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Only Friend of Mine (Shivika FF)

Hello!Guys,I’m here with my new story. I am closing the first one and will make that an os in some days. So,of course I am not new. I was a silent reader till now so started writing again. Hope so you will like it and here whole story or half of the story will be on shivaay’s pov means I will be mentioned as Shivaay here…So enjoy it and if you like then give comments and likes…
                           Year 2005
I am Shivaay…Shivaay Singh Obroie…I am now 14…I am a student of 10th standard at B.K school…There is about fifty students in our class and my position is 48…I think next year I will fail and then again will be in same class…Without math I failed on every subjects…Sometimes I become shocked as I the student who was the first boy of his school….Even the second student also can’t get a inch nearer to my mark…Poem recurring,debating even I was best in acting too….Those days are now nothing but a beautiful memories in my life.. Those awards which I got now means nothing to me…Nothing..

   In this three years suddenly I am feeling that I hadn’t past three years of my life but past thirty years of my life..Did  you find it funny? Please don’t find because I really feel I become very big…A matured person….Because one year is like ten years to me…And why wouldn’t? Because in this one year with those pain I go through a person of thirty years can’t have…Sometimes I feel before three years everything was so beautiful…My life was full of happiness…But that accident which came like a thunderbolt and snatched everything from my life…Three years ago I lost my father…My pappa in that accident…Not only pappa but I lost my happiness with him…

    After pappa’s death when we first time I mean Mom,Sanjana didi and Aman bhayia sat for have our dinner that time we all were sad…Nobody was in mood to have foods…I found mom wasn’t eating just looking at the plate…Suddenly drops of tears started coming out from her eyes….Seeing mom crying I also felt bad…Then l looked at the chair where dad used to sit…I couldn’t stop myself anymore and started crying…

    But suddenly mom looked at me with red eyes…I got scared with her look…Anger was clearly reflecting on her face…She burst on me with anger…

Mom in angry tone,” Satan ab tu kiu ro rahi hai…Tera man nahi bhara na apni pappa ko marke… (Satan why are you crying now ha? Didn’t your heart soothe by killing your father)

I just spoke,” Mom…”

Mom,”  Don’t call me mom…I am not your mom…Why why you killed your father? “

I was just looking at her being fully blank….First time someone yelled on me…When pappa was alive someone yelling  on me was far no one used to talk with me in bluffy tone and that day mom revieled on me…

Sanjana didi asked mom in amused tone,” Mom what are you saying?  When Shivaay killed pappa?”

Mom with anger in voice, ” Then who killed him? This moron had killed your father…What was need to want a cricket kit…His father died because of that only…Now he is shading crocodile tears…Couldn’t he die there? He was also with him na..Then your pappa died there itself and he came here to show his filthy eyes…Why didn’t he die? Why?”

After listening this,a sharp pain I felt on my heart…My mother wants that I would di..die there…How can she? Tears started coming out from my eyes…Yeah I was the  culprit…I was the reason of my pappa’s death…From someday I wanted a cricket kit…A new cricket kit that time came to the market…That day pappa after came from office he took me with him…Then bought me a brand new cricket kit…When we were crossing the road suddenly a speeding truck don’t know from where came and hit my father…I wasn’t hurt as pappa pushed me and the truck ran over him..I lost my sense there itself…When I gain my sense found that pappa was lying with pull of bloods…I  rushed to him and started crying then gotta know he died and left me…Yeah mom was right why didn’t I die..I should die…

Sanjana didi again said,” Mom cool down…Please have this water…”

Sanjana didi handed mom the water glass but instead of drinking she throw  the glass on me…I didn’t get time to save myself and the glass hit on my head…Blood started oozing from the cut…Mom again started coming to me…

She was speaking, ” Today I will kill him…Today no one can save him from me…”

Sanjana didi,Aman Bhayia and Dina aunty hold mom tightly so she couldn’t come to me…

Sanjana didi took me from here…I lost my mom and dad both at the age of eleven…That day was starting of my painful life..

Mom used to hate me very much…I don’t know why she don’t like me…One day Dina aunty told me

“Shivaay baba…Don’t worry…Your mom doesn’t  hate you”

“But Dina aunty what’s my fault?  Why mom do this to me? Am I not his Shivaay anymore? “

“Shivaay don’t cry baccha…Actually your mom has gone mad..She is having mentally problem…Don’t you see when she see you her eyes become red…Beta she need a doctor…After your dad’s death your mom can’t understand anything…She thinks that you are the reason that your dad is no more with us…Don’t worry but beta please keep yourself away from her…She is now not less than a devil to you…She can kill you anytime”

Yeah Dina aunty was right…My mom’s mentality isn’t well…She had got the greatest shock of her life which make her like this…She need a doctor but nobody understood that…Because her bad behaviour was only for me…She was very nice with everyone…Soon she got a job on pappa’s office…Everyday car come and take her to office…Her hate is only for me..

But I knew that mom couldn’t kill me…She can hate me but never can kill me but soon my this belief turned out wrong…One day nobody was at house…That time mom tried to kill me by sinking me…He kept my head for a long time on the water.. I was trying to come out but couldn’t…Don’t know from where Dina aunty the worker of our house came and save me nor I would be killed by my own mom that day…But she didn’t stop…Everyday she used to beat me…Not small…She used to do dehumanizing oppression on me…And still doing…Soon my room shifted to the store room beside the kitchen…The boy who had  nycofobia(scared of darkness ) now have to sleep there…Gradually my studies getting harm…And why not because I didn’t get any books,pen and other important things of study from mom…I started doing bad in study….Started getting less mark…Everyone in school used to think after pappa’s death I am heading to the wrong path…My pale face,messy hairs everything make people believe that now I am no more a good boy..In school the boys didn’t talk with me…I have losted my friend…And the girls those who once trying to stay with me befriend with me now they scared of me…After looking at my blue eyes once my friends get drowned…Now they scared of  me…When I go to school everyday with the wounds which given by Mom everyone think that I got them for fighting with boys in road…Soon my voice became very dull…I use many filthy language while talking with everyone…Everyone scared of me even the teachers…Soon I become a bad boy…I asked mom many time why she did this with me but the result of it always beaten by her…At first didi and bhayia used to feel bad now they are quite used to with it…Behave that I don’t get hurt…Like this I become alone all alone in this world…


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