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Mere Sai 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai To Treat Ailing Kulkarni With Vibhuti

Mere Sai 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni is unconscious in the bullock cart in which he came home. Anta and Banta see people outhouse his house and see him unconscious. They take him inside. Sai says people forget that while doing bad for others, they are doing bad for themselves. Rukmini, Chivu and Keshav get worried for Kulkarni. Kulkarni gains consciousness and says I am alive, not dead. Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta to increase his medicine and give to him. He thinks I have to be fine soon, else that bairagi will take advantage of my situation. Madhav/Shama and Bhama come to Sai’s Dwarka Maai with their new born son. Sai asks them to come. Madhav asks how do you know? Sai says it needs concentration. Bhama asks him to bless their son. Madhav says we have thought his name Uddhav. Sai smiles and says it is good. Damodar comes there

and make faces as angry. Sai asks Uddhav to respect his parents, take care of them. Sai Om plays….Madhav tells Sai that they will leave. Sai blesses them. Damodar is still standing out. Sai asks him to come out. Damodar says why did you separate me from my Guru ji and says I will never forgive you. Sai says you got separated from Guru ji and feeling pain. Damodar says you are a bairagi, how can you feel my pain. Sai says what about that son who left his parents 10 years back in mela. He shows him his old parents. He says he left them in mela and went with sadhus. Your parents thought that they lost you in mela and is repenting to lose you, and got old before time.

Damodar gets emotional and cries. He says I thought I have chosen the right way and never thought about my parents, truth is that I had forgotten them and left past behind. Sai says you want to search God, leaving your parents and abandoning responsibility towards them. He says God gets away from such persons. He says your parents are your parents till their last breath and will wait for you and want to see you. They want to see you and that’s why searching you. He asks him to search God in his parents’ happiness and says after seeing them you don’t need to have anyone’s darshan. Damodar folds his hand and cries. He says may be Guru ji gave me mukti so that I can return to my parents, and says I will search them and will stay with them, take care of them. Sai smiles and says parents seva obedience and respect is bigger than any teetra.

Kulkarni’s condition deteriorates. Rukmini cries and asks him to let them call any Vaid from the neighboring village. Anta and Banta bring kada and try to make Kulkarni drink it. Kulkarni spits blood. Rukmini, Keshav and others get shocked. Keshav cries and asks God what I shall do to save my father. He says I can go to Sai, but Pitaji will not take his help, how I will go there alone in darkness. Sai hears them from dwarka maai and says don’t cry my son, stop crying, if you hope for help then it will reach you. Sai sees Madhav and calls him Shama. He asks him to bring ghee from Mhalsapati’s house. Madhav says I will bring from my house. Sai says I need it from Mhalsapati’s house and asks him to come from Kulkarni’s house side.

Madhav thinks then I will be late and thinks don’t know why Sai told this. He is bringing ghee from Mhalsapati’s house when he sees Keshav crying standing outside his house, and asks what happened? Keshav tells him that his father is unwell and asks if Sai can save my father. Madhav says I didn’t know that Kulkarni Sarkaar is so much unwell and says I didn’t know that you loves him so much and says you are a good son. Keshav asks him not to scold his son and keep him far from him. Madhav says all fathers love their children a lot, but their expression is different. Keshav recalls his good times with Kulkarni and his love for him. He asks him to come. Kulkarni takes Keshav’s name. Rukmini says he was here with us and must have went to sleep. Chivu says how he can sleep and asks him to wake up Keshav and understands Kulkarni’s situation. Madhav brings Keshav to Dwarka Maai. Keshav sees Sai and runs to hugs him. Om Sai plays…..

Keshav recalls Sai protecting him from tiger, meeting and feeding him food daily. He asks Sai to save his father and says don’t know what happened to him. Sai asks him not to worry or not to cry. He gives Vibhuti in paper and asks Keshav to mix it in kada or medicine which he is taking. Keshav says you are helping him even after knowing that he hates you. Sai says he does what he knows and I do what I knows. Keshav promises to come and meet him daily. Sai asks him not to promise, but try. He says I don’t need promise, but an assurance that you will be connected with me always. Keshav hugs him. Madhav fills ghee in lamps and says I have understood why did you send me to bring ghee from Mhalsapati ji’s house, and says I can’t forget what Kulkarni did with me and asks how can he forgive him. Sai says it is easy and says Kulkarni is also God’s child and says who am I to punish him, I have just love and sympathy and says I feel bad for such people who thinks bad about others. He says I can’t change them, but can try to change them. Om Sai plays.

Rukmini mixes Vibhuti secretly and makes Kulkarni have it. Sai stands outside Kulkarni’s house.

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