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Laado 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anushka decides to befriends Shaurya

Laado 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Amrish telling Shagun that he can’t believe that stranger guy took their daughter out and they couldn’t do anything. Dadi says Shaurya is not stranger, but her childhood friend and shows trust on him. Shagun says matter is about Juhi’s life, we have no enmity with Shaurya, whenever he is around, she gets tensed and restless. She says we can’t get them married forcibly. Dadi says Shaurya loves her since childhood. Shagun says they will search good guy. Amrish says Juhi will not like Shaurya now.

Shaurya shows painting and asks Anushka if she remembered this portrait and reminisces the incident behind the painting which was made by Juhi. He says when your painting got ready, I got unwell, you stood by my side and read stories for me. You had forgotten to took this painting

to exhibition, it reminds me how much we love each other in childhood. Anu is silent. Shaurya says I don’t repent to love you and can live all my life in your memories, and says you love me or not, but I will never back off, it is like death to me. He says I will drop you home. Anu says I will go by myself. Shaurya says I brought you here, so will drop you back. Anu looks at the painting.

Shaurya drops Anushka home. Anushka’s head collides with his head. They say that they shall collide their head again as told by Dadi. They collide their head together. Shaurya leaves.

Kajal asks Shagun if they will get balloons for her birthday. Shagun says once Juhi returns then we will make all arrangements. Dadi says I don’t worry about Juhi now. Anushka comes and asks them to call Shaurya for Kajal’s birthday. Shaurya gets sad and recalls Anu’s arrogant behavior. He sees white cloth on bed and recalls Anu dropping it. Anu says we shall call him else he will feel bad. Dadi says you made me happy today and says she was sure that Shaurya will awaken his love in her heart one day. She goes.

Shagun asks if Shaurya is threatening you and asks her to tell. Amrish says your Mama is alive and nobody can harm you. Anu asks him to calm down and tells that Shaurya is not bad and loves Juhi truly. She says I can’t love him, but can be his good friend. She says when he couldn’t forget Juhi then he seems to be a good guy. We have to hide from him that I am not Juhi. Shagun and Amrish nods. She hugs Shagun and says I will ask Kuldeep to give him invitation. Amrish says this girl is clever, we need to be careful. Kuldeep asks Shagun, shall I call him or message him. Amrish asks him to get cards printed in glitter alphabets. Shagun asks him to relax and says very soon this girl and my sasumaa will be out of house.

Bunty asks Shaurya why he wants to fight and says Juhi is back. Shaurya says she is not back. Bunty asks him not to risk his life. Shaurya comes to the boxing ring. Men standing there cheer for him. He recalls Anu’s words and gets badly beaten up by the competitor. Dadi calls Bunty and asks about Shaurya. She tells that Juhi wants Shaurya to come for Kajal’s birthday. He gets up, but faints again. Bunty shouts Shaurya.

Anu cares for Shaurya. Shaurya asks are you my wife. Anu comes to know that Shaurya was in Juvenile home and walks out. Shaurya says she knew that and thinks she can’t be his Juhi.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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