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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 22

7 GIFTS!………

Swara opened her eyes. It was like a small stage setup near the shore. The stage was decorated with white and red screens. There was a small table which had some gifts and a royal couch next to it and rose petals were all over. She still couldn’t believe her own eyes. The day she waited, she craved for is here!… She started walking in the red carpet which leaded towards the stage. She was observing each and every thing carefully. She reached the stage and she looked  for sanskar. Suddenly she felt strong two arms around her. Sanskar was hugging her from back. Swara smiled. He broke the hug and he went in front and went in knees catching her right hand.

San: I know how much u was craving for this day. Whenever you proposed me I feel like flying in the air and even I wanted to hug u in tight and accept your proposal but I controlled myself for this day. So without delay let me say I LOVE YOU!. I don’t know how you became my life but now if u r not there I feel incomplete.  U r my life and u r my one and only love. Will accept me to love you everytime! He said. Yes he said it all with his heart and soul. He genuinely accepted it. Swara was now flying in the air. She immediately made him stand and hugged him tightly to which he too hugged.

SWA: I love you too sanskar. U know I was waiting for this day, that when u will say these words when I’m all in sense (remember he confessed in the hospital!) Though this marriage was unexpected u made me fall in love with u sanskar! Without you I’m nothing! She said and Happy tears made their way in her eyes. Sanskar broke the hug and wiped his tears and nodded in no! Soon both sat on the couch.

San: As our wedding day is June 7th. I have placed seven gifts in front of you so open it!.

Swara started to open up all the seven in one go.

1. 2heart locket chains

2. 2 rings

3. 2 watches

4. A diamond set

5. A saree

6. Sindoor box

7. Mangalsutra

San: we both should were this locket chain always. (Saying this he made her wear the locket chain as well she too made him wear.)    2. Ring (both made them wear each other).     3. Watch: look swara this is no ordinary watch this watch will be connected to both our heart beat. (Both wore).                                                   Now don’t ask me also to wear these things swara! He said looking at the saree,set,sindoor and mangalsutra. Swara giggles.

SWA: Let’s imagine how do u look when u wear these! (She started imaginating and soon burst out laughing, sanskar pouts).

SWA: Aww u so cute my panda. Saying this she peaked his lips and hugged him. Soon after spending some quality time with each other both left to the farm house changed their normal dress and came home.


SHOMI: Everyone is ready na?

Rag: ha ma, now only swasan should come.

Lak: They’ll come soon.

Uttra: lucky Bhai I’m desperately waiting to see Bhai and bhabhi. (Do u all remember after swasan marriage they introduced themselves in the car na! That time he mentioned uttra his younger sister studying in London. Swasan has chatted with uttra through Skype yet she wants them to see in real).

Lak: U have already seen them na?

Uttra: but still nothing can be levelled seeing them in real!

Rag: Ha uttra, u give them suprise!

Utt: han bhabhi gud idea (hugs rags)

Lak: Seeing your Bhabhi u forgot your lucky Bhai na (making faces)

Utt: Bhai!……. All burst out laughing seeing laksh’s expressions.


PRECAP: Swasan suprise engagement!

Hope u all liked the proposal. So this is the last update from my side from today till APRIL 20 I will not update chapters nor will reply for your comments as my main exams r starting I need to concentrate on them more. So once my exams are over that is on april 20. I will reply to all your comments and April 21st the story will start to get updated daily. As u all wented the proposal I somehow finished it with this and don’t forget my stories.ç Do pardon me once again. Will miss u all. Bye take care everyone 😘

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