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Love means only love (CS and Part-2) shivika ff


Sorry,guys actually those who thought that I updated a part sorry to them from me. Actually,it’s my fault I can’t understand that I have updated my request to all twice. It really embarrassing. On the other hand,I am so late.Now,I am back. Guys,before reading it listen the O Jana…song. Because,you have to imagine it. Okay,enough of my bakbak. It’s a warning because I really do much bakbak😛

Shivaay with Omru reached the airport. On the same time,Anika also reached. Both of them(Shivomru and Anika ) enter in the airport at the same time. Anika is moving to the checking post. Then,Shivaay is talking to Omru.

Shivaay” go to home.I have to go now.”

Then,our Rudy started again with a puppy face.

Rudra”Bhaiya,I will miss you. Don’t go na.”

Shivaay”Really,Rudy. I am not going to stay there forever okay. So,stop it.

Om”Rudra let’s go. Shivaay take care and keep in touch with us.”

Rudra”No,O..Bhayia can’t available all the time because he has to flirt with the girls also.

Shivom”Shut up,Rudy.”

Shivaay”But,Rudy one thing is right I will flirt with girl’s also and you will the whole college’s girl will in behind me.”(I had told it already that in this story that Shivaay will be a great flirty boy but not a playboy so don’t think any wrong about his character.)

Om”Okay,now I think we should go your flight is going to take off soon so you should go. Bye. We will really miss you.”

Rudra”Yeah,bhayia bye.”

Then Shivaay bid them bye and he headed to the immigration office. On the other hand, Anika is coming from the other side because she need something so she is going to the shop. Shivaay was also coming from another side. Suddenly,Anika slipped because of her chandni(guys don’t you know Anika’s shoe’s name.😉)
Anika closed her eyes into fear because she was going to touch the floor but really. A strong pair of hands catches her in the right time. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at the person. A beautiful pair of eyes looking at her which is actually blue na gray orbs or we say kanji akhe.

was going to the shop suddenly I slipped due to my chandni but I didn’t fall. I opened my eyes and saw a pair of beautiful blue orbs was looking at me. First time,in my life someone hold me. He is really good looking. One second,Anika what are you thinking? You can’t think like this. Just run from here.

Thinking this,Anika runs from there. She doesn’t look at him for a once. She then lost in the crowd.

Shivaay’s pov

I was going to the lounge but suddenly I saw girl slipped and she was going to touch the floor but before that I hold her. I saw the girl or I say the chashmish(Anika wears spectacles) eyes were closed. Then,she opened her eyes but her spectacles was disturbing me to looking through her eyes. Really,the girl looks very odd. I just can’t bear her face. Then, she ran from there but didn’t say a thanks to me. On the other hand,I am getting late. Really,it’s disgusting.

Then,Shivaay went to lounge. Anika also came there but Shivaay was backfacing her so he didn’t see her. They are sitting at the opposite side of each other.

Announcement”Passengers of Air India IX-251 from Mumbai to Dubai please go to gate-5,Thank you”(Guys,I just tried to give a announcement because it is airport but don’t kill me because I just googled it as I have no idea of India’s any flight which goes to Dubai. So,just ignore it as I never boarded any plane in India because I am not an Indian😅)

Shivaay and Anika with the other passengers stand in a line.(Guys,one thing I forget to tell you Anika’s chand bracelet’s one chand got stuck in Shivaay’s watch and Shivaay saw it that time when he was wating at the lounge. Anika also noticed it at the same time.)
Anika stood behind Shivaay that a some kids pushed Anika so she again collisioned with Shivaay from behind. Both of them fall down together Shivaay was on the top of Anika. Both of them said at the same time
Shivika(in union)”Tum?/tum”

Everybody began to laugh at them so they stand up and again stand in a line.

They didn’t utter anything to each other and wating for the immigration done.
Shivaay’s pov

This girl is disgusting. All the time she fall on me. Atleast,the immigration gets done I will show her what is Shivaay Singh Obroie.

She didn’t utter a single word. Is she dumb beside blind but I don’t think so. Wait Miss. Chashmish.

Anika’s pov

Anika have you gone mad she thought herself. You bumped with a boy and also two times. I think he will eat me raw. Jis angle me mujhe dekh raha hai mujhe to asai lagta hai(In that angle he is looking at me I think so he will do that)

After the immigration done Shivaay looked behind but Anika was missing there.(She has already run from there) Shivaay become frustrated.

He thought”Where the hell the girl go? I have to find her. How dare she bump with Shivaay Singh Obroie. I will teach her lesson. On the other hand, her thing is with me. One second,she is standing with me that means she us also going to Australia. Really, her dressing style is really disgusting. But,I will teach her lesson for sure.”

Then,Shivaay walks towards the passengers departure lounge. Anika also headed towards the lounge but after seeing Shivaay she stand at the end of the line and Shivaay is at the first so he can’t see her.

“Thank God. He can’t see me. But, where did my chand go? It’s really important for me. I think it fall somewhere. I don’t have time for finding it. Forget it,everything in my life goes from me like this.”She thought sadly.
After their check-in the row number announced and after doing boarding pass they get into the plane. Anika got the window sit. But,beside her the isle sit was blank. Anika thought a another person will come so she looked outside the window.

Suddenly,she felt someone sit beside her. She looked at the side and shouted,”Tum(You??)

The person also shouted”Tum.(You??)
The person is actually Shivaay…

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