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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan realizes his mistake

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Khoji giving news about Imli’s arrest. Imli threatens the inspector about Puttan. She slaps another one. Inspector puts her in jail. Imli asks media to show her on camera. She cries and asks Puttan to take her. Chaitu asks Puttan to do anything. Khoji says inspector is strict. Puttan says I gave license to give Imli, she promised she will learn driving and didn’t. Puttan comes to meet Imli. He meets sincere inspector and questions about his transfer. He sends the inspector. Imli says I will stay here tonight, maybe I also get famous. Puttan says fine, Jha you also stay here. Khoji covers the news and takes car’s interview. Imli cries and says I stayed in jail and cooked food, but someone has stolen my wish.

Chaitu and Imli worry for the state. Malai

asks Puttan to tell them if he likes any girl. Puttan chats with his lover. Chaitu and Puttan argue and ask Jha to come on their side. Chaitu scolds Puttan. He explains what’s law minister, people should feel safe. Puttan says you have motivated me, everyone will find laws in our state. He goes to record room. Jha says prisoners have troubled people, do something for them. He sings and selects files. Puttan asks Jha to send notices to the wrong doers, Chaitu shouldn’t forget it. Jha comes. Chaitu says Puttan will make my name shine one day. Jha says its a letter from CBI, law minister have opened the cases. He tells about many other cases, which got open because of Puttan. Chaitu gets angry. Puttan gets a wrong number call.

Imli feeds him. Chaitu comes home and gets angry hearing him. He starts scolding Puttan. Puttan says I didn’t know you are in every file, sorry. Chaitu says you damaged my image, what shall I answer. He runs to beat Puttan. They both argue in front of the family. Puttan says I wanted to earn money. He gets an envelope. He asks whatever’s the letter, its in English. Chaitu says I can read it for you. He clears his name and cancels his ministry post. Puttan gets upset. He says who can arrest me now, its fine. Chaitu asks the man to call CBI. Puttan resigns from the post and apologizes. Chaitu forgives him. Chaitu gives him a warning. Janta complains to police. Inspector says problem is with you. Janta asks what. Inspector says your name, change it to Neta from Janta. Janta likes the idea.

Chaitu looks forward to celebrate his birthday. Genda wants to stop him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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