about kissed huhu.
Lata: khote da puttar tu menu yeh das ki you always kiss girls in dreams only haa. They both sit beside him.
Rudra: dadi it’s my talent 😎😍.. om playfully give him tapli on his head.
Om:dadi this dambal Sarna. Very much flirty boy😛..
Rudra: bas o..
Lata: rudra go and get freshen up fast. See your dirty dreams later babaji kya hoga iss ka..
Rudra: What dadi girls dying on me and my body you don’t worry 😉..I’m the hottest man of this family.My Simran he kissed on her cheeks. Show tongue 😛to om and while om ran behind him. Dadi laugh.
Lata: bas babaji they always stay like this mere pote potiya best.their happiness is my happiness.Yeh hai rudar 3rd part of this story mera sab se chota pota.. apne bhaiyo ki jaan hai. Whole day bas protein shake and gym. Don’t worry you’ll meet with him too soon. Later om and rudra come downstairs.Rudra wearing waist T-shirt. Showing his muscles.Very few times he covered his body.They went towards dinning areas other’s all family members already sitting just waiting for them only.

Avantika: so finally you wakeup.
Rudra: yes mummy..😍😎.
Om: good morning everyone.
Avantika: good morning beta and other’s to wish.They both sit.
Rudra: where is my diet food.
Avantika: here everything is perfect and good for health you can have rudra. Just than Usha come with rudra special breakfast.
Usha: here is my son breakfast. Everyone is smiling the knows everyday it’s happened.
Rudra: choti maa ❤️.You are so sweet. Smirked at avantika.
Usha:even my rudra too. Usha servant him breakfast. While to others servant and Avantika.
Om: what happened di..
Anjali: nothing.
Rudra: again you went in kitchen haa.
Prithviraj: and rudra have your breakfast and go college. Om and Anjali giggles.
Om:yeah dadu true.Anjali feeding breakfast to her both brothers.
Tej: and om beta what about your exhibition.
Om: bade Papa everything is done.
Manohar: that’s superb..
Lata: om today I’ll to come with you.
Anjali: dadi outside snow falls going on.
Lata: haa.
Rudra: that’s why I sleep lot today. Everyone really together In one go..
tej: very lame rudra.
Avantika: once in a while he wakes up early.
Om: only when that time he starves he wakeup early 😝😝😝..
Rudra: you all making fun of me let him come he’ll shoo you all.

Next side.. INDIA 🇮🇳 camera rotate. Sun rising making sky more beautiful with his light yellow cum orange color. Bird twittering in very fine voice.They fly in a group of birds. Nightingales singing their songs in their melodies voice. Views comes Amritsar

(Punjab) people doing langar.Golden temple. So much crowed is there. Many people doing work helping in food cleaning the place.Outside in street People having food enjoyed with friends and family. Kids playing in garden. Two ladies

One is normal aged one old. They both coming out of the gurudwara. Both sit in car left for their home.Car stops in front of mansion. Lavish mansion

They both come out of the car and went in garden see two manses sitting having tea.They both smiled and went towards them. The both ladies is bebe and Leela Taneja. Proper Punjabi wearing salwaar kameez her hair slightly opened wearing jewellery looking so beautiful.The Most enhancing her beauty is her sindoor.(Vermilion)
Leela: aap dono still not get freshen up.
Bebe: ji..
hansh: I was just waiting for you. when you’ll come and give me my clothes. Leela and rt laugh.
Bebe: aap bhi na.. sharm ki jiye aap ke beta and bahu aap ke shamne hai..
Leela: kuch bhi bebe and Papa ji are the best.
Rt: yeah Leela still they loving each other same.
Hansh: haa my love will just increase for her and my family just..
Bebe: haa family se yaad aaya where they Are.
Leela: they must be sleeping till now.
Rt: Leela let them sleep my kids.
Bebe: haa.
Hansh: let’s go and wake up them.they all went inside the mansion. Leela eyes went towards staircase boy is coming down. Single boy of this family grand son of bebe and hansh. It’s Kabir Taneja. Elder son of Leela and rt. Kabir see Leela and give her smile.He went near them. They four of them standing in line. Kabir first took blessing of his grand parents after his parents. His first work is this.
Bebe: finally mera beta wake up.
Rt: good morning my son.
Kabir: good morning Papa and everyone.
Bebe: ram go and get freshen up.
Hansh: haa.
Bebe:even you too.Than we all do pooja.
Hansh and rt went in their room. While Kabir hugged Leela and kissed on her forehead.While Leela cupped his face.
Leela: mera beta.
Kabir: and Meri MAA 😍.
Leela: you sit I’ll see pooja things. And special girl too.
Kabir: ha MAA. So let’s go and meet with our heroine 😝.. Camera went downstairs
Stop near room door. Let’s see who is inside in. Door open. The room is very big and everywhere teddy bear and other things of girls is there. Whole room colour and interior is pink (baby) eyes went on bed. Girl sleeping peacefully cuddling her favourite teddy bear tightly. Wearing pink colour nightdress whole walls fills with pictures family and friends. A big balcony is too there. Leela and Kabir entered in room and see the girl who still sleeping caring smile on her face. Leela sits beside her and caress her hairs. Her eyes come first. It’s so beautiful eyes with long
eyelashes hairs coming on her hairs. Than slightly her nose see perfect nose sometimes caring anger too😝making this innocent nose red with her anger. And her lips it’s so soft baby pink lips. Cheeks so chubby having dimples too make her more and more beautiful. Her whole face show.
Perfect face to define beauty. She is none other than twinkle Taneja. Daughter of Leela and rt. Second grandchild of this family. Our panjabi pataka beauty with brain. Kabir tickling on her stomach.Due to this her sleep disturb.She moved slightly alarm clock ringing near her ears, but she didn’t bother still busy in her sleep. Leela and Kabir laugh.
Kabir: totally sleeping queen.
Leela: don’t know what happened to this girl can’t wake up with alarm too.
Kabir: nothing MAA she is best.♥️.My twinki And little chick.
Leela: you see her I’ll go and wake up another one. Leela gets up and went in another room near twinkle. Kabir pulling twinkle blanket while she clutch so hard.
Kabir went near her ears. Murmured something.
Kabir:Twinkle wake up see you’ll miss your cartoon show. Little bit she reacted. Kabir put clock on her head clock ringing continuously. Kabir pour water jug on her. She wakes up with jerk. See Kabir laughing on her..
Twinkle: Bhai..😡😡😡…
Kabir:yes my dearest sister wakeup. Before dadu will find good boy for you 😜.
Twinkle: very funny Bhai you always did this.
Kabir: even you too twinkle can’t wake up without this, so I need to do.! Kabir sits beside her twinkle rubbed her eyes.Kabir takes out his handkerchief and wiper twinkle face. Twinkle smiled and rest her head on his chest..
twinkle: Bhai you are so sweet my bhai.
Kabir: even you to my little sis. Go and get ready everyone waiting for you.
Twinkle: yeah you all people behind my beauty sleep.
Kabir: yes sleep how much you wanted in our jija embrace 😂😂😜..
Twinkle: acha Bhai even you too went I’ll find my bhabhi. And by the way I’ll not marry.
Kabir: I’m hell petty on your hubby whoever is he is😝😝. Now come fast I’ll go. He went while twinkle smiled and wished good morning herself. She went towards dressing table see her face in mirror.
Twinkle: uff how can any so beautiful Babaji. Really you make me really beautiful 😍😍. I’ll get ready.. she ran in washroom. Leela went in mahi room and see her she reads something.Leela smiles to see her.
Leela: mahi Puttar. She turned and see Leela ran towards her give her hugged.
Leela: so my princess Already wake up.
Mahi: yes MAA I just revised my chapters.
Good morning MAA.
Leela: good morning come downstairs okay. Back to again twinkle room.. later twinkle come out of the washroom wearing towel. Looking hell hot. Her wet hairs she on the tv and see her cartoon is not (coming) than change the channel plugged music. She started dancing in mereMere Khwaabon Mein Jo AayeAake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye..:..::::::::: playing with clothes. Later she went towards wardrobe take out her clothes perfect Indian salwar kameez for pooja. She wears it went towards mirror.
Twinkle: twinkle you looking amazing in very clothes ❤❤.She did light make up and get ready looking perfect punjabi girl.
She smiled and open the room door with full happiness. And went downstairs slowly her hairs falling in air.Her duppta increasing her prettily more and her payal making good noise in whole mansion. Everyone standing near mandir and just waiting for her twinkle ran towards them she covered her head with duppta. Hansh see her and smiled Mahi too. Twinkle take aarti tali and started singing pooja song.
Twinkle is mixture of everything modern with traditional as well.Her voice is favoured of her Dadu every day his morning started with twinkle bajan.All fold their hands and closed eyes too. Lost in twinkle melodies voice.. later twinkle done with pooja and she tuned and give aarti first to Hansh than Bebe.After one by one everyone.Than Mahi and she took blessing of everyone.Bebe and hansh hugged them tightly.
Kabir: ahhh 😭😭😭what about me.they laugh. Kabir too hugged them.. later they busy in breakfast..
let’s go to Luthra [email protected]
Yuvi running behind maya while they both making noise their parents see them and smiling just. Yuvi caught maya and twirling her while maya just taking papappappa. Surjit went near them.Yuvi leave maya.
Maya show Yuvi tongue he too back her. Anita come there and faked scold them. While Yuvi and maya laugh on anita they know.
Yuvi: mom. You can’t scold us perfectly.
Maya: true mom.
Anita: see this Surjit.
Surjit: let them do. This sound giving me energy lot. Anita.My kids are my everything.
Yuvi and maya smiled and hugged their father.Anita smiled to see them. Yuvi pulled Anita too.
Yuvi: mom don’t be shy😝😝. She gives him slap playfully. Yuvi is very much fickle boy. Love two things party and gym but family and friends most.. maya pulled Yuvi hairs he pulled her cheeks.
Anita: let’s go you both will late for your office and collage.
Back to London…..
Lata standing admire photo frame.
PoV:Mera pota kunj.My first grandson.
First lead of this story. Went on his grand father love his brothers lot and Sisters too.
Always busy in worked like anything. Yeh 3 mere Ansh hai. Iss kahani ke teen kisse.
hai phar ek doosure ke zaruri hisse hai.
You all meet with two soon with one too.
Main part of this story and family too. Om and rudra comes from back and hugged dadi.she smiled.
Om: dadi you miss him.
Rudra: even me too. Anjali to come and stand beside rudra. They share a group hugged scene freezes on their smiling face. Don’t go anywhere..we’ll meet in next episode story just started. Many more color comes. One side Taneja family and other side luthra in middle Sarna family episode end on them.. First page open of this book many more remain.
(The most important thing in the world is family and love. …)
Well well finally first episode done. Tell me how was the episode. Hope you all like it.
I don’t know whether you all like it or not.
Hope their discerption I Give well. Hero entry will come wait 😝😝. Don’t worry itna wait nahi karwaugi 😜😜no intezaar in this ff😂😂😂…
you all must be laugh that I make om and Anjali siblings but I did before my first ff. So sorry. 😝😝.. This story in my mind very long back but never try to post. Hopefully I started this ff and write first episode too.
I will justify with this ff to… this ff not less than any kkkg family😝😍. Strong bond of family you can see in this story.. you all not get bored.hope. thanks bye love you all..

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