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Khamoshiyan (Chap-18) Swasan ff by ArpitaKrish


Recap- Sanskar revealed Swara that he got to know the truth of Kavita and Nikhil’s death. He broked his relation with Swara. Swara met with an accident while saving Sanskar. Lakshaya reveal to family about 1st date of Swasan. Lets see what will happen next…….
Sanskar was outside OT. Tears were flowing from his eyes. Dp, Ap, Lakshya with Shekhar reached. “swaraa” Shekhar panicked. Dp consoled him.
“I don’t know whose bad sight caught us” Ap was weeping.
Doctor came outside. “How is Swara? She will be fine na” Sanskar asked.
“Sorry Sir. I did the operation but I cant say anything. We are shifting her in ICU. She is critical. If she did not came in sense with in 6 hours, she can go into coma” Doctor replied.
“What you mean? How dare you to say anything? If anything will happen to her, I will fire you” Sanskar holds his collar.
“Bhai….. control yourself” Lakshya pulled his hand and signaled doctor to go from there. Doctor went.
“its all my fault” Sanskar was in guilt. Lakshya hugged him.
After sometimes ,
Ragini came to hospital.
“How is Swara?” Ragini asked having tears in her eyes.
Lakshaya shared about warning of Doctor.
“How did this happen Lakshya? They were on their date then?” Ragini starts weeping.
“I don’t have any idea” Lakshya consoled.
“How is Cinni?”Lakshya asked.
“Don’t worry I did not tell her anything and made her sleep” Ragini replied.
Inside the ICU,
“Swara. You again cheated me. You have no right to do this. This time I will not let you snatch my love, cinni’s mom. I will not let you repeat history. Its enough now. You have no right to repeat your mistake. I will never forgive for what you are doing” Sanskar brokedown. “ Please come back. I really need you. I cant live without you. Please come back Swara. I beg you. I am forgiving you for your mistakes of past. I love you Swara. Open your eyes.” Sanskar was crying holding hand of Swara.
Tears fell on Swara’s cheeks. She started responding. Sanskar wiped her tears and called the doctor.
“She is fine now. You can take her home tomarrow. Its miracle. Now you can meet her” Doctor came outside and tell everyone.
Sanskar came out of ICU before Swara did notice him.
Smile came on face of everyone. Everyone came inside except Sanskar.
“How are you Swara?” Shekher asked.
“I am fine dad. After all I am your strong princess” Swara smiles.
“I know” Shekher kissed on her forehead.
“How did this happen?” Ap asked.
“Actually when we are coming out of restaurant after dinner, got hit” Swara lied.
“leave it. Now she is fine then why to know reason” Ragini said and smiles.
Just then Sanskar came inside. Swara saw him. Both hide their pain but their eyes were showing that.
“Actually I need to say something. I don’t know after knowing how you guys will react, perhaps you will start hating me after that but I cant leave with burden” She said with teary eyes.
She told them about whole truth of Kavita & Nikhil’s accident.
Tears came in eyes of everyone.
“I know. I don’t deserve your love but seriously I really love you all. I hide the truth because I had fear that time” She wiped her tears.
“its not Swara’s fault. She was going to tell you all but I stopped her that day. She did not do deliberately. She also lost Nikhil. If she want she could start her new life but she chooses Sanskar and Cinni over herself” Lakshya went to Sanskar “Yes Bhai I was aware of truth”
“that accident and everything was our past. You are our present. You did that when you were not in your sense. Perhaps, that accident was in our destiny, which changes our life. Although we lost Kavita but we got you in return. I am proud of you that you did not run from the situation and faced that” Ap consoled Swara.
“I agree with Ap” Dp too gave her views.
“My princess has become mature” Shekhar also hugs Swara.
After sometimes, outside the ward,
“Bhai I am sorry” Lakshya pleads.
“Its okay. You did it for good. I cant be angry with you” Sanskar hugs him.
Scene shifts inside ward,
“Ragu, Sorry” Swara was pleading.
“Ragu? ? I am your sister-in-law” Ragini turns her face.
“please its last time. I will never hide anything from you” Swara starts folding her hand but due to weakness she was unable to do so.
“Swaraaa” Ragini holds her hand and hugs her.
“its last time, I am forgiving you” Ragini warned. Swara smiles.
Time passed. Swara was going to discharge. Everyone went home. Only SwaSan were left in one car.
Swara sit on passenger seat and Sanskar was driving the Car.
There was the pindrop silence. They reached home.
In SwaSan’s room, everyone were doing effort to make Swara comfort.
Cinni came and hugs Swara.
“Mamma, where were you? When I woke up in morning then only dadi, dadu and Nanu were here. After sometimes they send me to Nanu’s home with that joseph” Cinni complained.
“Sorry. I will not go anywhere without informing you” Swara kissed Cinni on her forehead.
“Please be safe” Cinni warned.
“Why?” Swara asked.
“Because Papa is preparing soup for you” Cinni revealed.
Everyone starts laughing.
Sometimes later, Everyone went outside. Only Swara left in room. Just then Sanskar came with soup and gave her. He himself went inside washroom to change his cloths.
Swara was unable to drink properly herself because of weakness and bandage on her hand.
Sanskar came outside and notice this. He came to her and sits. He made her drink with his hand. He turned to go. She holds his hand. He turned towards her.
“I am sorry” Swara pleaded again.
“Its okay” Sanskar remove her hand and went.
She became sad.
Sanskar came inside the kitchen.
“Sanskar, what did you do? You put so much chilly powder in soup” Ragini was also drinking that soup but she only took one spoon and starts shouting.
Sanskar became shocked and went to see Swara. Here in room Swara was coughing. Sanskar made her drink juice.
“what is this? Why did not you tell me?” Sanskar scolds.
“amount of chilly powder was less in compare to your love which your eyes show clearly” Swara said.
“its nothing like that” Sanskar turns. Swara smiles.
To be continued………..
Thank you guys for your valuable comments and likes on previous one. Sorry due to net issue I am unable to reply. Guys perhaps its 2nd last chapter. Sorry I cant continue this ff because from may my classes will start so I have to finish all my pending ff.
But I have a good news for you. After finishing this I will write my next which already starts 2 weeks ago and I posted 2 Chapters only. You can read that. Concept is amazing and that ff is mix ff of two fandom including Swasan. So I hope you will like. Before I write 3rd chapter, read 1st two chapter and give your views. Name of that ff is ‘Love story of Shah Sisters & Kapoor Brothers’.
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