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Nadaan dil (ragsan) epi 9

Hai everyone …I know everyone is waiting for ragsan love story to start But it will take time for ragini due to laksh and sanskar is already in love with her..Many twist will be there..So here goes…

After few days..One day sanskar gets ready to go for jogging..

Ragini comes down hurrying..

Ragini: sanskar going for jog..

Sanskar: yup.

Ragini: even I will come with you.

Sanskar eyes her from top to bottom.

Sanskar: you..as far as I know you are the most laziest girl I have ever seen.waise you are fit and fine..U don’t need exercise.

He eyes her body curve..

Ragini becomes self conscious..

Ragini: Its not like that My exams are coming so I want to study..Fresh areas mein you can concentrate better..

Sanskar: okay fine come..

They both reach the park..

Here sanskar was running and ragini was sitting on the grass with books..she was in black shorts and white tank top while sanskar was in his t shirt so tight that it showed off his abs and track pants..

Ragini was studying with pencil in her mouth..Sanskar even though he was running his full concentration was on ragini… Her frowning eyebrows and her chewing the pencil made him gulp….One girl came to him and started talking to him and asking for selfie..So he wrapped his arms around that girl and she was taking selfie ..Ragini who looked at this feels her cheeks flushing in anger..

She was reading lines.

Ragini:Romeo was heart broken to be separated from his ladylove and sanskar took selfie…shit(she slapped her head with the book)What Am I reading..

Sanskar comes there..

He looks at her ..Her cheeks were red..

Sanskar: what happened to you..Why are you so angry..

Ragini: how do you know I am angry..

Sanskar: I can say what is going on..When you are angry your cheeks puff like shimla apples…

Ragini: I am not angry..By the way who is that girl.

Sanskar: She?she is my fan..She wanted autograph..

Ragini: but I think you gave her more than that.

Sanskar: you jealous ?

Ragini: jealous? My foot.

Sanskar:You keep on saying I am not hot but you keep checking me out..

Ragini: earth to sanskar..Please stay on ground..My Laksh is more hot than you..

A weird feeling comes to both ..

Sanskar let me check it.

He removes his t shirt and starts pouring water from bottle on to his face which was scrolling down his body..Ragini stared at him open mouthed…

Sanskar comes close to her ..she moves behind and soon hits the hits the ground..She was leaning with the help of her elbows..Sanskar was damn close to her..The water dripping from him was falling on her face..they were so close..Ragini started breathing heavily…

Ragini: sans…Sanskar

Sanskar laughs and moves aside…

Sanskar: See even you cant hide from my hotness ..

Ragini glares him..

Ragini: You ..you are a jerk..

She throws her book at him..

Sanskar dodges it..

Sanskar:How can you study in this weather

Ragini: give my book back..

Sanskar: no.

Ragini: sanskar give…

She moves forward for the book and sanskar tries to pull it back..Both were on their knees now fighting for book ..Suddenly ragini slips and falls on sanskar and they roll down the grass ..both composs them selves..

Later that evening..Ragini was thinking about sanskar …and morning’s event..Maya comes from behind her..

Maya: ragu..They are calling you..

Ragini realizes that she hasn’t attended the customer from long time..She slaps her head and goes to customer..

After sometime she comes back..

Maya: what is wrong with you..You seem lost..

Ragini was fighting with her feelings over sanskar..She decided to share them with maya So that she can advise her..

Ragini: Maya I need to tell you some thing..actual….

Her phone rings interrupting her..It was laksh ka call..She excuses herself and attends the call.

Maya was standing next to her..

Ragini: hello laksh.

Laksh:Ragu good news..I have a fantastic news for you..

Ragini gets happy.

Ragini: ur coming to India.? I will take 1 week ka leave even you take leave..We will go on holiday..Oh Laksh I missed you so much..

Laksh: wait wait baby..Even I missed you so much..But actually I am not coming to India..

Ragini’s expression changed..Maya was noticing her closely now.

Ragini: what do you mean.

Laksh: guess what They liked my work..They made me permanent her ..Isn’t it great..Good hike and even a house for me..

Ragini: so you wont come back to India.

Laksh: Who will come back leaving all this..

Ragini: what about me.

Laksh: Come here as soon as possible..

Ragini: laksh but I have left my studies in Kolkata and joined here in midterm..You know na how much difficulty I had to face to get this admission..If I leave now I wont get admission in any institute..New York mein tho no chance..

Laksh: who is asking you to study ..I am there na..why do girls have to study..What ever you have studied is enough..Leave everything and come here..

Ragini: how can I leave everything..

Laksh: Why when you can leave Kolkata ,your parents and friends there why cant you leave Mumbai..

Ragini: Why do I have to leave everytime..Even I have self respect..

Laksh: Whoa self respect when you serve drinks to men at pub you don’t remember self respect..

Ragini: Laksh what r u even saying ..That is my job and I am not doing anything wrong to hurt my self respect..

Laksh: Ragu just shut up dear ..listen I don’t think this will ever work ..We need a break..

Ragini was shocked..

Ragini: break?

Laksh: Yes long distance relationship will never work for us.Please look for a guy who is in India and who don’t have a good job because obviously you want love and not money..even I will settle with a good girl here who knows life

Ragini: laksh!!

Laksh: stop it ..Well The truth is you wont get such guy..No one will love you if you be like this…

Ragini: lak..

But he disconnects the call.

Ragini falls down broken but maya holds her..

Maya: ragu what happened? What did Laksh say?

Ragini: He left me..He says he don’t love me..How can laksh not love his ragini..how?

Maya: Ragu its not like that .May be he was angry ..

But ragini was blaberring..

Maya was concerned but someone calls her..

Maya: ragu you be here I will just come..Stay calm okay..

Maya didn’t want to go but as it was her job she had to go..

After sometime maya hurries back but ragu was not there..

Epi ends..

Precap: ragsan consummation.

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