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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Seth ji kidnaps Preeti and Minty

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Rahul trying to follow Shambu. He gets stuck in traffic. He runs after Shambu. Shambu goes to temple and disappears. Rahul, Latika and Gauri come there. They see Yashpal and ask what happened to you. Gauri sprinkles water on him. Yashpal asks how did I come here, what’s this place, we got news on wireless about Rudra’s truck location, I was in other village, I caught Rudra. FB shows Yashpal reaching Shambu and Rudra. He sees the shivlings. He asks them to play games in police station now. Yashpal says call more force, I want them to be monitored. He asks Rudra for whom does he work. Rudra holds his hand and says for the world, for me, you, Rahul, Namrata, Gauri, Seth ji, entire universe. FB ends. Yashpal says then I don’t remember anything, Rudra and Shambu hypnotized

me. Gauri says no, Shambu got us here. Rahul says we have seen Shambu, it means they have run away from police station. Namrata looks on.

They see Rudra and Shambu in lockup. Constable says Yashpal has the keys. Yashpal gets shocked seeing shivlings gone. He asks where did shivlings go. Constable says Devendra Sir took it. Yashpal checks CCTV footage. He says why is Devendra taking shivlings, maybe he is in someone’s influence. Rudra laughs and says person does right and wrong by some influence, you can’t stop our work, it will keep happening. Yashpal goes to beat him. Rahul asks Yashpal to leave him. Yashpal says see how they hypnotized me, I was away from here, they would have done this with Devendra too. Namrata looks on. Gauri says this is not hypnotism, if Shambu is here, how did we see him there, its a miracle. Yashpal says I think they controlled your mind, Rahul was attacking us by Namrata’s influence. Gauri says Rahul got fine by wearing Rudraksh, how can Namrata do this. Constable says Devendra is not answering, we have traced him. Yashpal leaves.

Lakhan tries to get lift. Shakti takes a stone and goes to Thakur. Minty sees this and screams. Thakur turns and throws the stone. He asks Shakti did she go mad. Shakti says yes, I want to kill you, I can’t become village head if you are alive. Thakur defends. Lakhan gets injured. She stabs Seth ji’s man by mistake. He says Seth ji won’t leave you. Thakur slaps Shakti and says this man was the only way to reach Seth ji. Shakti runs. Lakhan asks her to stop. Thakur asks Lakhan to arrange a car to take the man to hospital. Gauri asks Shambu what’s happening, she doesn’t understand, where are shivlings, why isn’t he helping them in taking shivlings back to Siddhpur. Shambu blesses her. Latika calls Rudra mad.

Rudra asks how will you get shivling without my help, I know about it, I reach them first, there is no bars that can cage me, I will show you something. Smoke appears. Latika says keep keys safe, don’t move. He smiles and disappears. Gauri and everyone get shocked seeing Rudra and Shambu gone. Gauri reads their message. Gauri reads you won’t get any premonition now. She says Shambu is gone, see this. Devendra keeps shivlings and gets tired. A thief takes the chest and runs. Yashpal scolds Latika. She says they have run away, this CCTV footage shows something else, constable has let them go, he doesn’t remember anything. Yashpal says they had cheated and ran away. Seth ji and his men reach Preeti. They kidnap Preeti and Minty. Preeti shouts for help. Seth ji calls Yashpal.

Yashpal says we will meet soon in my jail. Seth ji laughs and says you couldn’t keep Rudra and Shambu in jail, you are talking about me, keep yourself away from Shivling, else Preeti and Minty will be dead. He sends their pic. Rahul gets shocked.

Namrata gets caught and asks where is Seth ji. Seth ji says I m here….

Update Credit to: Amena

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