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Ikyawann 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Fighter Didi agrees to train Susheel

Ikyawann 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Susheel going back to Fighter Didi. The dogs bark and trouble the ladies. Jhanno looks on. Susheel comes there and takes a stick. She makes dogs away. She asks ladies to get inside. Susheel falls down. Digs bark. She gets scared. Fighter Didi comes and calms the dogs. Susheel says they were attacking, you are feeding them. Fighter Didi says these are animals, not you, they will do what they are taught, we are either behave like animals or surrender to get their affection. Susheel says I wasn’t harming them. Fighter Didi says I m glad to see you can take risk for others, can you leave them to their owner, Leela, I know Leela has sent them to harm me, I had crushed her pickles chillies last night, take these dogs to Leela. Susheel looks on.

Kiran says my doll became your friend

now. Satya asks her to have milk. She asks where is Susheel, we compete to drink milk, tell me when will she come. Soumya looks on. Satya says she will come soon. Kiran says I drank it, tell me now. She sees Soumya and gets sad. He says Susheel is bit busy, she will come, play with doll. He goes. Soumya shows chocolate. Kiran says no, Susheel told me chocolates make you have dental problems, we used to share it, I don’t want it. Soumya forces and feeds her. She tears her doll. Satya comes and asks for phone. Soumya hugs Kiran. Satya sees the dolls torn. He goes. Soumya threatens Kiran. Kali asks Vishu to drop him to clinic. He agrees. Satya and Soumya come holding hands. Leela says Satya seems very happy with you. She wards off bad sight. Susheel comes and asks are these yours. Kali says Susheel….

Vishu says its good you came back, Sejal was missing you a lot, she went to bank. Leela says take this money, I have warded off evil eye. Soumya holds Satya. Susheel opens the door and says I came to leave them. Leela gets shocked. Satya recalls Susheel’s fear. Susheel says humans can change colors, but dogs are very loyal, don’t involve them in your planning and plotting. Kali smiles. Susheel goes. Leela says she didn’t break down, she is still bold. Susheel cries thinking of Satya. Fighter Didi comes and says only hard word can get desired results, you will get trained from tomorrow, don’t blame me if your bones break. Leela says how come this woman is helping Susheel.

Fighter Didi says you will stay here, you have to do what I say. Susheel offers help. Fighter Didi says your number will come, see here, we have food by everyone’s choice, a new time table will be made. Soumya asks Kaka to make pasta. Kali asks Kaka to learn it. She asks Soumya to go ahead and prepare her food, Kaka can learn it and family members will like it.

Soumya says I will make food tomorrow, we will wear western outfits. Leela agrees. Susheel sees everyone eating. She hears a woman complaining. Fighter didi asks them to eat quietly. She sees Susheel’s wound. Susheel gets up and thinks of Satya. She writes past on the pot and kicks it to break. She prepares for training.

Susheel’s training begins. Fighter Didi comes to teach her wrestling.

Update Credit to: Amena

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