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Ishqbaaz 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivika make a plan

Ishqbaaz 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Khanna to just get the info. Anika says I look beautiful always, what’s those people called, whose every pic comes good, photo genie or photo genius, where is your focus, I think you really got distanced while acting, fine I will go. He asks can you live without me. She asks him the same. He says I will lose my life. She says don’t talk such things, I m not going away. He says I won’t let you go even if you want, no power in the world can separate us. Roop comes and sees them holding hands. She says come soon, its Bhavya’s first rasoi. She stares at them. She thinks I will separate both of you. Tej asks how much time more, I have to go office. Jhanvi and Pinky ask him to miss office but have food prepared by Bhavya. Tej jokes I hope its not raw eggs. Anika says I had prepared paneer

butter masala in first rasoi, Shivaye liked it a lot and finished it. Shivaye says of course, how can I forget, it was incredible. Gauri laughs. Bhavya says I have made halwa. She serves them. Rudra asks did you cook using the recipe I gave you. Bhavya says no. He says it will be bad then. Everyone likes the halwa. Rudra jokes. Anika asks Shivaye to tell. Shivaye tastes and says its very nice.

Tej and everyone give shagun to Bhavya. Pinky says I wish Dadi was here, now our grandchildren will marry after 25 years. She jokes on Tej. She says Roop’s marriage happened last in our generation, I remember Roop made dal makhani in her first rasoi, Shivaye liked it a lot. Shivaye gives shagun to Bhavya and says I m so happy you don’t cook like Anika. Anika says you are jealous of my cooking. He jokes on her. Jhanvi says I just regret we couldn’t see Rudra and Bhavya’s marriage. Shivaye says you can still watch it, I got it recorded, we will see it together in evening. Anika thinks why is Shivaye so lost, what is he thinking. Shivaye says stop making excuses and find out Veer. Anika asks what happened, you didn’t even finish breakfast. Shivaye says nothing, I had some work, you know Veer is still not captive. She says you don’t worry, he will be caught some day. He says no, Veer is very smart, no one can find him, I will make him helpless to come out in open. Tej asks Khanna who called the media.

Shivaye says I called them, I have to make an imp announcement. Om asks about what. Roop thinks they like to draw attention. Shivaye says its about Veer Pratap Chauhan. Roop gets shocked. Shivaye says Veer was our tenant in Goa house, I didn’t know he is a criminal, he compelled his wife to commit suicide, he has mentally harassed my wife, he also attempted to kill her, he is with Shwetlana, truth is Veer is a criminal, who is on the loose right now, I m not making baseless allegations, I have the proof. Anika says Veer confessed his crimes in front of me, this is the recording. Shivaye says we will give this pendrive to police tomorrow, police will find Veer, we have to alert everyone to remain safe from Veer. Roop scolds Veer on call. Veer says calm down, I haven’t come outside. She says Shivaye has evidence against you. He asks what evidence. She says what you have done with them in Goa, if pendrive reaches police…. He says no, our plan will be ruined. She says think what to do. He says you steal that pendrive.

She says I don’t want them to know we are together, can’t you understand. He asks do you want me to go jail. She says no, come here and find it, they are going to watch Rudra’s marriage video, its a good chance, its kept in red envelope. He asks about security. She says there is someone outside. She goes to see. Shivaye says I can understand last few days were hectic, so take a break, Shwetlana is arrested now, take a day off. The guards thank and leave. Shivaye asks Khanna to go, does he not have family, wife, children, go and spend time with them. Khanna asks how will you manage without me. Shivaye says just like I manage when you are here, I end up doing all the work, I feel confused, whether you guard you or I guard you. Khanna says you are joking right. Shivaye asks ar you my sister in law. Khanna says no, if I was, you would have joked. Shivaye says its better you go to your family. Roop says Shivaye asked his security to take a leave. Veer says great, its our good fate or a trap, I have no option, I will come. Gauri gets pakori and says its fun to watch film while having pakoris. She praises Rudra and Bhavya. She says I m Om’s fan. They all see the video and smile. Veer comes and looks around. He says Shwetlana has gone jail, they got negligent and removed security, they left door open too, fools, I have to find pendrive. Om says you got fat, you won’t have pakori.

Rudra says I have worn rented sherwani, my marriage happened in such situation. Om says Oberois’ marriage is never a regular affair, welcome to be an Ishqbaaz. Roop thinks where is Veer. Veer thinks I know where Shivaye has hidden that pendrive. Rudra asks Bhavya why does she seem intoxicated. Bhavya says I really was. Veer says Shivaye is the one who defeats time, one who defeats Shivaye is Veer. He gets the pendrive behind the clock. He says does anyone keep such an imp thing at such a place, idiots. Anika asks did you come to steal this, we did this to call you here, you won’t go easily now. She calls out Shivaye. He locks the door and holds her neck. He says call him now, I will see. She laughs and pushes him. She says I thought you were a fool, do you know what are you, a big fool, this was a plan to force you to come here, Goa was your Lanka, this house is Shivaye’s Ayodhya. He says I made Shivaye shoot you here in this house.

She says its your misconception, Shivaye was playing a game with you, he has filled fake bullet in gun and I acted to die, I fooled you as fake Anika, you forced your wife to die, you got a fake wife and daughter, you tried to kill Shivaye. He says yes, I tortured you in Goa and tried to prove you mad so that Shivaye abandons you, he didn’t leave you, then I terrified you, I forced my wife to die, I joined hands with Shwetlana to ruin your family, I will surely do this, I got Aryan here, I tried to kill Shivaye, I hired that sniper, so that you help me to swap Soumya and Bhavya, I did everything, but law wants evidence, this is the pendrive right. He breaks it. He says evidence is gone and holds her neck. Shivaye hits a bottle on his head. Veer holds his head. Shivaye pushes him away. Anika stops Shivaye.

Shivaye asks Pinky to say, if she was with Roop’s child, how did she get that child before marriage. She says that child was illegitimate. He asks Roop is she fine. She says I had a headache. He gets some pic and checks.

Update Credit to: Amena

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