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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 21

                  MADE FOR EACH OTHER!..


Sanskar is driving the car.

SWA: Sanskar where r we going?

San: Wait, I’ll let you know.

The car stopped near a farm house. Swasan gets down. He opened the door for her and she was stunned to see the house which was totally mordern. She was exploring each and every thing!. In the meantime sanskar went to his car and brought a package. He again went inside the house. Swara sensing he’s back.

SWA: Beautiful house!

San: Ofcourse it should be beautiful because it’s my first salary house. That is I have a own company right? (Swara nodded) so in success of the first deal I brought the house. Anyways u change into this dress a come. He said handing over the package to her.

SWA: Don’t I look nice in this?

San: No no u always look beautiful but still for me please. He made puppy face which melted her like ice.

SWA: k!.. She said and took the package.

San: My room is upstairs 2nd room. Our marriage photo will be dere so u can confirm.

Swara nodded her and went. After 10 min, hearing the footwear sound sanskar looked up and say swara wearing a beautiful red net long frock, with long earrings and her hairs left free. She was catching her frock with both her hands. To say in short she looked like a princess. Indeed she is he’s princess. She came down towards him.

SWA: How do I look?

San: More than beautiful! K come let’s go. He said and dragged swara, made her sit in the car and he again started driving.


RAM: I would like to say u all one thing!

Shek: hmm say ram!

Ram: Actually I was behind the bride swap!(I Know all r extremely shocked na? This what I said u in the last chapter. It’s hard to find that person 😜. Now ur faces should be like😱. Wait let’s see what he is saying).

Suju: What?(shocked) and others too were shocked.

Ram: Let me explain! I actually liked swara more than Kavitha. I was totally impressed seeing swara so I thought to speak with you all but when I was coming I heard sahil speaking with someone saying that he will loot the money from you once the marriage is done and to my shock kavitha was also present. So I thought to inform you but I didn’t want to spoil swara and Kavitha’s life by spoiling the marriage. So when the brides were about to enter the stage I told them wrong grooms as the result swasan became married. If anyone has any problem do pardon me(folded his hands in front of all).

Shek: No no ram, u did the right thing! Moreover because of this we got a perfect boy like sanskar. So no worries!

Ram: So I thought of one more thing y can’t we make swasan get married with all rituals?

Shek: hmm even I thought of that only!

Suju: We’ll do the engagement today!

Rag: Anyways swara and sanskar are made for each other!

Lak: just like us(in her ears which made her blush) Now let’s start the arrangements. Saying this all left to do their allotted work.


Sanskar stopped the car at a near by lake. They got down. Swara was so happy to see the scene. The place had tress all over and flowering plants at the sides. The sun was soon going to down. There was also a boat. Sanskar immediately took her in his arms and started walking towards the boat. Soon a man came to ride the boat and swasan were sirsitt and enjoying the scenery and taking selfies. Soon they reached the other side of the shore. Both got down from the boat and sanskar immediately blind folded her with a cloth.

SWA: Sanskar!

San: Wait swara….. He took her in his arms and started walking after 5 minutes, Sanskar removed the cloth and slowly swara opened her eyes. She is shocked yet happy to see the scene in front of her.


PRECAP: Swasan proposal continues……

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