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Chandrashekhar 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandra gets disappointed

Chandrashekhar 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone congratulating Sukhdev. Jagrani says Sukhdev passed with second division, feed him sweets. Chandra feeds sweets to Sukhdev and hugs. He sees Sitaram happy and thinks if he can make anyone happy by his result. He throws his result. Sitaram welcomes Shambunath. Sukhdev greets. Shambunath says you made your dad proud, take my blessings, study hard. Sitaram thanks him.

Patwari says its good, he will pass in first division next time. Sitaram asks him to have sweets. Patwari asks for food arrangements. Shambunath agrees. Sitaram says we don’t have courage to refuse to Shambunath, we will arrange food. Britishers look for Sindhal. Sindhal says I m here to take revenge from Watson. Mukhiya asks men to send message to Sindhal and alert him. Sindhal hears the dhol beats and says it means Britishers are finding us in our jungle. He laughs. Kaka says its better that we take shelter in other village than taking risk. Gomes doesn’t get him. Its morning, Sitaram checks food menu. Chandra wants jalebis. Sitaram asks Sukhdev about the sweets. Sukhdev says Boondiya. Sitaram says keep Boondiya. Chandra gets sad.

Jagrani says when you come first, Sitaram will ask your fav food. She says salt got over. Chandra says I will get it, give me money. She doesn’t have money and say I will send money later. Sitaram says Ganesh is coming from Banaras. She says you did good. He says clean the house, Ganesh lives in city, everything should be good, I m going market, give me money. She gives him money and asks him not to worry. She asks him to take money from Shambunath. He refuses. Chandra is with his friends. They ask him why did he not show his result to his dad, who would have got happy and forgiven him. Sursi asks him to go home. Chandra says fine I will go home. Jagrani cleans the house. She gets Chandra’s report and asks Sukhdev. He says its Chandra’s exam result. She says he would have failed. He says no, Chandra passed in all subjects, he will go in higher class. She gets glad. Sitaram is in market and orders the items. Sitaram asks him to take money, loan isn’t good. The man tells him that Chandra took salt on loan. Sitaram gets angry.

Ganesh’s wife troubles Chandra. Jagrani looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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