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YuvAni SS: Trapped!!!! (*Last* Shot- 8)

Hello everyone.. This is Napsha.. Sorry to keep you waiting for some personal reason.. Here is the last shot of ‘Trapped’.. I have written it in a rush and focused only on YuvAni.. Enjoy reading..

YuvAni SS: Trapped (*Last* Shot- 8)

Next morning, Suhani was sitting in front of the dressing table.. She was getting ready.. She saw Yuvraj’s reflection in the mirror, who was looking at her reflection.. Suhani got up and turned around..
“What happened Yuvraj? Do you need something?”
“No.. I’m just trying to read your eyes..”
Suhani smiled.. “Oh, then tell me, what can you see?” She asked boldly with a smile.. “Yuvraj Birla..” He replied.. She looked on, and her smile disappeared as she felt ackward.. Her heartbeat increased.. She looked down.. “What did you say?”
“Did I….say something wrong?”
“No……I mean, I don’t know what are you saying……”

She stopped as Yuvraj’s phone rang.. He excused himself saying he was just teasing her and left.. Suhani took a sigh of relief and recalled Yuvraj’s words.. She blushed..

Few days passed by.. Suhani started doing wifely things for him and was head over heels in love with him, but never conveyed her feelings to him as she wasn’t sure whether the feelings were mutual.. On the other hand, Yuvraj never missed a chance to do/say things which increased her heartbeat, but he never gave her the slightest hint that he was aware of everything.. Not only that, her relation with Dadi and Pratima had also started to improve..


One afternoon, I was folding clothes in my room, when my phone rang.. It was a call from an unknown number.. I picked up the call..
“Hello.. Hello.. Who’s this?”
“Did you forget the sound of my breathing so easily, sweetheart?”
I recognised his voice.. It was Sambhav on the other side..
“How dare you call me?”
“What did you think? You will escape so easily?”
“Look Sambhav, I’m not interested in talking to you.. I’m very happy with my husband.. So don’t you dare call me again..”
“Are you coming to meet me or shall I come to Birla House?”
“No! You won’t come here..”
“Good, I’ll wait for you.. I’ll send you the address..

I thought to tell Yuvraj everything as I didn’t want to keep any secrets between us.. I turned around and found him there.. I worried if he heard it all.. I told him everything..
“Are you telling me about it because I already heard it?”
“No.. I’m telling you because I don’t want to hide anything from you now..”
“Suhani, relax.. I’m sorry.. We will go together..”
“Yuvraj, you don’t know him.. He is very dangerous..”
“And he doesn’t know my anger.. Its even more dangerous..”

My phone beeped.. Sambhav wanted to meet me in a hotel room the next day, on Holi.. Yuvraj fumed reading the message.. It seemed like he would end up killing Sambhav.. I held his hands.. We looked at each other..
“God knows whats going on in his mind..”
“Yuvraj, I don’t care about it.. Because you are with me, and I’m more than sure that nothing wrong will happen..”
We smiled.. I freed his hands and he pulled my closer grabbing my waist.. This wasn’t for the first time..

“I’m giving you a chance to confess anything that you haven’t shared with me yet..”
“No Yuvraj.. There’s nothing as such..”
“Are you sure? Think again.. It may be anything..”

There was only one thing that I hadn’t told him- that I loved him.. I looked deep into his eyes for a few secs, and then looked down as he smiled.. I tried to hide my happiness at being so close to him.. He placed his fingertip under my chin and made me meet his gaze.. He raised his brows twice.. “Yuvraj!!” I said as softly as a whisper and blushed.. He held my face and inched closer to me.. I inhaled and exhaled.. He kissed softly on my lips.. It sent all my senses on fire and increased my desire to have him.. Then he grabbed my lower lip between his lips, and we had a passionate lip-kiss, for the very first time.. I don’t know for how long it continued, but for me it wasn’t enough.. I wanted more.. Maa called me.. We moved apart.. “Yes maa, coming..” I said.. We looked at each other and smiled.. I left from there..

At night, I had just changed when Yuvraj came to the room.. He locked the door from inside.. I tried my best to act normal.. I laid on my side of the bed.. He too laid on his side.. He pulled my pillow closer to his.. I looked at him.. He pretended to be oblivious of it.. I turned towards him and rested my hand on his chest.. We looked at each other.. He smiled and embraced me.. I smiled back.. “Yuvraj, I love you..” I said it, as I wasn’t nervous at that time.. “I love you too Suhani..” He replied.. He kissed my forehead.. That was the most beautiful night for me, and I wanted it to be as long as possible..

In the morning, when I opened my eyes, I found myself in his arms, he was adoring me.. I smiled.. I got up.. “Yuvraj, I slept like this whole night.. Your arms must be paining, right?” I asked.. “No, not at all..” He replied.. “Happy Holi..” He wished me.. I wished him back.. “I wanted both of us to apply colour to each other first..” I demanded.. “Done..” He replied..

Later, we were enjoying with the family.. Singing, dancing, sweets n snacks, colours, etc.. I took some red gulal and walked towards Yuvraj.. “Happy Holi Mr. Birla..” I wished him again, and applied it in his cheek.. He too wished me by doing the same and calling me ‘Mrs. Yuvraj Birla’.. An hour passed by with the family.. My phone rang.. It was Sambhav.. We needed to leave..

We reached the hotel.. I knocked at the door.. “I knew you will…..” Sambhav said opening the door and stopped seeing Yuvraj.. Yuvraj entered the room and started beating him.. I placed a tag on the door with the words “Do not disturb.. Rehearsal going on..”


I continued to beat that ba*****.. I could visualise him beating Suhani with his belt, slapping her, torturing her, and what not.. I was furious.. I took out my belt and started beating him even more brutally than before.. He was almost dead when the police arrived.. I threw him on Suhani’s feet and asked him to apologise.. He did so.. She gave him a tight slap.. He was taken away by the cops..

“Your forehead is bleeding..” She said, and only then I realised it.. “It must be paining, all because of me..” She said.. She looked worried.. “Suhani, its nothing in front of the pain you have gone through..” She picked up a tissue paper from the table and tried to clean the wound..

“Today, we will close Sambhav’s chapter forever and begin a new life..” I said.. She nodded with tears in her eyes.. I kissed her tears.. I carried her in my arms and placed her on the bed.. I got on top of her, pulling the blanket over us..

*****THE END*****

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P.S. Recently I made two VMs on YuvAni on the songs ‘Issaq tera’ and ‘Thoda thoda roz tumse’.. You can watch them on YouTube.. 🙂 🙂

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