EPISODE 102

Previously :- Pari doubts that the Old creepy lady is only the killer ; Veer now suspects Pari and R.K are engaged in this Case , Pari has a Plan .

The Episode starts with Pari standing at the bus station .

Pari : Mam , Please let me join this

Woman : Mam this 3 day natural camp is for couples who are going to have a baby .We don’t allow a single Parent .

Pari : Please try to understand .

Woman : Ask your husband to accompany you .

Someone from Behind exclaimed ” I’m Her husband , I’m here ” .

Pari turns back and it was Veer .


Pari holds Veer’s hand .

Veer sat down beside her ” How innocent you are while silent , But what is going on in this Silent Pari is known to nobody ”

Veer : How difficult is it to understand you .

Then Pari murmurs something while sleeping ” Veer I’m sorry I’m hiding for you , But I’ve to do this , If I told you then R.K will …. Please Veer forgive me ”

The next morning ………
Pari was all ready for her mission , Veer was still sleeping , Pari comes and Sat beside him .

Pari : Sorry Veer I’m lying but I’ve to accomplish my goal , I’m going , So that I can catch the Killer .

She woke up and Grabs her bag and moves out . After some time ; Veer woke up and finds Nowhere Pari .

His Phone rings …

Pari : Good morning Veer !

Veer : Without You my morning can never be Good

Pari : Come on ! The breakfast is ready Don’t go without it .

Veer : Where are you ?

Pari : I’ve left for meeting , I didn’t want to disturbe you .

Veer : I’m also going out for some work toady

Pari : Okay All Best .
Pari reached the bus station .She read the banner on the Bus ” 3 Days nature camp ” .
Pari to herself : This Camp will surely help me .

She calls R.K

Pari : Sir, I’ve reached , Just going to get my name registered
R.k : Okay , I wish you a good luck for this mission .

Pari : I just hope that the woman comes there As this camp is for Pregnant women only .
R.K : She will have to come , It’s our Last hope to catch her .
Pari : Okay Sir , I’m going there .

Pari goes to a Lady .

Pari : Hello Mam I want to be a Part of this nature camp.

Lady : Yes sure mam , You’re welcome , Thanks you aren’t late , We’re just going to leave .

Pari : Thanks Mam , Please register my name .

Mam : Okay Please tell me your and Your husband name .


Risi( Junior officer ) : Sir , You’re right , This Old lady is something which can help us in this case .

Veer : Hmm.

Rishi : See this Sir , In Delhi in all the murders , The same knife which this Lady is holding , Is used .

Veer : That’s clear Rishi , Whosoever is killer , Uses this Knife only , And this knife is a specially crafted knife .

Rishi : We have to find the killer before other murder .

Veer : See this ” A 3 day nature camp ” For Pregnant women . I’m sure the killer will surely come here .

Rishi : But sir , Police isn’t allowed there .

Veer : I’ll go there , Not being a Police officer , But a simple Man .


Lady : Mam this is for couples who are going to have a baby , Not for singles .

Pari : Please try to understand .

Lady : Please mam don’t waste our time , We’ve only two seats left , We’re going to leave within an hour you can decide .

Pari is left in dilemma .

Pari recalls what
R.K told her ” Listen Miss .Pari , keeping faith in you , I’m sending you . There would be no one help for you , If that killer came there , Then you alone have to handle ”

Pari : Yes , I’ll do it , I’ve to be there , I’ve to Protect everyone .

She decides to Persuade organisers once again ..


Rishi ( junior officer ) : Are you sure Sir

Veer : I guess so , That killer is going crazy day by day , We’ve to catch that killer as soon as possible . And about the camp , People are in a danger , I’ll go there .


Pari tires once again ..

Pari : Mam , This camp is really vital for me .

Lady : I can understand mam , But you see this is against our rules .

Pari : Mam listen if I didn’t joined this camp then it could be dangerous .

Lady : Please mam , Ask you husband to join you , Otherwise I can’t help you in anyways .

Someone from behind exclaimed ” I’m her husband , I’m here ”

Pari twisted back .PARI ” what ! Veer ”

Veer : Yes ! Now I realized , I shouldn’t let her go alone .

Pari : Thank god I’ve hid my face .( She was wearing a Saree and a veil covering her face )

Lady : Thanks sir , You came , Here are your admit cards .

Veer comes to Pari and silently whispers ” Sorry mam , But we both need to go and without each other we can’t ”

Pari nodded her head in a Yes ! . She goes and sits inside .

Pari to herself : Oh Lord , Now what ! I’ve to be very careful now .

Then Veer comes and sits beside her on the next seat . Pari puts on the veil ..Their Journey began

Pari in different voice ” Eh ! You , Why You speak Lie ! You ”
Veer shows her his ID card ” Don’t tell anyone here , I’m Police officer , I’m on a mission ”

Pari in her mind : It’s means I and Veer both are on Same mission , He also thinks that Killer will surely come .

Veer spoke : Where’s your husband , How come you came here all alone ?

Pari changing her sound : Eh ! He is busy ! Okay you understand !

Veer gets surprised ” What a husband he is ! , He sent you alone , How shameful ”

Pari again in a different tone ” Ah ! Don’t say anything against him , Eh ! You okay ”

Veer : Ohkay sorry !

Veer took out his Phone .Pari to herself ” Veer will surely call me , I should put my phone on Silent ”

Then the organiser Lady makes a announcement .
” Hello and welcome you all to A 3 day special nature camp for you all , A special camp for women going to be a Mom ”

A round of applause …

Lady ” So just relax , Hold each other hands , Let’s love each other , This is a camp for mom and dad to enjoy their special moment , Enjoy this journey of love and romance ”

The atmosphere turns to be romantic , Every couple was chit chatting to each other , Clicking slefies …

Momentarily , Pari’s purse falls down , They both bows down and their heads bumped .

[ Background music – Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil …]

PARI in her original voice ” Ouch !!! Ahhh !! Can’t you be careful ” Suddenly she shuts her mouth .

Veer : I’m very sorry , I just hope it isn’t paining a lot .

Pari changing voice ” Eh ! Be careful you ! Ha ! You okay ! ”

Then a man distributes Ice cream to all . Lady announces ” So let’s begin , Now all husbands have to offer their wives ice cream with their hands ”

Everyone does what’s told , But Veer was little shy . Everyone persuades him to go ahead and make her have ice cream .

Pari in her mind : I’ve to do what others are saying , Otherwise they will become suspicious .
She removes the veil till mouth , So as her eyes aren’t visible .Veer took a spoonful of ice cream and puts in her mouth .The crowd shouts , And claps .

Lady( organizer ) : Okay guys within some hour we’ll reach The camp and we’re staying at a five star hotel .

After sometimes , The Bus stopped for Snacks .Everyone goes out , Veer and Pari were alone in .

Veer : See mam , I know we both aren’t what others think , But for them we both have to enact as if we are husband and wife , I hope you would understand .

Pari nods in a Yes ! .

Veer : Come we should go out now , or else everyone will obviously doubt us .

Veer steps down and waits out side for Pari , Later Pari came and steps down , While climbing down from bus , The Saree interrupted her movement and She falls down , Veer catches her in his arms .
[ Background music – Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil ….]

Pari freed herself ” Thanks god , He didn’t saw my face ”

She walks to the sitting area .
Veer stood there and calls his policemen ” Yes ! Till now nothing suspicious has happened , I’ll keep an eye don’t worry ”

Pari was sitting on chair uttering ” How difficult it is to walk with this Saree and covering face with veil ”

Then she calls R.K ” Hello Sir ”

R.K : what’s news Pari

Pari : Everything is fine , My eyes are into every corner , This time that killer will not be left for free .

She shuts the call , Veer comes and sits opposite to her .Snacks were served .
Sunny calls him , He stood up and goes away .

Pari tries to get more information about that woman from internet .

Pari : I’m sure , This woman is only the one we are searching for , But who’s this woman . Idea ! what I can do is , I can upload her picture and search for her on internet .

She got no results .

Veer : Sunny what are you saying , I can’t believe

Sunny : I’m saying what is in front of my eyes , The tickets for Delhi by the name Pari is here at home

Veer : what ! Are you sure , Check the dates .

Sunny : Yes ! Bro .. Don’t you believe me , wait let me send you it’s picture.

Veer thinks : If Pari hasn’t gone for meeting then where’s is she ???

The announcement was made , Everyone were moving into the Bus .

Veer goes in and finds his co – passenger already on seat .

________ AT THE CAMP ……

Everyone were coming out of the bus and walking in the big resort .

Organizer : Welcome you all to 3 days nature camp , Let’s enjoy …

All the couples were excited .Organizer ” So you all must be tired , We’ll meet right at 1 for lunch , Go and get fresh ” .

Pari and Veer came to their allotted room .

Veer : Mam you can rest here , I’ll be fine on the couch .

Pari came and sits on the bed , She opens the bag and took out clothes . Veer became curious seeing the clothes very similar to that of Pari .

Pari to herself : Oh god ! I think he’s growing suspicious , what should I do now , I’ve to do something .

She changed her voice .
Pari : Aiyoo ! Why you look at me like this ! Ha ! Why you ?

Veer : No I wasn’t looking at you , I was thinking something else .

Pari : Mere ko sabh malum Ji ( me know everything Mr.) Tum kidar dekhta ( you staring where , Okay you )

Veer blushes a little and goes out of the room Saying ” Mam there’s some misconceptions , Okay ”

Veer got anxious about Pari as she’s not answering his calls later left a message , To which Pari replied ” I’m alright don’t worry ”

Pari inside room . Pari : I know Veer you’re getting tensed about me , But don’t worry nothing will happen , Because we’re together .

Everyone was sitting and eating food . While Veer was alone on the table . Two men came and joined him .

Man ¹ : Hi , I’m Sagar .

Man ² : And I’m , Gaurav .

Veer : Hello , I’m Veer nice to meet you .

Man ¹ : Sitting alone , where’s your wife Ha !

Veer : She’s just coming .

Man ² : Don’t hide Ha ! I know you both had a fight .

Veer : What No ! You’re wrong .

Gaurav : Come on ! we know this is case of every Husband , Once Wife is upset , It’s really difficult to persuade her .

Sagar : That’s correct Man ! Well your wife seems to be Very Innocent and calm .

Veer was drinking cola and listing this he spitted .

Veer : Innocent , My wife , No no ! She’s Lady Singham

Sagar : what are you saying , Really

Veer : Ya ! Don’t you believe

Gaurav : Haha ! whatever now after having a child , Our wives will become busy and we’ll have some time for ourselves .

Veer : Haha you both are hilarious really .


While the whole group was inside having lunch Pari was roaming all around the resort in order to look out for The killer. Suddenly she saws the Guards at the Gate dealing with someone and shouting .

Guard : Hey , You’re not allowed here without ID , Okay get out .

Pari reached ” Excuse me , What’s the matter ”

Guard : Don’t know some old day was trying to trespass , She was very ugly and without ID .

Pari shows them a image ” was that Lady somewhat like this ”

Guard : Yes ! Absolutely , She looked like this .

Another Guard : She sounds as if insane , Repeatedly saying ‘ Keep care , Someone will dare ‘ .

Pari : Okay thanks , Don’t allow her to come in Okay , Be very careful now .

She calls R.K ” Sir , I said Na ! She came here , Don’t worry I’ll catch her soon ”

Then she goes in the restaurant .

Sagar : Namaste ( hello ) Bhabhi Ji , How’s you .

Pari : I’m good .

Gaurav : Bhabhi Ji your husband was Praising you very much , He said you are a Lady Singham .

Pari in her mind ” I knew all Husband’s are of one kind , They always have something to say about their wives ”

Sagar : Okay Ji now we should go , Bye Veer .

Veer : Sorry hope you didn’t mind it .

Pari : Nope it’s okay ,,, So you call your Wife Lady Singham.

Veer : Yes , She’s super woman , Whatever I need she does everything for me

Pari : Eh ! That’s good ! You know you ! I also call my Husband ‘ P.K ‘ .

Veer’s eyes were amazed . Then Organizer said ..

Lady on stage ” Ladies and their husbands hope you’re enjoying the camp , Tonight we’ve a special Party for you all ‘ The Romeo and Juliette Night ‘ .

Everyone claps and shouts in excitement .

Lady : So dear campers , Get ready for a special romantic night , And for this we’ll have a special dress code ,….. Hmm Nope , It’s a surprise , Just wait till 8 P.m

Pari to herself : Oh Man ! A dress code , And a Party , Now what ! whatever happens I’m sure that Lady will try again , I’ve to keep a check .

After having Lunch all were out in the Garden doing yoga , walking , Laughing .( Evening )

Veer tried to call Pari , But still she wasn’t answering .

Veer : What has happened to this Pari , She’s not picking up calls , Only sending messages .

Pari was in her room , Working on her Laptop .

Pari : I’ve searched all the social media , There’s nothing about this Lady , Who is this ? And there’s no crime report against her .

She thinks of something .

Pari : wait if , Nowhere nothing is there , Then at one Place I can get help , Missing Persons records .

She searched and Uploaded the image of the woman on the Missing Person Website .

Pari exclaimed with joy : Yes ! Yes ! Thanks I’ve got something .

She finds that 5 Years ago , A woman Named ‘ Shanti devi ‘ was missing from Village named ‘ GERA BASSI ‘ .

Pari : So this woman is ‘ Shanti Devi ‘ from a old Village .

Someone knocked the door , A man handed over her a costume . Pari : The Dress code , I just hope it to be a Saree
She opens it and finds , It to be a Saree .

Pari : Today at Party everyone would be busy , I can do research easily


THE party hall was ready with shining decorations and a dance floor , Food , Music .

People started coming in , They were looking awesome . Veer comes .
He was standing alone .

Sagar : Hi Veer , Where’s Bhabhi Ji .

Gaurav : What happened , Didn’t you said Sorry .

Veer : Sorry ! why ?

Sagar : Whatever maybe the reason for fight , Just Say sorry , Everything would be fine .

Gaurav : Well, You’re looking handsome

Veer : Thanks brother .

Then from the The Door , Pari comes in .

Gaurav : Veer agye tumhari wife ( veer here’s your wife )

A lady standing at a distance ” See this woman , In the Party also she’s taken the veil ”

Lady ² : How loud it is , See she’s looking like Bahu ( daughter in law ) of any serial ( drama )

Pari comes and Stood silently at one corner .

Sagar : Veer I think you wife is really upset form you , See she’s standing alone there .

The music starts and the couples starts dancing on a lovely music .

Pari : Now all are busy , The Lady can come in , I’ve to be careful .

Veer : This is the right chance for a killer to come , I’ve to be alert now .

Then A girl comes and grasped Veer’s arms and Pushed him into the crowd to dance .

Sagar and Gaurav were sitting at the drinks bar .

Sagar : Yaar ! the Party is pretty dry don’t you think .

Gaurav : Yes ! have some juice .

Sagar : Juice can’t do it . ( He takes out a Wine glass and mixes it with soft drinks )

Gaurav : Sagar leave it don’t drink , Your wife is coming .

Sagar : what if she got to know , She’ll kill me .

They both keep the glass on the Slab and went away .

Pari comes and sits there .Pari spoke with anger ” Wow How much this Veer is enjoying , He’s dancing here ”

She took the same glass and Drank the whole …

Pari : No I can’t see this .
She got up and goes to washroom . She looks to the mirror , And washed her face .

Pari : What’s happening to me , why I’m feeling so drowsy .

Pari twisted back and The same Lady was standing behind her .

Pari roared : You , Here !

The Lady clears all the grey hair form her face , Which was wrinkled completely and her lips dry and chapped . She gave a dangerous smile .

Pari : You’re Shanti Devi right ! Why are doing all this murders tell me .

The Lady was holding A knife .

Lady : I warned you to keep care or else someone will dare , Toady you’ll die .

Pari was drunk and she fainted . The Lady dragged her and Takes Pari with her


[ TOMORROW :- will the lady kill Pari , Veer finds that the girl under veil is his wife , He asks her the reason ]

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