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Badho Bahu 4th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Vardaan is happy to see Pragya’s sorry note

Badho Bahu 4th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Lucky wipes his tears. Where did you go leaving me alone Badho? I need you. I wont be able to live alone. Please come back.

Chunnu and Munnu are trying hard to keep Badho quiet.

Lucky shouts Badho’s name. He heads towards the house where Badho has been kept but meets a passerby. He shows him Badho’s photo but the guy hasn’t seen her.

Titli is highly worried for Lucky. Avinash asks her who she is looking for. She replies that one looks for God in temple. I found him already. Avinash suggests going to the restaurant now. Titli is irked that he seems to be too hungry. What if Lucky is in that dhaba where we often go to? I should check once. He asks Avinash if they can go to a dhaba. He agrees.

Sad song plays in the background as Lucky sits in his jeep again. Komal cries

seeing him. Lucky thinks of his wedding; the past moments spent with Badho. He gets teary eyed thinking of the responsibility given to him by Jamuna ji. He drives away breaking Komal’s hopes. The goons heave a sigh of relief.

Titli and Avinash come to a dhaba. Avinash likes it. Titli mumbles that it is her and Lucky’s favourite dhaba. It is bound to be amazing. He asks her if she said something. She denies. they take their seats. She decides to sit in the same place where she sat last time with Lucky. Avinash politely requests the guys to vacate the seats. They readily agree. Avinash goes for some work. Titli is missing Lucky. It is bad to leave your friend alone on your birthday. I understand your condition though. I will find you out at any cost. She checks with the waiter about Lucky but he too does not have any clue about him. Titli tries Lucky’s number hoping he picks her call once! You can then call me Kabootari as many times as you want. I have gotten used to hearing Kabootari so much that I find it strange whenever someone calls me by my name. She thinks of their first meeting and all their arguments that ultimately turned them into friends.

Avinash brings Gobhi Parathas and Lassi to Titli but she tells him she does not feel like eating / drinking it. She replaces her food with Aloo Paratha, curd and pickle. She goes to wash her hands. Avinash looks confused.

Ram ji shows gratitude to Kamla ji, Malti ji and Badho for whatever they are doing for his daughter. Even after what happened, you agreed to celebrate Titli’s birthday at your home. Kamla ji speaks of Raghubir ji and Malti ji’s state of mind. I am managing your daughter’s wedding too. She thinks this way she will surely become number 1. I will bring Badho back then.

Pragya notices Bharpayi setting Vardaan’s lunch. She asks Bharpayi to add the pickle sent especially by Jamuna Ma ji for him. She sends Bharpayi to check it and recalls her conversation with Vardaan. She keeps a chit in between the chapatti’s. Bharpayi tells her she couldn’t find any pickle. Pragya tells her to let it be then.

Titli is unable to get in touch with Lucky. She asks God to make him come home asap or it will be a problem if I go looking for him! She finds Avinash looking at her. Avinash offers her Paan but she agrees to take it from him later. He asks her if they can go home. She suggests roaming around for some more time. He knows she is doing so just to find Lucky. I can see that you are concerned for your friend. I can see that urge in your eyes. I will surely help you in this endeavour. She thanks him happily. He asks her if she is marrying him out of happiness or is compelled to do it. She lies to him that she isn’t giving it any thought. My Bapu chose you for me. I will marry whoever he will choose for me. They sit in the car.

Titli and Avinash drive around town looking for Lucky but do not find him anywhere. She asks many people on their way but no one has seen Lucky.

Vardaan opens his lunch box and finds Pragya’s note. He reads her sorry note and smiles.

Raghubir ji is still hurt by what Lucky did. Don’t know what I taught him wrong that he lied to me! He lied to his Babu ji! All these trophies, the medals hanging in the Akhada mean nothing to me now. You lied to your Babu ji! He pushes them away.

Titli and Malti ji stand in the party with a straight face. Kamla ji acts to be sympathetic to Malti ji. It is good that you came here. Malti ji is concerned about her husband. Avinash’s mother suggests starting the celebrations. Kamla ji agrees. Ram ji asks Titli to cut the cake. She politely refuses to celebrate her birthday without Lucky. Please don’t force me. Kamla ji says we all know he isn’t here. We will have to continue without him. Think about all the people who are here. Raghubir ji seconds her. He is holding Lucky’s trophy and medals. He tells Titli not to wait for anyone. You have everyone’s blessings. Malti ji asks him where he is taking these things. Raghubir ji shares that he is going to throw them outside. They used to make me feel proud once but they hurt me now. Malti ji and Kailash ji request him not to take any step in anger. Rana also adds that Lucky did that unintentionally. Please forgive him. Raghubir ji is hurt that Lucky lied to his Guru ji / Babu ji. Titli says Lucky always told me what you mean to him. He always told me how you did the duty of both a father and Guru. You fulfilled his every wish as a father. As a Guru, you always guided him to the right path. I also understand how bad you would have felt realising Lucky lied to you! You would have felt that he broke not just your heart but trust too! What would you have done if you were in his place? Raghubir ji looks at her.

Precap: Lucky confesses everything before Jamuna ji and apologizes to her. Raghubir ji and Titli come there. Lucky hopes Badho returns soon. How long will you make me wait? On the other hand, Komal too is looking at the moon. Come soon and take me with you Lucky ji!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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