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Love means only love (CS and Part-1) shivika ff

Character Sketch 

Shivaay Singh Oberoi:

Heir of Obroie family. Loves his siblings a lot. Father is Tej Singh Oberoi and mother is Jhanvi Singh Obroie. A flirty boy but good hearted. He is going to study in Australia soon. A very good student. Girls always drooling on him but he is in search of a perfect life partner not in face or dress. Believes in love a lot.


An orphan. She is so normal. Wears big glasses. Has a sorrowful past. Her life is so sorrowful. But, wants successful in life and wanted to study M.B.A. in Australia’s best college. Topped in the exam so she can go their in free. Wears Salwar Suit and never keeps her hair loose. For that, she has to face a lot problem. Other characters will soon introduced.

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In Mumbai:

A small house is shown. Sunrays are falling on a girl’s face through the window. The girl’s allergic face has seen by the Sundays only. She always gets up from the deep slumber only by the sunrays.  Because in this whole world the girl has no one. She lives for only herself. She lives in this world only for the wish of the God. Nor,in this world she hasn’t any reason to live. Whenever,someone looks at her they find something mysterious pain on her face. Will this pain will heal?(Only I know it)
She gets up and make her hair into a messy bun. Then,she wears her glasses and she headed to the washroom and after doing her usual morning she came out from the washroom. Then,she looks herself in the mirror.

(Anika’s dress)

Then,she makes her hair in a long braid. She was looking stunning but in this city everyone makes fun of her look. Anika doesn’t mind at all to others words.

Anika’s pove:

Today I am leaving this city. I don’t know I will be successful or not but I know one thing I will show the world that Anika can do everything. When I escaped from the dark house the orphanage,I felt I got back my life. That time,I got help from Imtiaj uncle. I know he takes rents for this house but at least I have shed. From then,today after ten years later I am leaving this house and going to start my new life in a new world. In a new country my dream country ‘Australia’. Now,this Anika will show to the world. I get scholarship from the university now I can complete my education there. )

Then she arranges her belongings like passport,her ticket in her hand bag and takes her suitcase in her right hand. Then,she come out from the house and locked house. When she turned behind, able to see that Imtiaj uncle is already there.

mtiaj Uncle : Anika beta, is everything          ready? Do you need any help?

Anika : No,uncle. I don’t need any help. Here is the key of the door and please pray for me. I can successful.

Imtiaj Uncle :Don’t worry beta, In the grace of Allah you will get all the happiness of life. Now, go and live this life happily. I will pray for you to Allah.

Anika : Okay,uncle. I am going.

Then,Anika headed towards the road. That time, some boy started to making fun of her.

1st boy : See,see. Our aunty ji, is going to Australia. Aree,is she looking like that she is going to Australia. Ha..Ha..Ha.. She would live here. Then, we can atleast give her something.

2nd boy : Yeah,you are right. Mark my after somedays,she will come back.

3rd boy : Anika, come to us…… We will make your life.

Anika just can’t do anything only she can able to listen them. But, she doesn’t say anything. Because,she is not our serial’s Anika. She is different. She can bear everything but can’t give any answers to the blo*dy world. Everyday,she has to bear it. She knows it very well that she have to bear the same thing in Australia too. But, she don’t mind anything and get into the taxy and then closed her eyes and try to give some relax to her mind. She don’t know that will she ever get peace of life.

Now,let’s hooped into sometimes before in another place. When the sunrays fall on another face in another place.

Obroie Mansion:

A big room is shown. A boy is sleeping in the king sized bad. The sunrays also disturbed his sweet sleep. He opened his eyes and his beautiful eyes are shown. Anybody can fall in love with him for his eyes. He is the great Shivaay Singh Obroie. He will also go to complete not his dreams but his father’s dream. He gets up from his bed and goes to the washroom and then come out from washroom after taking a warm bath. Then,he wears some casuals and jelled his hair so well. Then, after giving a first look to his face in the mirror he takes his important belongings and suitcase he comes out from the room.

(Shivaay’s dress)

Then,he see that omrupri is looking at him with sad face. He also see other family members.

Om : Shivaay, take care of yourself.

RUDRA : Bhiya, don’t go na. I will really miss you.

Everyone said in union : Shut up, Rudy.

Rudra : You can try to make a new dialogue.

Dadi : Shivaay,take care of you and keep in touch with us okay.

Shivaay : Okay, Dadi.

Tej(Shivaay’s father) : Shivaay, We have a house there and now you will live there. I hope you will like the house.

Shivaay : Yes,dad. Don’t worry. I know our Australia’s company manager will help me and also wait for me in airport. But, it’s my request that he shouldn’t always disturb me. I want to live there freedomly for four years.

Tej : Okay.

Jhanvi : Take care of yourself.

Everyone waved their hands and give him a warm smile in their face but Shivaay knows it very well that they all are going to miss him.

Shivaay came out from the mansion and for the last time he looks at it.

He is really going to miss all of them. Then, he placed his suitcase in the car’s back side. Then, he sit at the car and going to give signal the driver that time Omru come running.

Shivaay : What happened,guys?

Omru : We also want to go with you in airport.

Shivaay : Okay, guys. Let’s go.

Then, they sit beside him in the car and the car started. Shivaay and Anika both of them going to same place to a reason but they don’t know that here they will find their happiness. Here,they will meet with each other and will make a new meaning of life.

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