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Jiji Maa 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni gets hypnotized

Jiji Maa 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Uttara and Shom coming to Dr. Ashish, a hypnotist. They meet Ashish. Ashish does a demo on Shom. He hypnotizes Shom. Shom pours water on himself. He asks Ashish did he pour water on him. She shows him the video. She says I will try this on Falguni and make her my puppet. Suyash asks is it done. Falguni says yes, like ends are left to stitch. He asks her to teach him. He stitches. Falguni teaches him. Inna sona….plays….. They smile. Niyati says I have learnt driving well, I will drive better today. He plays video game. She asks him to come. She takes his phone. He says give my phone back. She goes alone.

She says Vidhaan told me I became an expert. She drives off. Guard sees her. She worries. Uttara says we have to take Falguni for operation. Ashish says she will

not remember anything. Shom says it will be tough, she is strong minded. Ashish says really, then it will be tough, how is her mental state. Uttara says she is fine, happy. She stops the car and says I understood, anyone can hypnotize Shom, it will be tough to control Falguni.

Falguni hears the servant and asks why do you look worried. She asks him not to care for Uttara’s words. Niyati comes home. Traffic inspector complains about her. Falguni apologizes. Ashish says don’t worry, Falguni will be hypnotized, a person can get weak or afraid, that moment would be good to hypnotize. Falguni scolds Niyati.

Niyati says you always stop me, why are you afraid, let me do mistakes, person learns from mistakes. She goes. Falguni worries. Uttara sees her and says I think fate is with me, Niyati is Falguni’s life, Falguni would be upset. Falguni cries. Ashish says this is the time to hypnotize her. She goes to Falguni and hypnotizes her to obey Uttara. Uttara checks Falguni. She says she is ready, Shom drive the car. Driver greets Falguni. Uttara sends him. They leave. Ashish says I have to break the hypnotism, sometimes it breaks by shocking news or music, she will do what I say. She calls Dr. Malhotra and says prepare for operation. Suyash calls Falguni.

Niyati answers and says Falguni went out. She complains. He asks did you fight, I wanted to gift something to her, I need your help. She says give her book on yoga mind. He asks why did she scold you. She says I wanted to drive the car. Shom praises Uttara. She says just Falguni doesn’t respect me. She checks Falguni again. Suyash asks Niyati to recall what Falguni said, she is pregnant and she is responsible more, Falguni wants them to be safe. Niyati says you are saying right, I got blind in anger. Suyash sees Uttara’s car and follows. Shom alerts Uttara.

Uttara says Falguni will answer you. Suyash asks Falguni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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