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Porus 3rd April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru tells Darius’ truth to Bamni

Porus 3rd April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Alexander and his soldiers ruthlessly attack on Greece and kill everyone they come across. Hakim of Greece gives up against Alexander, apologizes him, and says him and Greece public have accepted him as King. They will obey all his orders. Alexander asks him to bring all his public in front of him. Along with him, his public has also gone against him. Cletius asks what’s the need to call public when Hakim has given up. Alexander tells him to give his view when he is asked to. Hakim brings his public. Alexander says today he will show the whole world what happens when you go against Alexander. He orders his soldiers to kill everyone. Alexander kills Hakim. After that, he orders his soldiers to burn whole village.

Paurav public is chanting Puru murdabad. Anusuya visits Puru. He struggles to get up,

but manages to reach her. Anusuya says a mother gets hurt more when she knows her child is innocent and is getting punished. Puru says no matter how much trouble a son is in, he can’t see tears in his mother’s eyes. He wipes her tears. Anusuya says if he can’t see tears in her eyes, then why he is taking someone else’s blame on him. Puru says he is doing all this for his Baba, but now he has figured what he has to do. He will tell Darius’ truth to Bamni.

Puru is brought to assembly. Bamni says in addition to stabbing Kaniskh, he is also accused of looting Pauravs and Farsis ships. If that’s true, then that makes him a traitor and punishment for that is execution in front of the public. Puru says he was never and will never be against his mother land. He tells Darius truth that he sent his soldier to burn Dasyu Lok. As his soldier came in Pauravs’ dress, Dasyus misunderstood that it was Pauravs who destroyed Dasyu Lok and they intended to take revenge. Upon him telling the truth, they decided to loot Farsis ships. Darius dismisses accusation saying he needs to give proofs, what he is saying is just another story. First he said his soldier was drunk and insulted Anusuya, hence he apologized to her. Now he is making another story. Puru further tells Bamni about Darius hidden place where he is planning something big against Pauravs. Bamni asks Darius whether that’s true.

Precap: Alexander asks Olympia why she is stopping him. She says if he goes to India, then he will never return. Bamni declares Puru a traitor and orders his execution.

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