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Bepannaah 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Arjun finds Pooja’s diary

Bepannaah 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya coughs. He speaks to the cab driver.

Zoya cannot find anyone. My phone and purse is with Mahi. I don’t even remember her number. Where will I find her? It is so dark. She does not realise that she is in a red light area. She asks a passerby how long will it take for her to walk to Bandra. He tells her that it will take 5-6 hours. Zoya thinks to board a taxi. A lady tells her to leave. This is our area. Zoya replies that she lost her way.

Some guys are in the car. It is the birthday of one of them. They spot Zoya and decide to get her for their friend. They ask Zoya to sit in the car. She thanks them for offering her lift. I don’t know you though. They wonder what she is saying. It might be role play. Second guy offers to take her to Bandra. Another lady tells Zoya to leave

from her area. The guys ask her to come along. Zoya happily pulls her but she refuses. Another lady sits in the car. Zoya also sits down when Aditya comes out of his car. The guys ask him who he is. Aditya walks up to Zoya. You stole my money and sent me to police station and are hiding here? Zoya is confused as to what he is saying. Aditya tells the guys she is acting smart. She might have told you guys she is new here. They nod. Aditya scare them of police. She will trap you. The guys ask Zoya to get down and drive away. She shouts at them as they walk away and later tells Aditya that they were being nice to her. They were about to drop me home! Aditya asks her if she really thought so. You would have won if there was a competition of stupidity. I was honking since so long but you said it is ok to have some company. She reasons that it is better if a few girls will go together. He pulls her towards himself and tells her pointedly that those guys thought her to be a pr*stitute! Look around carefully. This is a red light area. Zoya suddenly sees thing in different light and is shocked. Aditya asks her if she is indeed duffer or she does all that to irritate her. How can someone be so duffer and naive? She cries that she really dint know. He says this is the problem. You have no idea about anything. He sits in his car and leaves the door open for her. Sensing someone coming towards her, Zoya sits in the car hurriedly.

Zoya says I heard your honk but I dint focus as I was in a rush to reach home. We have so many issues yet you saved my life today. Thank you! I don’t know what would have happened otherwise. Radio plays Abhi Na Jao Chhod Kar Song. Both Aditya and Zoya are drawn to their partners’ memories. Aditya asks the driver to change the song but he only increases the volume. He ends up scolding the driver. Zoya requests him to let him play this song. You can lower the volume though. This is Yash’s favourite song! Aditya mumbles foolish. She asks him if he called foolish. He agrees. It is because you are foolish. You think I did a favour on you by saving you? I saved you as you are my prey. Only I have a right on your destruction! He asks driver to stop the car and gets down. He pays him as well so as to drop Zoya home. Title song plays in the background. Zoya looks back at him in shock. Aditya looks shaken and kneels down. Zoya is crying in the car. Aditya too is crying. Amazing Pooja! This song is also not just our song anymore? You divided everything including our song?

Mahi’s mother is looking out of the window. Mahi asks her to sit with her. Mahi’s mother asks her if she is mad. This is a new city. Don’t know where ZOya will be without money or phone. Mahi is surprised to see her worried for Zoya. Mahi’s mother says she is my responsibility. I will be worried till she is here. Mahi is sure Zoya is smart enough to trap someone smartly and will reach home. Doorbell rings. Mahi remarks that her concern is here.

A tea vendor gives tea to all the policemen. Harsh’s lawyer finds the evidence room. He calls Harsh and assures him that he will find that diary by tonight itself. I will hand it over to you then.

Aditya enters holding a bottle in his hand and is humming the tune of that song. Harsh walks up to him. Aditya tells him he hates that song. Harsh shouts for his wife. Look at your son’s condition. He cannot even stand up! Harsh points out to Aditya that people die daily by drinking local liquor. Aditya’s mother asks him what he is doing. Aditya says this is called ideal wife. Young son does not question / retort at all. I am the only misfit in this family. His mother tells him against it. Sakshi looks on from above. If I wasn’t quiet that day then this might not have happened. Sometimes silence breaks the family!

Zoya drops the glass and cries. I don’t understand anything. Mahi calms her down. I was so scared for you. Thank God you are safe. Zoya drinks water. She looks at Yash’s mother. Mahi lies that they were just about to call police. You could have called once atleast. Zoya replies that she took her phone to check the route. My phone was also with you. Mahi says you were crying so badly while eating strawberries. I gave your phone to Akansha. The rest happened too soon to understand. Do you doubt me? Do you think I did it intentionally? Zoya declines. you are my only support her. I am sorry if you felt that way. I cannot even think of it. She hugs Mahi and cries. Mahi tells her to leave it. Have rest. It is a very big day for you tomorrow. You have to handle entire event by yourself. She hugs her. You will do this event so badly that people will remember it for years! Such worse mehendi function has never happened before and it wont happen in future ever!

Harsh’s lawyer comes in the evidence room stealthily but does not find Pooja’s diary in the evidence locker. Did someone come here before me? Outside, Arjun removes the cap and fake moustache. He takes out Pooja’s diary. Flashback shows him being the tea vendor bringing tea for everyone earlier in the day. He smiles holding the diary.

Aditya is not able to sleep. He thinks of his past moments with Pooja sadly. This alcohol isn’t showing any effect. Why am I not able to sleep? He feels hungry and heads to the kitchen. He takes out an egg and remembers cooking in the past. Pooja asks him if his omelette is ready. He corrects her that it isn’t ordinary omelette. She tells him that it will remain an omelette. She speaks of the egg which breaks if you mishandle. He advises her to think that sometimes things break to become better just like this omelette. Aditya thinks Pooja broke their relation badly. He throws it away.

On the other hand, Zoya also gets hurt on her hand as she holds the photo frame. She keeps Yash’s stuff in a carton. She gets her mother’s call. She asks Zoya if she overheard what her Abbu was saying. Zoya finds his anger justified. I broke his trust after all. She advises Zoya to return home. It is enough. His anger will disappear when he will see you and hug you. Zoya asks her if she thinks she does not miss him. I know that he misses me a lot too but maybe I don’t deserve his love. Her mother tells her otherwise. You deserve happiness of the world. Zoya notices something and ends the call. She picks a photo of Yash with few other men. She thinks these people might know about Yash and Pooja. They can help me in proving him innocent. How to contact them though?

Precap: Aditya holds Zoya’s hand. Only mehendi has happened now. Wedding is still left. Yash’s mother notices the mehendi in Zoya’s hand. You keep taking Yash’s name day and night while you got someone else’s name on your hand! Aditya and Zoya practise in the dance sessions. Aditya notices Zoya looking at her phone. Whose call are you waiting for? You seem to be so smart. You trapped someone already?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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