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Love…Swaragini-Short Story(Shot 4; Part 2)

Hello friends, Links to previous parts:

Shot 4 ; Part 2:

“Beta, who is he?” Shekhar asked as he saw Ragini entering the home along with a boy, he had been waiting for her ever since she went out to buy her coffee powder, her entering with a boy now only surprised him.

Sanskar was expressionless, tear drops still falling down his eyes, he didn’t care about the question, neither did Ragini.

“Sir, my room is upstairs, you can rest there.” Ragini told Sanskar in a loud voice completely ignoring Shekhar.

Sanskar  was stirred to life by Ragini’s loud voice, he looked at Ragini and then at Shekhar, “Namaste Uncle.” Sanskar said almost falling down  shivering, he was losing balance, Ragini held him in time.

“Sir, come…” Ragini said in a hurry realizing his condition, she held his left arm and wrapped it around her shoulder and  held his waist from her another arm starting to climb the stairs.

“Ragini, is…is he drunk?” Shekhar raised his voice , might be for the first time on his daughter.

“Can’t you see Mr. Gadodia? He is shivering due to cold. Why the hell am I even explaining you, you better understand that I am not like you…” Ragini said at the top of her voice while Shekhar lowered his eyelashes.

“And yaa, I don’t like giving sleepless nights to people like you do so let me tell you, he’s my Boss and also he’s married and certainly not like you.” Ragini turned her face back upstairs and walked up giving support to Sanskar.

Shekhar looked on, his eyes slowly turning moist, he went to his room.


Ragini helped Sanskar to sit on the bed as he raised his eyes to look at her.

“Sir, you are wet, I don’t even have clothes for you, what should I do?”  Ragini panicked turning her face to the other side putting her finger in her mouth worried.

Ragini turned towards him, her finger still in her mouth, Sanskar continued looking at her.


“Sanskar, Tomorrow is result…I am so worried.” Swara was panicking as she put her finger in her mouth, Sanskar smiled as he held her hand and pulled her towards himself holding her by waist and smiling.

“Result is tomorrow so take its tension tomorrow…For now stop being so cute or else I’ll fall for you, again.” Swara took out her finger from her mouth as she smiled blushing, she hit him slightly on his chest.

“You also take a bit of tension…” Swara said as she pulled his cheeks.

“Shona…you take so much tension, I thought it was combined of both of us.”Sanskar replied like an innocent child.

“Wah Boss, Sahi Hai…Since you have held me by both your hands so today, I’ll take the combined fun of pulling each other’s cheeks too…” Swara said as started pulling his cheeks more.

“Never…” Sanskar left Swara’s waist to pull her cheeks but as soon as Sanskar left her, she ran away.

“Swara…Haawww…Swara…” Sanskar tried holding her hand…


“Sir I’ll see if there are any clothes that fit you…”Ragini got an idea after much thoughts, she turned to leave as Sanskar held her hand from behind.

“Swara…” Sanskar pulled Ragini towards himself, Ragini lost balance as she fell down on him and then both fell on the bed, Ragini on top of Sanskar

“Sir…”Ragini called Sanskar as she felt him holding her waist, she couldn’t move.

“Swara…I love you, why you did that to me? Why you betrayed me? I know I am imperfect…but, but am I that imperfect that you found solace in someone else, you fell in love with someone else, you forgot all our moments together , why Swara, why?” Sanskar again started crying vigorously as Ragini looked at him, drops of tears started falling down her eyelids.

“Sir, you are hallucinating, I…I am not your wife, I am Ra… Ragini, your employee, Please…Please  leave me, please…”Ragini felt uncomfortable, Sanskar looked at her not caring about her words as he still saw Swara in her, Sanskar started caressing her right cheek slowly , drops of tears still falling down.

Ragini tried moving her hands to stop him as he kept on murmuring something slowly, Ragini no more listened, she was more interested in getting free for now, Sanskar tightened his grip on her waist.

Ragini removed his hands from her cheeks as Sanskar again kept it there, “Sir… “Ragini said in a loud voice though not screaming, she didn’t wish to, her screaming would pass on a wrong message to people.

She tried putting his hands off her waist, “Leave me…” Ragini pushed him away as soon as she succeeded in freeing herself.

Ragini stood up from the bed taking heavy breathes as she kept her hand on her head, Sanskar was still lying on the bed, his trance was broken by the sudden push as he looked up at a now scared Ragini.

“Sir, you need rest, if you need anything, let me know…I am downstairs.” Ragini almost ran out as Sanskar looked at her going, realizing he misunderstood her for Swara, he was shocked , he got up and sat as he thought about Swara , ‘I am mad in your love, I can’t live without you and you left me to die without you, why Swara, why?’


“Love just gives pain, just pain…once it gave pain to my mother, today to Sir…”Ragini said to herself sitting on the sofa in the drawing room, worried about the side of her Sir she saw today.

“Ragini, I am sorry.” Sanskar came out walking down the stairs as Ragini got up seeing him.

“Sir, do you need anything?” Ragini asked ignoring his sorry; she was too confused to reply to it.

“I am sorry…” Sanskar repeated.

 “Sir, inform me if you need anything.”Ragini again sat down facing the opposite direction while Sanskar looked on, after some time he starting moving back upstairs.

Ragini sat facing the window opposite to the sofa waiting for Sanskar to leave, “I am sorry sir, I don’t know what to say..” Ragini thought.


The doorbell rang awakening a half conscious Swara, she had almost dozed off by the weakness and continuous crying, as soon as she heard the doorbell, she got up trying to wipe off her tears.

“Sans…Sanskar, I knew it, You were angry with me for a while but you’ll come back, I am mad, I…I said so much against you, we both are mad…we know we can’t live without each other still we try, I know you’ll come, you love me so much, so much…”Swara spoke to herself stammering as she continued trying to wipe her tears, she didn’t wish to cry anymore, she knew her Sanskar was back…she wished to happy about it.

She opened the door with a faded smiling, ready to hug her Sanskar as soon as she opens the door, she realized the one standing on door wasn’t Sanskar, nevertheless she still hugged the person as drops of tears again started falling from her eyes, the smile faded away.

Sharmishta smiled as her daughter hugged her tightly, she realized Swara had been missing her badly, “Shona, what happened? You knew I was coming? I thought I’ll give you and Sanskar a surprise and you opened the door so fast as if you were just behind the door, its 3:00 in the night, weren’t you sleeping?” Sharmishta bombarded Swara with questions as she caressed Swara’s hairs, Swara didn’t heard any question, she was just crying, her hopes were shattered.

As Sharmishta felt drops of tears at the back of her dress, she broke the hug as she held Swara’s shoulders, drops of tears still falling down her eyes, she was silently crying.

“Shona, you are crying…Why? What happened?  Where is Sanskar? Leave it, first sit.” Sharmishta said as she made Swara sit on the couch in the room, going to the dining table, she filled a glass with water and came back to Swara making her drink water, Swara was still crying.

“Shona, at least speak something. Ok, tell me where is Sanskar? Sharmishta asked trying to wipe off Swara’s tears, no effect, new tears take the place of old tears almost instantly.

“He…he left me…” Swara tried to speak up among her tears but couldn’t speak beyond these three words, she hugged Sharmishta again crying bitterly.

“Shona…”Sharmishta couldn’t say beyond it as she hugged Swara more tightly.


A/N: So looonggg time and I turned it into an SS. It is not because I am planning to expand the story or something, the story is still very much same it’s just that I reduced the length of chapters due to varied reasons, one being the fact that my +1 is starting and I am sure I’ll be more irregular than ever( As if you are very regular now Piyali)and I wish to upload all my FF’s and I realized I had been working on this part since last 3 months, I know it’s ridiculous but true so now I wish to work on my other works too so thought to post as much I have written and convert this into an SS, it will still end soon but not in 5 shots, I hope you all don’t mind it, the question for this part is, “If you are still reading this story(Which is highly unlikely) then what is the reason? Please do answer if you are reading

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