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Hiii everyone… Gopika here again…Thank you so much for the support guys…and here we go with the chappy 2 🙂

In the beautiful mansion, It was decorated impressively with a lot of lights, candles and flowers and all in the middle there was an amazing mandap decorated with red roses and golden lights blinking between the roses. The guests were having smiles over there faces and were adorning the beautiful couples. The lights were splashing all over the venue from the cameras of photographers and media for cherishing there moments of the wedding in future.

The smile was on everyone’s face but the bride was faking smiles because this wasn’t what she dreamed of. She dreams to be independent and follow her dreams. She was feeling uncomfortable by the cameras splashing on her but still, she manages to fake smiles for her family. She wanted a simple life but what she got was just opposite.

There comes the pandit he smiles at looking at the couples and adorns the beauty… he lights up the fire in Agnikund…Anika felt these fire was burning her dreams and happiness.

The pandit starts chanting the mantras. The groom who was sitting with a smile on his face. he looks at Anika for a second.
He (in mind); ”I promise you, Anika, I will keep all the vows of our marriage and fill your life with happiness”

The corners of Anika’s saree and the Shivaay’s Uttariya are tied in a knot. The pandit asks them to stands up…both stands up. He looks at Anika but she didn’t even take a glance at him, she was busy with her thoughts.

They were asked to take the pheras… Anika feels like her dreams are getting broken one by one….she feels she is getting into a relationship where she will not be the same girl. While He flowers there himself to make Anika happy all his life. They utter the promises to each other while taking pheras.

The pheras was finished…The Shivaay makes her wear mangalsutra But Anika felt it was the thread to knot all her dreams and throw it away…He fills sindoor in her maang. She was to burst into tears but she controlled herself.

The pandit at last finishing all the rituals announce…. ”The marriage has finished.. And now onwards you are husband and wife”. Everyone claps happily.

Omkara; last our brother has got married.
Rudra; yea.. ok ok let’s take the first selfie with ” Mr AND Mrs SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI”
They pose for the selfie.

The photographers come forward and take up the photos of bride and too joins them….Giggles, smiles, hugs, and tears – it was a great wedding with a massive bundle of emotions.

After a lot of masti and dance, it was time for the bidhai moment…. Anika is accompanied by her parents and associates, they lead her outside the doorstep of the house. Tears were rolling down Anika’s eyes… She remembers the childhood moments she spends in the family.. she thinks how much naughty she was.. how she always take the house in her head. How she always disturbed everyone. how she fights with her sister. And the fear to be with a new person, new family, new surrounding made her sick.

She is given a thali full of rice & some coins and as she proceeds outside towards the doorstep, she throws handfuls of rice & coins over her head….with a very heavy heart. She hugs her crying mother..tears roll down there eyes…the pain of separation fills there eyes…She remembers the moment when she smiled seeing her daughter for the first time. The moment she called her Anika..The moment she cried when the nurse was giving her injection. Her daughter who always made others smile and who always find good in everything. She remembers the moment when she used to scold her how she blackmailed for this marriage and all. She prays to god to make her daughters dream come true.

She then hugs her father who was the partner in crime to whom she shared everything, who was her king…..she holds her father tightly… her father breaks down seeing his princess is going away from the house. He remembers the moment when he took the newborn baby Anika in his hand.. how her smile made his days, how she started walking holding his hands. How naughty she was. How she played with him. The first moment he heard papa from her little mouth. Most of the time the little baby’s cry calling maa.. but Anika always cried saying, papa…He thinks how fastly the time goes and how his princess is going to start her new life with a new family. He prays to god to give all her happiness.

Anika then looks at her sister who was crying with her down… she goes near her and lifts Gauri’s head…Without able to control more Gauri hugs her tightly. For Gauri her elder sister, her second mother she was everything for her. Whenever she fell in the problem or whenever she had a difficult situation her sister was with her. She fought with her a lot and also loved her limitlessly.Anika always made her life easy. They were the partner in crime. Nobody dared to hurt me as they know what kind of big sister she had. They remember the stupid they do and how they laughed at their stupid things.Anika remembers her day when her parents gifted a sweet doll, her sister her Gauri. How she played with her and their pranks together..
She taps Gauri’s cheeks. They cryingly smile.

Sharma holds Anika’s hand and led her to the car. She looked back and looks at her maa and sister and her house. Sharma gives her hand to Shivaays hand. He hugged Shivaay and whispers in his ears “Always keep my daughter happy if a single drop of a tear roll down her eyes naa. then you will see my another face. I will never care that you are the famous businessman”
Shivaay smiles and says “I will always make your daughter happy, I will never let the smile go from her face papaji ”
Sharma nods.

Shivaay makes Anika sit in the car And drives the car. Anika cries looking at her family and she moving away from there. Everone bids bye to her.

Anika cries sitting in the car. Shivaay hands over kerchief to her. She takes it and wipes her tears. There were full of silence in the car till they reach the Oberoi mansion.

When they reach the Oberoi mansion, Omkara and Rudra comes running and opens the car doors to newly wedded groom and bride.

Oberoi families were all set to welcome their Lakshmi to the house. Pinky puts tika to both Anika And Shivaay. And says “come inside

Anika tilts the Kalash with his foot and steps on the dish with Alta and walks into the house leaving her auspicious red footsteps. They take the blessings of everyone.

Later, Omkara and Rudra make Anika and Shivaay sit opposite to each other by placing a big bowl of milk with rose petals and coins in front of them.
Tej; As you, all know it’s ring finding ceremony, the one who finds the ring first is the one who will “rule the roost”.
Shakti; So let’s start.
Shivaay puts his hand in it but Anika was disturbed by the way her life changed but slowly keeps her hand inside the bowl. she just kept her hand didn’t put any effort to find the ring.. she wasn’t interested in it too.
At last after a lot of time Shivaay gets the ring. He smiles and keeps the ring in Anika’s hand. Anika by his action and suddenly took her hand out. Everyone sees the ring in her hand and claps for her. Anika just keeps staring at Shivaay while he smiles and claps for her.

Jhanvi and Pinky come on both sides of Anika and says “Come on beta. “
Anika nods and moves with them staring at Shivaay

Pinky and Jhanvi bring her to a room fully decorated with rose flowers rose petals were everywhere in the room…the candle lights were giving the room the shine….The rose petals were making the way from door to the bed…. In the mirror, it was written “SHIVIKA” with lipstick.. fresh flower strings hanging from the ceiling to the sides of the bed and the ceiling as filled with nitrogen balloons…

Pinky and Jhanvi make Anika sit in the bed between this wonderful decoration and the rose petals spread over the bed.
They smile and leaves adorning the beauty of their bahu.

Anika looks tensely towards the door…Her heart beats were getting faster. She fears what is going to happen..the thought that she is married and she is Mrs Shivaay Singh Oberoi hurts her…The thought that her dreams are broken breaks her….
She looks all around the room sadly…Suddenly she hears the footsteps approaching the room.. she closes her eyes…

PRECAP; Anika’s life in Oberoi Mansion

Thank you so much guys for reading and hope you enjoyed.
Sorry for mistakes if any…



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