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A very big sorry to all for not posting nearly 4-5 months.Here is next part.



Swara went to Sanskar’s cabin.

sw-may I come in?

san-come in swara. and lock the door.

swara is in very confused state.She locked the door.

sw-why u called me?

san-to complete morning work.

sw-what work.

san-hooo swara, u forgot already.(with a wink)

swara got that and immediately

sw-sanskar this is office.please leave.

san-no I can’t.

sw-no sanskar. saying that she is stepping back and sanskar is stepping front.swara hit the wall.

she think there is no chance to escape  but before she thought any other way , sanskar came near her .

sans-now where will you go my dear honey.

sw-sanskar please leave me.

san-no way .first I thought to take just break fast now I want….

sw-what you want.

san-I want…

sw(stammering voice)-you want..

san-I want a kiss here that to 2 times.(pointing his lips)

sw-with shocked exprssion-sankarr…

san-ok. if u not give I will only take that.u already know me if I start then I will not stop easily.

sw-no sanky.

san-no swara I will not leave you this time.


sanskar kissed swara. She didn’t reciprocated still in shock.

seeing her shocked expression sankar pinched on her waist. with that swara opened her mouth. sanskar entered swara mouth fully. Now swara also reciprocating equally.

Both swara and sankar not in a mood to leave the kiss. After some time both break the kiss due to lack of oxygen.

Both saw each other faces. swara is blushing like hell. Again sankar took her lips for another kiss.Both are last in that kiss.On that time there was a knock on the door.

Unwillingly both apart from the kiss. swara went and unlock the door and came and stand infront of sanskar like she don’t know anything. seeing her expression sankar is controlling his smile.

uttara opened the door and came inside.

utt-bhai may I know y r u laughing.

san-no uttara.

utt-no something is there. ur laughing and bhabhi is blushing.

sw-no no no no uttu nothing like that.

utt-ok tel me what u guys r doing that to locking the door.

sans-kissing(seeing swara and giving a naughty smile to her )

screen freezes on swara’s shocked expression and sanskar’s naughty expression.

precap- engagement. for whom?

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