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Pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti (Episode 8)

pyar ko ho jaane do again with Rohit and preeti.

Episode 8:

A man is standing at door. Ayesha call him dad. preeti becomes happy. Ayesha runs towards him and hugs him. He is Mr. Hussain khan (Mohit Abrol) the owner of khans company.

Husain: How are you my child (Ayesha)?☺
Ayesha: i m fine but i m shocked to see you dad.

Husain: preeti!…

preeti comes to attend him with a beautiful smile. He holds her shoulder and then kisses on her forehead.

Husain: my soul darling.😊 how are you my daughter.

Preeti: i m fine dad. thank you.

Husain: did my daughter miss me.

Preeti: ☺(smiling and hugs her). at every moment.

Husain: Then tell me where is he.

Preeti: who dad?

Husain: who did prank with my darling.

Ayesha: dad here (pointing towards Rohit)

Rohit gets tensed. husain walks towards him and holds his shoulder.

Husain: (laughing) good joke my friend good joke. but not with my preeti. understand.

Ritik: yes yes sir….we will never again do this.

Husain: good job.

Rohit: i m sorry sir. I give her so much pain.

Preeti thinks that He fears so much after this incident. he is good guy i should forgive him.

Bade papa: Hello mr. hussain. i m mr. hooda. sorry for all of this.

Husain: no no its ok.

Kavya: sir actually….

Husain: no no beta not sir i m not your sir i m your uncle you can call me uncle. you are like my Ayesha.

Kavya: (smiling) uncle plz say yo preeti to stay here. plz. i like to spend time with her.

Preeti: Dad no…i m not stay here.

Husain: why baby. bcz of your anger on Rohit.

Preeti: no dad. last night Ayesha slaps Rohit. I said to say sorry to him. but she did not listen to me. if she say sorry i will stay here.

Husain: ayesha say sorry to him. He is like your elder bro. it is not right behaviour.

Ayesha: Ok ok… sorry.

Rohit: no..its ok. i don ‘t mind.

Kavya: (thinking) but i mind.

Preeti: ok… i ‘ll stay here.

Every body becomes happy.

Rohit going towards preeti. he takes her bag and set into room again.

Everyone sitting in hall. Hussain introduced himself. Shergill comes. He sees Mr. Husain. He thinking that i saw him before. He talks to Husain. Then He says that today is his flight for London. and just take care of preeti. he love her a lot. He advises preeti to stay here and this deal is very important. so you work here on it. when this project is complete you can come london. Then he leaves.

Rohit thinks about her day and night. he thinks that may be i m fallen in love with her. Kavya decides to visits with preeti the whole India. Rohit Ritik and Herry plans a trip.

Herry spends the whole time with Ayesha. She tells him about her and preeti. she says that i loved to act but dad did not allow me. He wants me to work as preeti. Herry tells her about him. He tells her that Dad allows me to do what i want to do in my life. I want to become a Didactive like Kuku uncle. he is my inspiration.

Kavya plans is ready and all the three couples ( Rohit and preet , Ritik and Kayva , Herry and Ayesha ) go for trip to Nanital. Rohit drives a car. Then they enjoy driving. Its time for sun set.

Rohit: ohhh its sun set. i think we should stop here.

Ritik: yes… we here build up tents and enjoy.

Ayesha: Are you mad? here…in forest. no not at all. infact here is some cold.

Herry: come on yar Ayesha just enjoy. trust me I and Ritik make soo much fun.

Ayesha: but if some animal attacks on us then…

Preeti: just stop it.

Kavya: we spend here very much time before. there is no danger.

Everybody get out of her car. but Ayesha wants to stay in. Preeti forcely get out her from car.

Ritik: we build up the tent…girls you should help us.

Kavya: ok.

Preeti helps Rohit. Kavya tries to help Rohit but Rohit sent her to Ritik for help. Ayesha helps Herry. Tents build up. Rohit burns the fire. They all sitting near fire. Kavya forces Rohit to sing an song for his love ones Then he sees Preeti. She looks adorable. she wears jeans short blue jacket and short froq. Her curly hair wave on air. Then Rohit starts singing. he sings ” Mein phir bhi tumko chahungaa”. during the song Herry offers Ayesha to dance with him. She agrees. Then they dance. Ritik offers preeti for dance but she says she does not know how to dance. at the time Rohit comes and says preeti that he teaches her. Then they start dancing. kavya feels jealous. Ritik holds guitar and kavya starts singing the half part of song as ” mein phir bhi tumko chahongi” Rohit teaches her dance. She tries to dance but she slips. He holds her. The anger of Kavya raised.
after sometime everyone hear the sound of roar of lion. Ayesha fears horribly.

What happens next…to know please stay to read next article.

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