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Ek Deewana Tha 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shiv is back!

Ek Deewana Tha 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone returns to Bedi House. Vyom tells Sharanya to forget everything. How long will my parents wait to become grandparents? Let’s start new life. She tells him to forget it. Sharanya can never be yours! Vyom tries to send her inside but Suvarna intervenes. Sharanya cannot be anyone else’s but Shiv’s! Vyom asks her where he is. He used to roam as a spirit earlier but he is gone now! Don’t try to become a hurdle in my path. I am a psycho. I will kill you! Sharanya steps in between. Vyom calls her mad. Suvarna apologizes to Sharanya. It is happening because of you. Vyom nods. Suvarna hugs Sharanya. He would have killed us long ago if he wanted to. Run away from here. I too will run if you will go from here. Vyom notices Sharanya crying and panics. Don’t cry. I wasn’t shouting

on you but her. She is trying to separate us! I cannot even think of hurting you. You are angry right now. Go and rest in the room. I will bring something for you to eat. He heads to the kitchen.

Sharanya comes to her room. She cries recalling how right Shiv was and of Vyom’s madness. She looks at her room’s window. Suvarna’s words echo in her head. Vyom knocks on the door. I cooked fresh food for you. He keeps knocking on the door but she does not respond. He pushes open the door using his leg. He checks the room, bathroom but Sharanya is nowhere to be seen. He walks up the window and notices her running away. He too runs after her. They reach a jungle. Vyom shouts after her not to run from him. I love you. He falls down while running. Sharanya runs deeper in the jungle. Vyom continues to look for her. He shouts her name repeatedly and finally notices her running in an opposite direction. She obstructs his way thereby hurting him. He asks her why she is hurting him. Why are you scared of me? Wounded Vyom keeps limping in his quest to find Sharanya. She turns and finds him before her. She panics and resumes running. Sharanya falls in a small pit. She is about to get up when she hears Vyom’s voice again.

Vyom says I defeated death for you. You are my life. How will I live if you will go away from me? Sharanya finds her Kul Devi’s idol. Papa went to bring this idol only! How did it come here? She cries recalling her wedding day when Vyom had killed her Papa. She also finds the ring that was given to her by Shiv. Shiv left but I found his memento. She remembers doing Shiv’s last rites and Odhni’s words (Shiv wont be free from this world even if one of his belonging is left behind). She shouts Shiv’s name loudly shocking Vyom. Vyom calls out to Sharanya. He finally notices her in the pit. Why are you calling Shiv? He left the world. Give me your hand. Your Vyom is with you! He extends his hand towards her assuring her nothing will happen to her but she runs in opposite direction. She stops sensing the change in winds. Vyom too looks around in confusion. She thinks of Shiv’s promise before he left her. Shiv comes in between Sharanya and Vyom. She is relieved to see him. Vyom looks on. Title song plays in the background.

Vyom says I can see him this time. Shiv says surprise. Vyom takes a step towards him but Shiv lifts Vyom high in the air before throwing him down on the ground with a thud. Sharanya tells Shiv not to spare Vyom. Kill him! Don’t leave him alive! Vyom is stunned by her words. Shiv lifts Vyom yet again and pushes him towards a tree. Vyom is badly hurt. Sharanya repeats at Shiv not to leave Vyom. He killed you, my Papa and even your Papa! Don’t know how many more people he has killed! Finish him! Shiv hits Vyom with a log of wood this time. Vyom vomits blood.

Precap: Vyom tells Sharanya he loves her very much. Rajan aims his gun at Suvarna’s head. He tells Sharanya to remove the ring and hand it over to Vyom quietly or he will press the trigger. Suvarna ends up pushing her away. Sharanya falls down on the road. Shiv and Vyom look on in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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