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His silent love – Chapter 3

Chapter- 3 – he likes that I am short


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His silent love – Chapter 2


Twinkle (Pov)


“Okayy” Our new physics teacher cleared his throat for like the hundredth time and I looked around at everyone gaping at him.


I pinched Ben in the shoulder but he didn’t even flinch.


I see how this new teacher is going to affect everyone.


“Hello , Mr..” Thank God for Chloe breaking that awkward silence in the room and it seems like everyone got out if that enchanted spell.


“Hello. I’m Sebastian Thomson” And I could clearly , very clearly hear some of the girls give out a dreamy sigh.


“And you are our new physics teacher. Who’s extremely hot” and that’s where the school’s queen bee makes her spectacular appearance and not to mention clinging next to Theo.


And ahead of them stands Kunj , hands in his pockets with his usual small smile. “Sorry for interrupting and for being late , Mr. Thomson”



When Did this guy learn manners?


“It’s alright…” Mr. Thomson trailed smiling at him. “Kunj Sarna”


And that’s when everyone threw themselves at Kunj.


Just kidding.


Everyone and I mean boys too , started whispering about the famous “Kunj Sarna” and I saw Maira giving me a bored look and pretending to gag while I tried to hide my laughter.


“Times up , people” Mr. Thomson said in a clear loud voice, “Take a seat. And you both?” He turns to face the other two.


“Theo Adams..” Melody jumps in before Theo could explain.


“I’m sure Mr. Adams can speak for himself” I chuckled already liking this new teacher and melody frowned , “And I’m Melody Harper”


Yes , you must have guessed it.


She’s Chloe’s cousin.


Melody was never on good terms with us. Specially, the girls of my group.


Maybe because we all broke her favourite doll house back when we were 10.


But hey , that was because melody pushed Ben due to which her got his leg fractured. And poor Ben couldn’t participate in the race.


And one time , I remember how she literally tried to cut Chloe’s hair when we were like thirteen. That was a disaster.


Chloe didn’t came to for like 2 weeks.


Now you see it , Melody is evil.


“Take seat so the rest of them can introduce themselves” Theo walked past me giving me his usual grin with Melody blessing us with her famous scowl.


And guess what, Kunj takes a seat right next to mind and Ben’s. The introductions went by until it reached Ben and then me.


But guess what I was doing? Trying to avoid Kunj who was constantly looking at me.




“This creature over here , Twinkle Taneja. You’d literally find her day dreaming in all your classes” Ben lightly slapped the back of my head and I looked up embarrassed with everyone looking at me..


Mr. Thomson snickered and went on with the others while I glared at Ben who smiled sheepishly.


15 minutes later , Mr. Thomson started his lecture and I tell you guys , no one. And I mean no one expect Chloe has been so active in a physics class.


Everyone was asking questions even if they didn’t make sense except me of course who’s a total dumbass in physics.



“That.was.the.best.class.of.the.century” Ben couldn’t shut his mouth and I rolled my eyes smiling at the idiots before I went towards my locker taking out my P.E clothes.


“Hello, stranger” I jumped frightened and closed my locker door revealing a smirking Kunj.


“What’s wrong with you” I hissed at him and his smirked widened. “And stranger , seriously?


“Well , since you have been acting really awkward around me..” I raised an eyebrow at his words and then sighed , “Says a who wished me by ‘whatever your name is’”


He chuckled looking down at his shoes , “You aren’t letting that go , are you?”


“Nope” I grabbed my bag pack and made my way out of the hallway into the school grounds. Out gymnasium is actually next to our school football pitch.


“Are you free tonight?” I stop abruptly looking back at Kunj who was looking at me with a serious expression.


I chose to ignore him.


“Twinkle , I’m asking you something” he yelled running to catch up.


I ignored him again.


Bad move , Twinkle.


Because right then , he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the guys changing room near me pitch.


Thank God , it’s empty.


“What?” I question with hands on my hips and he looked at frowning , “I asked you something”


“And that question was awkward” I reply leaning against one of the lockers. He runs a hand through his hair clearly frustrated and I very kindly wait for him to continue.


“I seriously need to talk to you” he looks at me now and I don’t know what happened to me but I said the most dreadful thing.


“I’m busy”




“And?” He questions and I groaned , “And I can’t meet you tonight. Clear enough” He narrowed his gaze at me and walked towards me his smirk back on his face.


I straightened up narrowing my gaze too and he stopped in front of me looking down at me.




But I held my head high and crossed my arms trying not to look affected by his height.


“It’s okay. I like it” he whispered and I looked on boggled. “I like that you are short” He continued and I had this huge urge to roll my eyes at him but I couldn’t.


“Why?” I managed to mumble back and he smiled before his arm went around my back and he lightly pulled me up too close to his chest.


Someone tell me how to breathe , again.


“So I can do this” he whispered our faces now at the same level.


Twinkle, push him away. What on earth are you thinking.


No , he looks even s*xier this close.




“Meet me after school near my car” he said before losing his hold on me and I stood back on my feet.


Calm down , you stupid heart.


“Why do you think I would come? And why would you even wanna talk to me about something?” I question clearly confused.


“Just do as I say. I’m not lying , it’s important” he turned around already walking out of the locker room and I rushed behind him.


“Oh please” I let out a sarcastic laugh , “You already are a liar” he turned around raising an eyebrow at me and I crossed my arms.


“My letter never came from the King neither you came back to save Maira with me” and with that he gave me a huge grin before walking away like always.



I’m so not going to meet him after school


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