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Half Marriage 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandani and Arjun decide to expose Shakti

Half Marriage 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arjun waking up in the morning. Maya follows Chandani. Arjun asks Rakhi if she saw Chandani? Rakhi says you shall know and says she saw her going to kitchen. Chandani comes to kitchen and tells Sulochana that she will make tea for everyone. Sulochana says you have forgotten that nobody comes to kitchen directly from bed. Chandani comes out. Arjun comes and says good morning to Chandani. Chandani says she forgot to take bath. Arjun says alone, and teases her. Chandani collides with Maya.

Maya comes to kitchen and says good morning. Sulochana says lets drink the tea. They come out in hall. Arjun asks Chandani why she is not ready. Manohar says every home shall have such daughter like Chandani. Chandani says she will fulfill both duties well. Manohar asks her never to let

ego come in her and says we will never use your name in our work. Chandani thanks him and says they want to keep Anuj. Maya says she wants to say something and tells that Shakti will be better for the factory.

Arjun says Anuj can join our factory whenever he wants and says Shakti will do good some day. Maya says I was thinking to get a rented house. Janki says we will not let a lonely girl stay here. Sulochana says the room in which you are staying is yours now. Maya thanks her. Janki tells Maya that she is very clever and says if we stay together then will hide the secret. She says this friendship will take us far. Maya says hopefully yes.

Shakti meets a girl and gives her flower. He says once he gets work in factory, they will meet in 5 star hotel. Chandani is in the car and calls Arjun. She says Maya got inside the house. Arjun says you are sounding like a jealous wife and tells that Maya must have known by now that we love each other a lot. Chandani sees Shakti and girl in park and gets down from the car. Shakti sees her and escapes. She comes home and asks from where you are coming? Shakti says factory. Chandani says I saw you with a girl in the park. Shakti says you might have seen someone else. Arjun comes out. Shakti says Chandani had a misunderstanding. Chandani tells Arjun. Arjun says he has a doubt on him and says they will make him confess this.

Chandani calls a man to massage Mama ji’s feet. Manohar says he is going to buy vegetables. Chandani says she will come with him and asks guards to stay at home. Manohar says I am walking with Minister for first time. Chandani says with bahu also. They buy vegetables. Manohar says everything is changed. Chandani says I haven’t forgotten you all. Sulochana and Maya come there from temple. Maya thinks Chandani wants to trap sasur, but saas is in my control. Manohar tells Sulochana that chandani has chosen the veggies. Sulochana asks Maya to check. Maya thinks she doesn’t know and tells that it is good. Chandani takes Prasad from Sulochana. They start walking. Sulochana and Manohar go home. Maya asks Chandani about her married life. Chandani says we were married since 3 years. Maya says when she came to know that arjun is married, she was shocked. She extends hand of friendship.

Chandani calls Shakti changing her voice. Shakti asks her to meet him. Maya hears her and thinks she won’t let her succeed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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