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Mehrya My version Part 64

During midnight Mehak felt like someone is watching here , she opens her eyes and saw Shaurya sitting next to her, she blink her eyes few times and notice he was there for real and she is not dreaming , she wants to scream after seeing Shaurya smiling at her but Shaurya covered her mouth with his palm. He signed her to follow him but she shakes her head denying his request. He whispered to her I need to talk to you come with me, she said I am not coming with you anywhere leave this place now. Without no choice Mehak leave the bed and both went to the room’s corner, Shaurya looks into her eyes and asked why you are not in our room, she asked him in disbelief you came at this hour to ask this is it? He waited for her to reply, she said I went to sleep where I felt comfortable, with you I don’t feel comfortable. He pulled her closer to him and said are you sure you are not comfortable with me he asked her with his low tone as he push her hair behind her hairs. Mehak’s heart raced at his proximity. Her gaze was lower and ask him to leave as maasi is sleeping she is tired as well. He reluctantly leave the room as he wants her to rest well.

The next morning during breakfast all were sitting and enjoying the family meal, Shaurya came down he saw Mehak sitting he sat opposite her and look at her as he help himself with the food. She didn’t look at him as continue to play her games as usual. Karuna maa asked Mehak she is attending one of her friend’s child birthday she want to join or not, she don’t want to go alone, Mehak said she will come after that she will go to White chilies. She asked Shaurya he said okay maa I am free as well I will follow you later I will tend to my work. Shaurya gets up and was standing behind Mehak messaging something in his mobile as Karuna maa talking to Mehak saying we should buy some gifts beta maybe on the way we stop by get something for that kid. Shaurya saw Mehak wearing sea green anarkali suit with golden border it has a round back neck cut with dori, he discreetly pulled the knot off dori and draw a straight line with his s*xy finger on her back. Mehak’s eye bulged out with his single action. Karuna maa and Dolly maasi saw her expression and asked what happen Mehak are you alright why your face one kind , Mehak was dumbstruck and cant form a word to tell them , she keep holding her dress with another hand so it won’t come off from her shoulder. She told them she is fine , just need to freshen up and nothing , she saw Shaurya walking away from there and cursing him in her heart Besharam pagal kahinka. She covers her back with her hair and slowly leaves the dining table to upstairs to avoid any embarrassment. On the way as she is ascending upstairs she bump into Vicky who greeted her good morning bhabhi. Mehak replied good morning and try to go fast as she can but he was asking her about Valentine’s Day preparation etc. She told him I will come to restaurant today and finalize with you but now please let me go very urgent. He didn’t understand and said okay, Mehak went to the room and quickly went to the dressing table. She turned her back and tie up the dori quickly and muttering to herself badtameez kahinka, don’t have an ounce of brain. She adjusted her duppatta and took her handbag, Shaurya walk in to the room, aww I missed it if I know you will be here I would have come early to help you with the dori. She just brushed past him and wants to leave the room but he grips her wrist and pulled her towards him asking you will not talk to me? She didn’t reply, say something scold me something Mehak, but she didn’t budge instead twisting to get off from his hold. At the end she just bite his hand and he shrieked in pain and let go off his hold. Wild cat he was shouting as she walk off the room. She was at downstairs with Karuna maa Shaurya came down as he rub his hand which got bitten by Mehak. They get into the car and heads to the gift shop to get a gift then proceeded to the birthday function.

They reached birthday party and they passed the gifts to the birthday kid. One of the kid peck on Mehak’s cheek, she smiled and make a cute face with them. Shaurya took a photo of her with the kids. After the birthday party over, they dropped Karuna maa at home and proceeded to White chilies. Shaurya turned ON the radio and it was playing some old love songs. Mehak didn’t look at him and wondering what happen to this man few days ago he blow fire on me now trying to get close to me, am I some kind of toy he wants he plays with me and he throws me when he don’t like me. The radio station announced Valentine’s Day is around the corner and what is your special way to convey your love and what surprises you have for your loved one.  One by one callers call to give their views and share their ideas. Shaurya asked Mehak what is your Valentine’s day wish last year we were half married and danced this year shall we plan to go for some resort outing or celebrate in some special ways. Mehak didn’t respond, he asked shall I get 999 roses for you. She replied him you don’t need to do anything for me, not necessary. He kept annoys her with more and more stupid questions till they reach White Chilies. Upon reaching Mehak gets down from the car and walk in to the restaurant. She sat down to calm herself. Vicky and Priya joins her and they report to her how is the preparations and what else is pending. Shaurya walk in to restaurant and he sat beside Mehak she pull herself away from him but he slide his arm on her shoulder and ask her to concentrate on the event agenda.

Without no choice she was sitting as if there is no other space for her as Shaurya hold her tightly to him. All preparations has been finalized and they waited for decoration team to start on the decoration work the day after. Shaurya received call and excused himself he needs to leave, Mehak felt relieve he is leaving finally. She continued with her work and gets herself busy. At night they close the restaurant and Vicky left earlier to meet up with his friends so Mehak locked the restaurant and walked to the main road to get an auto. After waited for long time she gets an auto and gets in and directed the driver to Khanna Mansion. On the way the auto jerks few times and suddenly died on the road. The driver asked her to wait and checked later came to tell her he needs to get mechanic and can’t send her to her stop. Mehak paid and decided to walk and keep look at the back to see if any auto coming, she continues to walk as no auto was on the road. Suddenly a car horned from the back, she realize some road bullies is at her back and she didn’t want to turn to see she kept walking swiftly. Then whistle sound came, Mehak’s heart started to beat faster and she started to run in panic. Then the car in front her and block her path, the windows rolls down and it was none other than Shaurya, he looks at her and started to laugh seeing her panic stricken face. She was furious and look at the ground for something and found a rock and aim to throw at him he screamed Mehak are you mad or what , she throw the rock away and stand there to calm herself , he asked her to get into the car. She ignored him he asked her quickly get into the car now Mehak. She decided not to listen to him and started to walk he kept pressing the horn but she ignored him and continue to walk. He kept talking to her Mehak you are wasting petrol listen we can talk later I know I scared you now please get into the car. She didn’t budge from her decision but continue to walk. Shaurya knows she is very angry and she won’t listen unless he gets down and pull her by force inside the car which will infuriate her more. He thought once she will get tired she will get into car and decide to trail behind her slowly. Slowly Mehak reached Khanna mansion, once she gets into the house compound she run quickly inside the house to avoid him. She saw there is no one at the living room so she runs to upstairs and showered quickly change to her house clothes and rush to downstairs to avoid meeting with Shaurya. She heard him talking to someone at balcony in the mobile.

At dining table all sat and enjoying dinner and talking about their day progress. Shaurya’s eyes was roaming on Mehak, she is aware as someone is watching her so she ignored and keep talking to others, this made Shaurya angry and he stomp his feet in anger Vicky shrieks in pain and all looked at him ask why are you screaming like that , he said bhaiya stomp on my feet, looks like I can’t walk, hearing this Mehak came quickly to him and asked show her the feet maybe she can apply some ointment but Vicky said its okay bhabhi I will manage, Shaurya didn’t show a single remorse in his face but he continue to eat but seeing Mehak’s care for his brother makes him more angry. He gets up and leave from the table, Mehak notice his behavioral change from her low eyes and ignored him.

Their hide and seek continues till bed time, Mehak went to sleep next to maasi and Shaurya was lying on their bed checking his mobile all Mehak’s photos he took from recent trips and admiring at her cuteness, he wants to talk to her about his but she kept running away and refuse to meet him, next day is Valentine’s day he have planned something special for them so he can’t wait to share with her.

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