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The magic of love, part 8


Suhani wakes up as usual, read her diary and got ready. She went to Bhavna, and she too was getting ready.

Bh: Where are you going? Your show is in the evening.

Suh: I want to ask you the same question, why are you ready? You shift too is on evening.

Bh: Doctor’s job dear, I am summoned, an emergency.

Suh: Ok,

Bh: And you?

Suh: (smiling) Surprise!!

Bhavna smiles.

Suh: Di, after your work, come to restaurant.

Bh: Ohk….

Suhani leaves.


Birla house:

Everyone was having breakfast.

Prat: Ma ji, can we call Suhani home on Gauri’s engagement, so that we can meet and know her,

Sh: Yeah Dadi, call her, after all it is the matter of a day.

Dadi: A day? I need her here at least four days before engagement,

Everyone becomes happy.

Dadi: I want to see, if she is apt for Yuvraj.

Yuvraj hugs Dadi.

Yuv: Sure Dadi.


Yuvraj was about leave, and called Sharad. Pratima too came with Sharad.

Yuv: Ma, where are you going?

Prat: Check up, usually you take me na, so today I am going with Sharad.

Yuvraj smiles.

Yuv: Ok Ma, take care, Sharad, bye.

He leaves.


Sharad sees Bhavna at hospital when they were about to leave, she too was leaving. He introduces Pratima and Bhavna to each other.

Prat: It is nice to meet you beta, and where is Suhani? Yuvraj told me many things about her that I feel like I know her already; I want to meet her badly.

Bhavna understood where this was heading to.

Bh: Aunty, before that I want you to know something about her.

She tells them about Suhani’s memory issue.

They were shocked and there was a silence.

Sh: Mausi, how, how will guru react to this.

Prat: I don’t know, but we have to talk to him,

Sh: I will talk to him.

Bh: I will come along, first we will drop aunty home.

They leave.


Suhani was in a shop; she bought a birthday present for Bhavna, and then headed to restaurant.


Yuvraj was in office, but only physically, he was thinking about Suhani. Saurab noticed this.

Sau: Where are you?

Yuv: Nothing Bhaiya, I am fine.

Sau: You want to meet her?

Yuv: (immediately) Yes,

Saurab smiles.

Yuv: I mean no,

Saurab looked on questioningly.

Yuv: Bhaiya, I wish to see her again, but I don’t have her number, nor I know where she lives.

Sau: Sad, but then how did you meet?

Yuv: Oh, we just met in the restaurant,

He stopped there, he remembered Sharad telling him that the sisters regularly visit there.

Yuv: (excitedly) Wow, Bhaiya, thank you so much,

He hugs him, Saurab was confused.

Yuv: (happily) shall I leave?

Sau: Ok.

Yuv: You are world’s best Bhaiya.

He leaves and Saurab smiles.


Sharad calls Yuvraj.

Sh: Guru, where are you?

Yuv: The restaurant we came yesterday.

Sh: Ok, stay there, I am coming, I want to tell you something very important, urgently.

Yuv: Ok.

He cuts the call.

Sh: He is at the restaurant.

Bh: Oh no, Suhani might reach there by any minute, she told me to meet her there.

Sh: No!


Suhani enter the restaurant and sits. Yuvraj sees her and sat opposite to her. She was taken aback.

Yuv: (happily) Thank God, but I was sure that I will find you here.

She was completely shocked by then; the waiter saw this and approached them.

Waiter: Any problem Madam?

Yuv: Nothing at all, we are friends.

Suh: No, we are not, I don’t who he is.

Yuvraj was completely shocked, words failed him, and Shavna came there witnessing this.

Suhani saw Bhavna and went to her, Sharad to Yuvraj.

Suh: (happily) happy birthday Di.

She handed her the present.

Bhavna fakes a smile, she was looking at Yuvraj.

Suh: Shall we leave,

Bhavna nodes looking at Yuvraj.

He stands there utter shocked!




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