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forever yours (a raglak ff)(prologue)

A beautiful girl was running in a bridal lehenga  ,  she was sweating a lot  . some goons were chasing her  . she came the other side of a house to hide herself .

Ragini woke up from this strange dream . she saw her younger sister swara sleeping peacefully , such dreams of the same girl running had been coming regularly

She tried to sleep again , she closed her eyes . again she got the view of the beautiful girl running for her life….

She concluded that this was not some usual dream, for the past  10 days , the girl in her dreams had been running . that dream had been disturbing ragini

Suddenly somebody kept a hand on ragini’s shoulder . ragini who was thinking about all those scary dreams got shocked

She turned back

and was relieved to find swara

Swara : di its me , what are you doing at the middle of the night

Ragini : its you , pagal ! dara diya mujhe

Swara : di !??? like a ghost you were sitting near me in the middle of the night  , not me ok ?

Ragini : ok forget it ,  lets sleep

Their mother janki entered the room .

she looked at them and said ,you guys are still awake , its 12 o clock

Swara : ragini di was awake , she woke up me too , but how are you awake till now

Janki : dad is busy  with a case , tomorrow he needs to go to court no , thats why i decided to stay awake too

Ragini : but why didn’t he  inform me , i am working with him in this case as well

Janki : ladoo you just sleep , you were unwell yesterday , thats why papa did not want to disturb you , shona thu bhi soja , kal college bhi toh hai

Ragini slept , unaware that somebody else a little far from there too kept getting those strange dreams

who was that girl in ragini’s dreams ? why was ragini getting those dreams ? who else got the same dream as ragini ? all that will be revealed as you read

This ff was  started long ago by me . i could not continue it due to studies , but now i am continuing it . this ff is based on rebirth , never tried to write something like this so please drop your comments and press like if you liked it 

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