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I’ll snatch u from sky too -episode-45

Sorry for delays but  i want to share my happiness with my telly family too i’m officially graduated now as last week my convocation was held 👩‍🎓that’s why i couldn’t update sorry

Here’s the next episode hope you guys gonna love it.

Ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes


Aarohi” no kissy but truth tell me what made you so hard? I’m listening

Anika” bend her head down again hold Aarohi hand start playing with it”

“Aarohi ruffling Anika hairs Anu won’t open easily i’ve to build other route she pov” Anu Aloo puri

“Anika eyes getting close” nods negatively

“Aarohi turns Anika towards her” why you are not hungry Anu?

Anika”  apno say chot khane k baad bhi kisi ko bhook lagti hai kya?

“Aarohi hug her tightly saliently tears slipping from Aarohi eyes” Anu maa haan na. Aarohi brushing Anika hairs  let me get Aloo puri for  both of us and will do dinner together  Anu… Anu Aarohi calls her out but no response

“Anika slips into slumber”

“Aarohi pulls her out of hug” she place Anu on bed cover her properly step backs with tears gazing Anika she cup her mouth runs out

Scene shifts to hall

All buzy in puja when Aarohi steps make them call off puja

“Dev runs to her” Aarohi

Shivaay and Devi g runs after Aarohi

Chanda” let me be with Anika saying this she runs to Anika’s room

Bhavya” Gauri di what happened to maa she…..

“Gauri takes bhavya in her embrance” sshh ACP stop crying look we should be happy that finally maa has broken that wall which di has build around her and look that diya how it’s glowing same as our Anika di will glow now tomorrow morning will bring new day for us.

“Rudy yup and with that have some portein” He forward eggs towards bhavya

Om” with some panipuri he puts panipuri in Gauri mouth

Omru” cheering gayu

Scene shifts to Devohi room

“Aarohi caressing Anika pictures tears” sorry Anu sorry i have to shout at you i know you were slaughter by me my one sin and your whole life……. Aarohi pat her head with frames

Dev” put hand on Aarohi shoulder”

“Aarohi hug Dev tightly” i shouted at her, i rise my voice on her. I for the first time called her Anu…. Dev for the first time i’ve being so harsh with her Aarohi breaking in Dev

Dev” pacify Aarohi”

“Aarohi sobbing” how can i get angry on my Anu.

Devi g” Aarohi beta you don’t need to feel guilty on your acts today what you did it was your love not anger for your Anu”

“Aarohi kneel down “humari Anu aaj bheekar gayi toot gayi hai woh” Aarohi scream woh aaj haar gayi zindagi say khud say haar gayi

“Maa all have stab me here” Aarohi pointing heart and back.Sambhal lo humain maa sambhal lo aaj ASR bheekar gayi”

“Shivaay wipes Aarohi tears” when you are with her maa than how can Anika can lost”

Dev” Aarohi

“Aarohi cover her face with hands ” Dev she’s not  injured from externally but my Anu is slaughter internally. We all have tramped her emotions not you only me.

Dev” Aarohi stop crying it’s nothing like that”

Shivaay” yes maa don’t blame yourself. Today just because of you Anika who was become heartless you give her heart to beat

Aarohi” yup i’m the one who gave her heart and taken her heartbeat that has forgotten to beat

Devi g” Aarohi did Anika has eaten something

Aarohi” kehti hai itni chot kahaye k baad bhi kesi ko bhook lagti hai hai.

Humari bachi ko bhook he nahi lagi itna dard mila k ab toh khud ko dard bhi dethi hai to hansati   hai.”

Shivaay” maa did Anika open her heart?

Aarohi” ladtey lartye ankho may hazaro dard chupa kar so gayi hai….. koi lafaz he nahe hai hontho per us k bus reha gayi hai to sirf aahe”

Devi g” Aarohi beta stop cursing yourself and you should be happy that it’s a same day when you give birth to Anu and today after twenty nine years you have again given her birth a child who was became stone you blow life in it. She’s broken but same as in shell there’s lies a twinkling pearl after it’s open. Same your Anu was a hard shell but when today you opened her you find a little Anu in it who’s happiness is in you…. Your touch gave her peace .You have earned her back Aarohi…. tomorrow when she will woke up her eyes will twinkle and your eyes will bliss”

Dev” hug Aarohi stop crying my tigeress if you will cry this much then you Anu will lock all of us in store room and i don’t want to spend my nights without you” he whispers in Aarohi ear

Shivaay” coughs

“Devi g pull Dev ear”

Dev” Aahhh!! Maa

Devi g” have some shame getting old and still don’t leave a chance to romance”

Dev” maa  angreezo ka romance buddha hota hai Hindustaniyo ki ishqbaazi nahe. Kyun Shivaay? Dev winks

Shivaay” yes! dadi g dev uncle is saying 100 percent correct ishqbaazi never gets old because…..

Dev did hi-fi with Shivaay

“Kyun k hum hai Ishqbaaz zara haat k” Devshi peck Aarohi cheeks

Shivaay” maa you rest now and don’t worry i’m with your Anu

Scene shifts to Vahni room

“Vanhi talking with someone on fone” meet me there with an hour. I’m coming and what i asked for i need them and don’t worry you will get the price for it. This time double but double the doze too. She cuts the call and smiles jiji you have melted her but you can’t win this battle.


Tomorrow sun will rise but you know what Anika won’t remember you she will again deny you and your love. 


Because a person who has start hating herself what she will love you……..

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

“Anika tighting her eyes” no please don’t go maa , maa wait were you are going please don’t go far from me…… Anika shouts maa

Chanda” Anikaaa

“Anika eyes gets widen look around” haan chali gayi. She comes out of the bed cries

Chanda” Aunty g is here Anika lay down look your feet…..

Anika” runs out crying

Chanda” Anika don’t run

Scene shifts to hall


“Anika crying stepping down ” Maa

Chanda” Anika you can’t walk stop there aunty g is here she’s not gone anywhere.”

“Gayu and omru in low tone” di/ bhabi

“Anika sobbing” phir say chhod kar chali gayi

Gayu” Anika di maa is in her room she’s not gone come please sit

Anika” crying no she’s gone i know”

Shivaay” Anika”

“Anika runs to shivaay hug him tightly” Shivaay she again went away from me i was sleeping and she……  Anika crying vigrously

Shivaay cover her in arms” no maa didn’t went away from her Anu. Don’t cry you are not well. Shivaay rubbing Anika back

O jaana plays

Aarohi” Anu”

“Anika smiles runs to Aarohi she falls”

Shivaay shouts” Anikaa”

All gets shocked

Anika” smiles maa”

“Aarohi kneel down cup her face” Anu maa is not going far from you stop crying she peck Anika forehead

“Anika rubbing her eyes with hiccups addressing to Aarohi” don’t go away from me i’ll die without you

“Aarohi hug Anika tightly” cries don’t say that Anu i won’t go anywhere from you

“Anika breaks the hug and gazes Aarohi with wet eyes”

Song plays

Main agar sitaaron se chura ke laaun roshni
Hawaaon se chura ke laaun raagini
Na poori ho sakegi unse magar teri kami

Main agar nazaron se chura ke laaun rangatein
Mazaaron se chura ke laaun barqatein
Na poori ho sakegi unse magar teri kami

Anika again hug Aarohi tightly” never go away from your Anu maa. Anu will get ” Unknown and Unnamed” in this world only you…….. Anika couldn’t complete

Yeh duniya paraayi hai
Bas ek apna hai tu
Jo sach ho mera woh
Savere ka sapna hai tu

All cries seeing them

Shivaay” worries for something

“Aarohi makes Anika sit on couch and kisses her. Look your feet are bleeding

Anika” smiles”

Aarohi” you are bleeding and still smiling”

Anika” hides in Aarohi “

Aarohi” Anu what’s the matter please tell na ?

Anika pov” nothing just stay close to me.

Gauri” whispers in bhavya ear and bhavya passes to rest

Gayu” maa we are also here we need kissy

Shivomru ” we also”

Chanda” why should i lag behind i’ll also kiss and take

Dev” i also need”

Devi g” stare Dev

Dev” i was joking maa”

Shivomru , Chanda and gayu” but we are not all six step towards Aarohi

“Anika  jumps in Aarohi lap” koi kissy nahe hai. She waves her hand

“Aarohi cup Anika hand in her hands” don’t move your hand she peck Anika hand.

“Anika no will get kissy got it” Anika gazing Aarohi with smile

Shivaay” kyun koi boblem hai”

“Anika turns her gaze to shivaay” makes cute angry face

Shivaay” blow his cheeks too”

Chanda, Gayu and omru” even we will do”

“Anika counting them” 1, 2,3, 4, 5 and 6. Ho!she cup her mouth

All cup their mouth” Ho!

Aarohi” what happened Anu?

Anika” maa dekho yeh itnaye sarye hai.  Anika again counting them six and itni zayad kissy. No! No

Devohi”gazes eachother with tears”

All smile on Anika childish act

Bhavya” gili gili

Anika” koi gili gili nahe bhaag jao yeha sey sab

Aarohi” silently eyeing Anika with tears

Shivaay” why should we run from here now get aside it’s our turn

Anika” ek baar may samjh nahe ata k koi kissy nahe milaye ge bus. Anika kiss Aarohi mmhh tasty. She shows tougue to all”

Bhavya” Anika di only one”

“All requesting Anika” please only one

Anika ” ok fine only one now make a line

All shouts” hurrah!

Dev” It became a miracle that Anu is ready  to granted kiss of Aarohi to them.

Chalo  aaj  main behti ganga mein hath dhona leta hoon” Dev smirks

Devi g” where you are going? Dev

Dev” ganga mein hath dhona. He runs and stands in line.

Devi g” let me get dinner ready for you all

“Aarohi and Anika  glances the line and smiles” Aarohi wrapping Anika in arms.

Gauri standing infront behind her is om, then Ruvya, Chanda and last but not the least Devshiv

“Anika gazes Aarohi” smiles widely

Screen freezes on Anika and line


To be continue


Thanks to all active and silient reader for commenting and liking my ff.

Hope so you are loving the current track.

I know you all are waiting for shivika i’ve start working on it.


Bye bye loving people i’ll soon be back with the next one.

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