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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 2

Thank you so much Varshini and Mansi for commenting in the previous episode. 🙂 It means a lot. Thank you everyone who liked and disliked my ff. Thank you all who read my ff. 

His Destiny Awaits – Part 2

Puru is shown walking towards the jungle. He reaches a hut. Without going in he looks inside. Pritha comes out and sees Puru. “How come he is alive?” She thinks but says, “Come inside prince.” While puru, “Don’t call me prince. You are like my mom.” He smiles with her and she smiles back. Hasthi comes near the front door from outside and sees puru.

Pritha sees Hasthi and thinks, “It’s no good if Puru sees Hasthi here.” She signs him to leave. Puru sees Pritha signing someone behind and turns to see who that is. Hasthi quickly hides. Puru says, “Whom did you sign?” Pritha gets tensed and makes some words and says, “I was signing you to come in”. Puru smiles. Pritha gets relieved. Puru sits. “Mom, come and sit here please” he says to Pritha. While Pritha fumes in anger but doesn’t show. She sits .

Puru starts talking, Bamni’s soldiers are seen spying out of the house. One of them comes near the house and listens to Puru and Pritha’s conversation. Puru says, “are you leaving here?” . Pritha replies him saying,”after few days” Puru looks at her. He speaks, “We have to send Hasthi to Dasyu lok soon. King is chasing the culprit.” Pritha is shocked.”You promised me that you won’t let anything happen to him” Puru holds her hands and replies, “Don’t worry mom. That’s why I am sending him to Dasyu lok .

He will be safe there.” Pritha nods. Puru says,”I’ll send two of my men here today midnight. They will protect Hasthi until he goes to Dasyu lok” Pritha thinks,”If Puru send Hasthi away, he won’t be able to regain our place. I should do something” and says, “No, don’t do so. It’s not safe if he goes with your men. It will be a risk for you. He’ll be fine if he go alone. He is also a Dasyu , he can protect himself” Puru agrees. He bids farewell and turns to leave. Bamni’s soldier hides.

Puru senses someone and turns around and moves away silently. Hasthi comes out from where he was hiding and walks towards the hut. Someone comes from behind and puts his hand on his shoulder. Hasthi turns and sees Puru. He gets shocked. “I didn’t come here to catch you” Puru replies sarcastically and leaves. Hasthi looks at him angrily. Bamni’s soldiers’ follow Puru secretly.

Puru returns to palace and thinks about King Bamni’s words, “Who might have given such a false statement to save me?” Darius comes and speaks, “Your life will be at risk once again after two days, because the real culprit will be out of city soon” He smirks at Puru. Puru doesn’t care and leaves from there. He goes to Queen Anusuya’s room. She sees Puru coming and gets happy. “Why are you looking tensed?” She asks from Puru.

Puru, without replying her goes in and sits. He says,”I have many links but I can’t find the thread which connects those all” Queen Anusuya comes to Puru and sits by his side. “Don’t worry. Only truth will come out one day” Puru looks at her face and reminisces Darius saying, “Your life will be at risk once again after two days, because the real culprit will be out of city soon”. He gets thinking.

“This means Darius knows Hasthi stabbed Kanishk. He said that Hasthi will be out of city soon. Does he know that I am sending Hashti to Dasyu lok? Or will he do something to send Hasthi away?” He looks at Queen Anusuya , “Darius knows Hasthi! It means he sent Hasthi to kill Kanishk!” Puru is shocked after unveiling the whole mess. Queen Anusuya watches his changing face time to time and laughs. Puru gets to his senses with that and laughs with her. After that he asks ,”Why were you laughing mom?” Queen Anusuya gets surprised and asks,” If you didn’t know why I was laughing , why did you laugh?” Puru feels shy after hearing this. Queen Anusuya looks on and says, “your face was changing rapidly. It made me laugh.” King Bamni enters. Puru sees him and turns to Queen Anusuya, “Mom, I have an important work to do. I’ll see you soon.” Queen smiles and nods. He leaves without looking at King Bamni. Bamni gets hurt by his son’s behavior.

Queen Anusuya understands his feelings and says, “Don’t worry, Everything will be alright.” She hugs him, he smiles.

Puru walks out of the palace. He sees Kanishk with Barsin and gets happy. He remembers Laachi. Puru thinks , “I can’t shatter Baba’s family, nor can I forgive Hasthi for his betrayal. He went against not only Kanishk but also the whole India by supporting Darius.” While he steps outside he sees King’s guards taking Hasthi inside the palace. Pritha runs behind him crying. Puru gets nervous. “How did they catch Hasthi?” He decides to do something and steps towards the palace.

Pritha sees Puru and fumes in anger and shouts saying, “I knew you will not keep your word. You snatched away my family. How could you think that Hasthi attacked Kanishk while you yourself did that?” Puru is shocked hearing her words. Pritha goes behind Hasthi. Puru tries to talk to her while someone holds his shoulder from behind. He turns back and finds Queen Anusuya. She speaks, “Don’t help the traitors” Puru is confused. He promised to protect Baba’s family but now it’s beeing shattered. Queen Anusuya understands his intentions and replies, “You must keep your word everytime, but what if they don’t keep their word?” Puru gets thinking. King Bamni comes to Queen Anusuya.

They go inside the palace leaving Puru behind. Darius fumes in anger after seeing all this incidents. “Hasthi will speak against me now. But I won’t let that happen” He smiles evilly and goes. Barsin hears him.

Precap: Puru goes to Dasyu lok and meets Laachi. Alexander decides to conquer Persia.

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