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Two Hearts That Beat As One (Soorya, Ishra) (Epi-13)

Sandhya was about to step into her house when bhabo stopped her

Sandhya was surprised

Bhabo : don’t step inside sandhya bindni

Sandhya : but why bhabo , i have come after 4 years  to this house , why r u stopping me ?

Bhabo : i am not saying this because i am angry with u , i want u to come to this house  the most , u got married to sooraj in a very happy atmosphere   , u came in this house with  a lot of positivity  but…..u became a widow in front of this world when ur husband was very much alive , do u know what  problems this can cause . i  want u to marry sooraj again and get back to this house

Sandhya : but that will be too late

Bhabo : not it will not , day after tomorrow it is a good day , u both get married on that day and no need to do all the rituals and functions , only important rituals is enough  and take this haldi with u (she came with a box full of haldi), this is haldi from our side .

Sandhya : bhabo for some time let me come in ?

Bhabo : bindni , i told u no means no , u have waited for four years , wait for 2 days more .

Sandhya : ok(sadly) , atleast give me a phone , i need to inform bhai and ma about sooraj ji being alive

Bhabo gave her a phone . sandhya called raman and informed him about her finding sooraj . raman became very happy , he informed about this to his mother . he said , ma make arrangements for sandhya’s marriage , i am so happy to see my sister happy,as he went outside . he kissed ruhi and hugged ishita

HE hugged ISHITA


ishita was shocked and surprised

He realised what he had done . he  said i am really sorry , i was so happy that…….. he told ishita about sooraj being alive . ishita became very happy

Raman went and informed this to ved and vansh . ved and vansh hugged each other they were so happy to meet their father for the first time, they had last seen sooraj when they were 2 and did not remember even a little about him

They then hugged ishita , who smiled happily . adi came there . she shared this happy news with him

Adi felt very happy that his bua was finally happy , because his bua had taken care of him and was like a mother to him .

He said : i  am so happy ishima

Ishita: what did u call me just now ?

Adi : i called u ishima , its cool na , i thought abt this yesterday only , calling u mumma is ok ,  ma is something so common , i wanted a special name ,because u r very special to me , u  r my best friend and my mom too

Ishita smiled emotionally and hugged him

Mihika entered  police station

She said : i need to meet acp abhishek

Constable: mam , why do u want to meet him . write ur complaint and give it to us

Mihika : no i  want to meet him ,i will tell my complaints only to him , somebody stole…..

Suddenly abhishek entered

Abhishek : mihika , u here

Constable : oh so this madam is mihika madam ? thats what i was thinking

nd laughed

Abhishek : why r u laughing???and stared at him…. do ur work

Abhishek held mihika’s hand and went inside

Abhishek : what is the matter mihika, u were telling somebody stole something ? tell me who it is ? i will make sure he  gets punished

Mihika : u r that  thief abhishek

Abhishek : what did i steal mihika ??? i do not steal anything , my job is to catch thieves not stealing myself

Mihika laughed .

“ buddhu , u stole my heart and u r saying u r a police officer?”

Abhishek laughed

Abhishek : i am ready to be a thief forever

Mihika hugged abhishek

to be continued…

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