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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Padma tricks Kunti to signs house papers

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kunti asking self to have something. Padma pretends to talk to her mausi and tells that the family members are getting her DNA test done, and says she has right on the house. She says she has bear 5 bahus so much and will show them that she is enough for them. Kunti gets worried for her bahus. Padma says if I had a house then would have gone there. Kunti hears her.

Pratap, Kanhaiya and Kusum are in the car. Pratibha and Panjiri are in the auto with Khatru. Kunti thinks about Padma’s words and tells God if she would have been rich then she had given much money to Padma so that she goes away from her house. Padma gives tea to Kunti. Kunti says only Panjiri shall serve me. Padma tells that she is staying here for her son and says how to raise him without a son.

Kunti asks shall I name this house on your name and leave here with Kanhaiya and bahus. Padma says you have ancestral shop. Kunti is shocked and asks what do you want to say. Padma says if you give me that shop then I will leave from here silently. Kunti thinks she is asking for a shop. Padma says you can do this atleast for my son, and tells that the shop is useless for you and asks her to give it to her, and says I will leave you and your son. Kunti falls in her trap and thinks she shall agree. Padma says if you don’t agree then I will stay here in the house. Kunti asks will you go after taking the shop. Padma promises on her fake son and then Vishnu ji. Kunti believes her. Kanhaiya, Kusum and pratap come to the lab to get the DNA report.

Khatru brings all bahus to Bijli’s place. They see Padma’s posters and get shocked. Pratibha asks Prema to take a video. Kunti thinks to talk to Kanhaiya, then thinks he will not agree. Padma steals her mobile. Kanhaiya gets the report, and the doctor tells that the baby Gopal is not your son. Kanhaiya is happy. Kusum calls Kunti, but Padma has already taken out sim from the mobile. Kanhaiya calls on the landline, but Padma tells that maiyya is not at home and ends the call. Kunti hears her. Kanhaiya thinks Padma’s game is ended. Kunti asks whose call it was? Padma says it was not your call, but for Panjiri.

Kunti gives shop pics to Padma and asks her to make the papers and says she will sign on it. Padma smirks. Bahus see the posters of Padma. Kanhaiya calls them and tells that the report is in his favor. Bahus get happy. Pratibha tells him that Padma is not Padma, but a dancer Bijli. Kusum is shocked. Kanhaiya asks them to reach home. Panjiri and Prarthana says your game is over. Padma meets her lover who gives her juice and asks her to calm down her mind. He gives her two papers, one is of Kunti Nivas and second one is of shop. He asks her to swap the papers once Kunti reads the shop papers and get her signatures on house papers.

Kunti reads the papers and thinks again. Padma says it is just shop papers. Kunti thinks of Padma’s threat and thinks of house peace. She is about to sign, but the pen given by Gopal was not working. Kunti goes to get the pen. Padma changes the papers and keeps house papers. Kunti brings the pen. Kusum says maiyya’s call is not connecting. Kanhaiya and bahus think now Padma will be exposed. Padma says now they will know what I can do.

Kunti asks Padma to leave. Padma arrogantly shows house papers to Kanhaiya, bahus and Kunti.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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