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No fullproof reading so please pardon me for spelling and grammatical mistake if any…….

Whole time in the office Sanskar was just adoring swara…….

Sanskar- (thinking) swara what are you doing to me, I think I am falling for you.

After the office they went to Kavya party

While coming back…….

Swara- (looking outside window) how is this possible today nothing happened, there is something wrong…..

She then takes her Mobile and msg someone to come at that place…..

After 30 minutes…….

Car get punchered and hault at a place.

Swara- what happened Sanskar

Sanskar- I don’t know I think car got punchered
Let me check it

Swara nodes and Sanskar goes out to check. After few minutes even swara went there, when one of those nail pierced in her foot, then while removing it she noticed there were nails kept on the road and she understood it was done purposely…….

Suddenly there was firing sound, hearing it they turned back and see some goons surrounding both of them……

Sanskar hold swara waist as to protect her, swara was shocked as she felt a hand on her waist…..he lifts her and she kicked one of the goon who was coming towards them……

Seeing the opportunity they both run in the jungle.

After running for a long time they noticed that no one was there following them.

They both stopped, it was then that Sanskar noticed swara foot bleeding……

Sanskar- swara your injured, how did this happened ?

Swara- relax Sanskar I am fine it’s a little……

Sanskar- (cutting her in between) little what do you mean by little, it’s a very deep wound.

Swara- relax I am fine, look I tied the cloth it will stop the blood from ousing out….

Sanskar- ok now we need to leave hurry.

Swara nodes and tries to stand but was not successful so Sanskar help her and pick her in a bridal style…….and then started to find the way out.

Swara- now listen to me carefully you will have to take my place and in your place I will find out who is helping Raj……

Burkha girl- what no way I can’t do this he is very irritating.

Swara- I am not asking you, I am telling you, you will do it and ha I have got hurt on my leg so even you tie this cloth on your leg.

Burka girl- ok

Swara- now sit here I have to go and yeah you have to be with Sanskar all time possible we can’t take risk ok.

Burkha girl-(very much irritated) ohk fine.

Saying so swara wears that burkha and both of them swap their places…..


Swara calls Sahil.

Swara- Sahil I had to sent her on my place, where are you all I need to meet you

Sahil- come to our hidden place

Swara- ok


Sahil hugs swara

Sahil- you are fine na and how you got hurt, and why you sent that girl there

Swara- because it was needed as I have to find out who is the person behind all this and why is he doing this.

Sahil- what do you mean by that we know it’s Raj and it’s gang. so to save Sanskar we send you to be a part of that gang.

Swara- I know but I feel that they now don’t trust me so not telling me about their next plan to kill sanskar. even today they attacked on us.

Sahil- it means they came to know about you.

Swara- no idiot if they would have know about me they would have killed me by now ya but they have got doubt so, we need to hurry and end all this fast.

Sahil- ok then let’s go and find it out…..

(guys that unknown caller is Raj only who used to call her, I guess I forgot to mention it, sorry for that)


Sanskar comes back and see swara (burkha girl) sitting there

Sanskar- here you go have these fruits.

Swara- Sanskar i am not hungry

Sanskar- what, but you said you were hungry

Swara- ya but now I am not let’s go, we will go home I am tired. I need to rest a bit.

Sanskar found her behaviour a little strange

Sanskar- ok let’s go.

Later both went home.

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