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Nimki Mukhiya 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Nehar ruins Tettar’s honor ceremony

Nimki Mukhiya 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rekha says how dare you? Nimki says I can’t come in. Amma says to Tettar go now. Nimki says to Tettar will you also shout on me like this? She says Ritu ji give me the pen. she puts pen in his pocket. She says this will give you a good look. Tettar leaves. Babbu says go back to your room. Nimki says your pant’s zip is open. Everyone is dazed. Nimki laughs.
Nimki says a parcel will come for me I shopped online. Let me know when it comes. Amma says what did she say? Sweeti says leave it.

Nehar is with his men. He says these days are not good. His senior comes and tells him that Tettar is getting ticket and being honored. Nehar says it should have been you. He just joined the party. He says yes.. This was my right. Mahatu is giving him honor. What did tettar do for

the party? Nehar says you can ruin it for him. If Mahatu can’t change him decision buy him. He says you are right.

Scene 2
Mono gets a good result. Tune says how did you get 90 out of 100. That’s impossible. mmauha says he worked hard. Chachi says take out your report card. Mauha says have you ever passed with good results? He says yes I got 90 in 7th. Chachi says out of 500.
Ram calls Nimki and tells her the result. Nimki says amazing. How did you cheat? Mauha says he isn’t like you. I taught him. Nimki says give her a new shirt and sweets. I am so happy.

Ram’s honor starts. Ritu says Kundan is not here. i guess he is mad. Babbu asks Diamond stand with your boys. Everyone should cheer for babu ji. Mahatu says every year we appreciate people who do good in the village. Seeing tettar’s work we have decided to give him this honor. Diamond’s friends cheer for him.
Tettar and Babbu come on the stage. Ritu says Babbu is the mukhiya. Some thugs come in and start protesting. Nehar and Kundan come in too. Babbu says you are not in party get out. Nehar says we are here to talk to Mahatu. Kundan says after serving party for 35 years tettar is given this honor. Nehar says to all people if you stay silent again some out sider will come and take whats your. he says go out and see how many people are with kundan. Mahatu says lets sit and talk. Nehar says you have do so much for the people of this village. Tell us who would you give ticket to? Babbu says get out. Nehar says don’t jump on Nimki’s name. You are not mukhiya. Kundan says i deserve this honor. if he gets the ticket I will break the party. He says Tettar you lick at what you spit. Babbu slaps him. A fight starts. Mahatu says calm down. Babbu and Kundan’s men start beating each other. Babbu fires in the air. Everyone stops.

Rekah says dadi give me remote. Dadi says I have to watch. Parbatiya receives Nimki’s parcel. Ama says show it to me first.
Nimki says why does Babu run away from me.
Amma opens the box. Sweeti says go and give it to her batiya. Rekha says we should see it once. Nimki says I know you love me but you are just scared of your mom. No worries I will make you mine. nimki gets a text that her remote parcel has been deilivered.
Ama opens her box. Its pack inside. Nimki says this is mine. Dadi says whats in it? Ama unpacks it but there is so much wrapper on it.
Precap-Babbu says we have to do someething. This Nehar is crossing every limit. Amma says what did he do? Nehar says to Kundan tell people that Tettar is worst.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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