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once in a life time (epi-1)

Shivay walked in the deserted road in the middle of the night , after all he had wanted some peaceful place to think about tia . Was his decision to marry tia just for the sake of business and his mother correct? He thought .

But tia was perfect in  every  way , she was loving and caring to his family , she  had been his best friend from childhood . a well educated and beautiful girl,  but……he had never seen tia more than a friend .  he had always loved her , anyways he could not do anything , he was engaged To her .  after a month he had his marriage , he had no option except to marry her

Shivay saw a beautiful girl fully drunk coming , she was unable to walk properly . she came towards him and fell on him . shivay was shocked . he lifted her in his arms

and put her in his car .

He looked at her beautiful face , he had seen her somewhere ,but he  could not remember where he had seen  her

He drove her to his house , his house in goa where he was living for a couple of days for his business works

He put her on his bed ,

she held his hand , he was shocked . he again looked at her , he had seen her somewhere ,   where would have he met her he wondered . he slept on the floor near her

The next morning

The girl woke up , her head and went near him who was busy looking outside

“who are you , where am i , what happened with me last night” she asked

Shivay : you should have thought all this before you got drunk

The girl : what , i drank , i dont drink , i just drank some juice

Shivay : oh really , does some juice cause you to fall just like that

The  girl :i really did not know when i drank , my friends asked me then i refused them then my friend gave me some juice, by the way  i feel i have seen you somewhere , you are billu ji aren’t you ?

Shivay : what do you mean by billu ji ,

He thought in his mind : god ,how does this girl know that my dadi calls me billu , just my dadi calls me billu

The girl : billu ji , you dont remember me , i am anika , omkara’s best friend , your childhood enemy ????and smiled

Shivay was surprised  , now he remembered her , she was anika , his biggest enemy and his brother om’s childhood best friend

Anika : billu ji , give me omkara’s phone number , i last met him when he was 10 years old , i tried finding him everywhere guess he is not there in social networking sights

Shivay : if you call me billu ji , i will never give you his phone number

Anika glared at him

To be continued…

This is my first ever ff on ishqbaaz , pls like and comment  . this ff is based on all the three couple of ib .this was a little short because i just wanted to start this , will make it longer and  will introduce the other two couples (rumya and rikara ) in the next epi



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