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His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 1

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So , here is the first part

His Destiny Awaits – Part 1 

Puru walks in his palace lowering his head and he is in a deep thought. While he walks he sees someone coming in front of him . He looked up to see who this is. 

“You ? Here ? I thought you went to Persia ?” Puru said while looking at the person. 

The person is revealed as Barsin. She says , ” Why ? Aren’t you happy for that ? ” 

Puru says , “Don’t forget what I had told you. Your father has no value of you” 

Barsin gets angry and shouts, ” Dare to say anything against him. ” She leaves fuming in anger. 

Puru looks at her innocently. ” You’ll understand one day ” 

At that time a guard comes to him and bows. 

” King is calling you prince . ” Puru goes with the guard to his father. 

King Bamni is shown sitting on the throne. He sees Puru entering and address him. 

“Prince Purushottam,” Puru looks on. 

” You were freed as there isn’t any solid proof against you. Though Kanishk said that he saw you on the spot, a person had seen you on the other side of the palace ..” 

Puru gets surprised as he was there when Hasthi stabbed Kanishk. So how can someone give such a statement? Who could that be? 

Darius looks at King Bamni. 

King Bamni address again, “So, further investigations will be made to find out the real culprit. Until then both of the princes’ lives are not safe . Darius looks at him annoyingly. 

“Who could have given this statement? I’ll miss a great opportunity if Puru escapes from this, whoever did this will pay for it.” He thinks..

While Puru’s mind rushes through the thought that Ripudaman’s family will shatter if king catches Hasthi. He promised to save it. So, Puru shouts. “No I did it” 

Everyone looks at Puru. 

Queen Anusuya talks, “Son, I know you didn’t. You are protecting the real culprit. Tell us who did it . Why are you protecting him?” 

Puru silently looks at his mother. 

“Your mother is right . Tell us son . Real culprit must be punished or else your brother’s life will be at risk ” Bamni also advises Puru. 

Darius looks on. “I’ll have to do something” 

“King , if Puru accepts his crime why should we investigate further? The results will be same as now. There’s no use in wasting much time. You must punish him. In Persia, we don’t give the culprit a second chance.” Darius says.

Queen Anusuya interferes, “he is not the culprit. And this is not Persia but Bharath” 

King Bamni to Dairus, “Bharath people are not like Persians. We punish the real culprit. Not the one who calls himself a culprit.” Queen Anusuya looks at Bamni proudly. 

” My guards will find out who did this crime . If they fail to find the person , Puru , you must tell us who the real culprit is. I am giving you two days .If my guards fail , your turn will come after two days ” King Bamni orders. 

Puru gets thinking, “I can’t let an innocent person become the culprit, I have to save Hasthi too, what shall I do?”

King Bamni and Queen Anusuya leaves. Darius fumes in anger and turns to Puru. 

Darius:- Don’t think too much. I will make you the culprit. 

He smiles.

Puru leaves without replying. 

While at Queen Anusuya’s room, 

King Bamni talks with her. 

Queen:- Do you think this will work? I don’t think puru will stay without doing anything. 

King:- I know. That’s why I’ve send some men behind him to find out the culprit. As you said , if he wants the culprit to be safe , he might now go and alert him . Then we can catch the real culprit. 

Queen:- I know he is Hasthi. 

King:- Maybe. But we don’t have proof. So we have to wait. 

He looks at Queen Anusuya and hugs her. 

King:- Don’t worry everything will be alright. 

————While in Macedonia———–

Olympia asks Oracle, ” who is that person , who will defeat Alexander? ” 

“No one” a reply comes from behind. Olympia looks behind. Alexander has replied.

“Don’t worry, none can defeat me. You have nothing to fear now. I will destroy everyone who comes in front of me.” Alexander says. 

Oracle interferes, “One will” 

Alexander looks at Oracle with an angry plus surprised face. 

Oracle replies again, “One will” 

“Who will?” Olympia asks again. 

Oracle looks at Alexander and replies, “Person doesn’t matter, Your life matters” she then turns to god and starts prayers. Olympia and Alexander look at each other. 

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