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Porus 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Darius Emotionally Blacks Bamni and Proves Puru A Traitor Again

Porus 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Puru asks Darius if he is telling truth or not. Darius says Puru is lying, if he says that, it is betrayal to their friendship. If he remembers, Shivdutt had taken permission from Bamni to open Farsi factories on some land. Bamni says yes he remembers. Darius says his 21 year old loyalty is questioned because of a proved traitor, his dignity is more important than his business to him as he is a king now, Porus/Puru is right that a lot will happen soon, he is breaking up all ties with Pourav rastra, business deals and alliance. Kanishk and Kadika look shocked.

Laachi walks in the middle of market with people hiding her face and sees nose hanging. She hears people telling for the first time King’s son will be hanged. Laachi thinks if it is Kanishk or Puru.

Darius asks Bamni if he

forgot that his son Kanishk identified traitor Puru stabbing him, when he is doubted, he will not stay here for a second. Kanishk stops him and tells Bamni that he already told Puru attacked him, then why he is reconsidering judgment, Puru should be punished for attacking Kanishk. He asks Puru if he did not attacked, why did he accept his crime then and now alleging Darius. Puru says he already told if he had to kill him, he would have long ago when he back stabbed her. Bamni asks why don’t he say who is real culprit. Puru looks at Hasti who gets tensed. Anusuya asks Puru to tell truth as he promised her. Bamnni asks to answer. Puru says truth is Kanishk was attacked by him. Darius says Dasyu spoke and changed his statement again, truth is out.

Bamni announces that Puru tried to kill Kanishk, so he considers him traitor and should be hanged in front of whole praja right now. Hasti grins. People chant prince Purshottam is a traitor/desh drohi. Puru says he is not a traitor, real traitor are these Farsis who want to loot our country, if he does not wake up, they will rule on us for not only 21 years but 21 centuries, he should identify truth that Farsis are snakes who will bite him some day. He is being chained and dragged away. Anusuya cries while Darius smirks.

In Macedonia, people chant king of Macedonia/Alexander zindabad. Olympia reminisces Oracle telling if Alexander goes to Bharath, he will not return back, though he will not die. Alexander addresses people that he will head towards Bharath and win it. Olympia says before that, Alexander will win Faras first. Alexander says it was her wish to win Bharath. She says it is her wish now to win Faras, it is queens’ order and he should rest till he goes on war. Alexander tells his friend that something has happened in his absence that mom is tensed.

Back in Pourav rastra, Puru is brought to be hanged. He emotionally chats with Anusuya and apologizes. She suggests him that whenever he finds a path tough, he should select his own path, she is sure who saved his brother will save Bharath for sure. She holds his hand and keeps something in it. He shakes his head. She pampers and kisses him. He then walks towards noose. Laachi cries seeing his condition. People throw rotten tomatoes on him. Anusuya cries while Darius smirks. A woman calls Puru a traitor and pushes him. Darius signals Anusuya that this is called attack, Porus’ game is finished.

Puru walks towards hanging noose and throws chains. Alexander asks Olympia what did Oracle say. She says Oracle said once he goes to Bharath, he will not return to Macedonia.

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