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Kasam 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi and Tanuja get stuck in fire

Kasam 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishi talking to Tanuja on phone and asking her not to meet AK and tells that his intention is wrong. Tanuja asks him to come home first. The call get disconnected. Raj thanks AK for handling the situation. AK says we know that Rishi overreacts. Manpreet says I know everything what is happening. AK says Manpreet will always prove Rishi right. Raj says AK is right. Maasi asks Myra to support her brother and asks what magic did Tanuja and Rishi have done on you. Myra says they are good people. Ak you’re your tickets are booked, you can leave. Somebody tells that fire broke out. AK looks for Natasha. Everyone go out. Tanuja is in the room and thinks Rishi might have forgotten to charge his phone. She gets upset and thinks to charge his room next time. Short circuit happens. Tanuja sees

smoke outside room. She sees fire and takes bucket of water from bathroom, and pours it on fire.

Tania tells Ahana that Netra is inside. Netra comes and says she is here. They realize Tanuja is stuck inside and Rishi went out. AK goes inside the house calling Tanuja. Natasha cries. Rishi comes and asks what happened? Natasha asks him to save Tanuja. Rishi jumps inside while Rano and others try to stop her. Natasha takes the bucket of water and thinks fire is spreading so fast. Tanuja worries for Natasha and calls Ahana. Ahana tells her that Natasha is with her.

Tanuja goes to her room and thinks what to do. She opens the window and sees fire outside the window. She comes to bathroom and washes her burnt hand, but soon water also stops. Rishi comes to room and searches for her. AK hears his voice and locks Rishi in room thinking if he dies, then he (AK) can get Rishi. Rishi finds the door locked and gets doubtful. He covers himself and comes out through window. He sees AK and thinks he has stoop low. He confronts him. AK says I need Tanuja. Rishi says I have recorded your recording and runs. Door or window falls on AK and he faints. Rishi searches for Tanuja, sees AK collapsed. He rescues him and takes him out. He tells others that AK is just unconscious. Natasha cries worrying for AK.

Rishi says I will bring Tanuja and runs inside. Rano gives him promise asking him to bring Tanuja. Netra is shocked. Rishi calls for Tanuja and breaks the door. Tanuja calls his name and asks why did you come. Rishi says nothing will happen. Tanuja says we can’t go. Rishi asks her to calm down. Tanuja covers him with blanket. She says we are stuck and can’t go out, says fire don’t understand our love. He lifts her and tries to take her out. Maasi asks Myra to take AK and kids. Ahana asks netra if she shall send Tania also. Netra says yes. She tells that she will go and search Rishi. Raj asks them to move back as fire is spreading fast. Tanuja and Rishi are shocked as burning wood falls near them.

Precap: Netra asks AK to tell Rishi that Tanuja loves him a lot and says then Rishi will believe him and get angry on Tanuja. AK looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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