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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha picks the govardhan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and all people praying. Kanha prays to mata kamdhenu and says mata it is your work now to save your children. Mata kamdhenu is at the base of govardhan and she becomes very huge in size, indra dev and varun dev are shocked. Mata kamdhenu then starts drinking the water, she drinks water and it recedes thus saving the people. Varund dev says what is happening? Because of mata kamdhenu my powers aren’t working. Indra dev is angry.
Narad muni says prabhu mata kamdhenu saved everyone. Lord Vishnu says mata kamdhenu has done great things many times, she once fought the sons of rishi vishwamitra and gave them salvation, this made the rishi leave everything and he started praying and meditating and that way he became greater than he was.
There kansa is

in vaikunth and he says loudly, Vishnu come in front of me, where are you hiding you coward? I will kill you, come in front of me Vishnu, come and fight me, why do you hide? Suddenly a shadow of lord Vishnu appears very huge in size and vishnu’s voice says kansa, this is not vaikunth, this is just maya! Kansa says what? No this is vaikunth, I know, don’t fool me Vishnu, you cheater. Lord Vishnu says no kansa, we both will face each other and the destiny has been written, until then do what you can kansa, I will always be near you. Lord Vishnu goes. Kansa says you cheater, where did you go and hide? Come in front of me. Lord Vishnu says kansa I have always been near you, I killed all demons you sent in brij mandal, I have been living in brij mandal as a child. Suddenly kansa is on earth and vaikunth disappears, lord Vishnu says kansa, it has been written when we shall meet and fight, until then if you can find me then try. Kansa says I will find your ansh Vishnu, I will find that kid and kill him, you will have to come then, kansa screams loudly in anger.
There kanha and all people smile as rains stop. They head towards govardhan mountain to pray to it and do its Pooja. As all people walk and reach govardhan mountain, the rains start again and kanha looks above and smiles. All people are shocked as the rains increase. Kanha goes to the govardhan mountain’s base, yashoda says wait kanha where are you going? Kanha goes and he increases his size, all people are shocked, yashoda, nand, balram, radha, brij bhanu, kirti and damodar and rest all people see shocked. Kanha then slowly picks the govardhan mountain, he gets under the govardhan mountain and holds the entire mountain on his little finger. All people are more shocked than ever and nand stammers and says kanha picked the entire mountain? What is this prabhu Narayana?! Narad muni says prabhu, kanha is doing his leela. There balram says kanha is even more powerful than me? He picked the entire mountain, radha says yes only on one little finger. Yashoda says how is this possible? Narayana what is happening? Am I dreaming? Kanha smiles and stands holding entire govardhan mountain, he looks at mata kamdhenu who thinks prabhu these people are not use to seeing your leela and this must be like a dream for them, kanha thinks yes I understand that. Kanha then starts acting and says mother, mother help me my hands are paining this mountain is very heavy. All people and nand go running and stand beside kanha under the mountain holding their sticks under the mountain, yashoda sees kanha and is shocked. Kanha says mother help me. Yashoda goes running to kanha and says kanha how did you pick the entire mountain? Kanha smiles and says mother this is because of your love and god’s blessings. Yashoda says are you fine kanha? Kanha says mother I am alright, nothing will happen to me, balram says yes kaki I am here for my brother.
In devlok, all gods are shocked and indra dev says how did he do that? Indra dev’s mother says indra, son look at that kid, he is no ordinary kid, stop your battle indra and ask for forgiveness, victory is always of truth and that kid will win, he is not ordinary! Indra dev says mother angrily! Suryadev says devraj it is true, I have faced this kid, he is not ordinary he is very powerful. Vayu dev says indra dev we have to stop doing this, these people wont listen to you, they are still doing what they want. Indra dev says only we gods have powers not humans, I am devraj and I am powerful, how much time will these people hide under the govardhan mountain? I will use my powers and destroy govardhan with these people.
There kanha holds the govardhan and smiles. Damodar says see govardhan mountain only protected us, people say yes and everyone together say govardhan parvat ki jai!

Precap: indra dev attacks lightning on the mountain using his Vajra astra, kanha closes his eyes and reverses the attack. In devlok, the Vajra disappears from indra’s hand and he falls down unconscious. Guru brishaspati comes and resuscitates indra dev and says you don’t know who that child is. Indra dev says I know, he is just some cheap kid planning against devlok. Brihaspati says no devraj, he is the form of prabhu Vishnu himself. All gods are shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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