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Dil Se Dil Tak 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Teni disharged from hospital

Dil Se Dil Tak 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Parth was happy watching Teni drink the juice. Teni asks why he is smiling at her. She understands he is a driver and won’t be able to afford a juice from hospital. She allows him to drink one from her bill. Chutkan asks to get him an apple milkshake. Teni asks Parth if he won’t complain about her to his landlady. Parth says she is thinking about his favor, why he would complain against her. She gives him a high five considering him a friend. Teni asks about Shorvari’s husband. Parth tells her that her husband is abroad, in America. Teni discusses with him about her only dream in life is to go to America. She then asks if Parth has an affair with his landlady like in stories and movies. Shorvari laughs at the suggestion from outside the window of room. Teni promises to help Parth get Shorvari

in for his benefit. Shorvari calls Parth outside and insists on him to eat something now. She then leaves for home to see Ipshita.
At home, everyone was worried hearing about Teni’s memory loss condition. Indu was sure Teni’s memory will soon recall.
In the hospital, Teni enjoys the luxury of her favorite juices. She dislikes the food served by hospital, Parth brings spaghetti for her which she eats rolling over her finger. Parth presents her with a bundle of money that her land lady sent for her daily expenses. Teni kisses the money and tells Chutkan she couldn’t eatn it even if she had danced in the bar for years. She then gets an idea. The next morning, doctor discharge Teni. Chutkan says it’s not appropriate to take Teni to Bhanushali house. He suggests about taking Teni to Chawl. He was even afraid of Chawl residents. Teni calls Chutkan inside. Parth calls Shorvari.
At home, Shorvari was happy to hear that Teni got a discharge. He discuss the problem with Shorvari that Teni must stay at her chawl. He was afraid of Chawl residents. Shorvari tells him to reach chawl, she will also come there. Indu says they even arranged her room. Shorvari says Teni doesn’t recognize anything from this house. Mohini was disgusted that the biggest of businessmen in Baroda will wander around a Chawl lady as driver. Shorvari says Teni did a lot for them, it’s their turn now.

PRECAP: Chutkan finds Teni ready to leave for bar. On the call, Shorvari and others were shocked to hear that Chutkan was going to dance bar.

Update Credit to: Sona

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