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The Mafia Devil – Love or Hate??? (Part 9)


They heard some noise from the corridor. They all went to the corridor at once. Kabir was ahead of them and Sanchi was between Veer and Arjun. They reached the corridor in few seconds. The curiosity had overpowered Sanchi and she did not notice the beautiful interiors of the palace in which she was caged. On reaching the corridor, she witnessed something extremely scary. She saw a man in his mid twenties lying on the floor unconscious. He was surrounded by men pointing guns at him. A gasp escaped from her lips but in a very low voice. The gasp was not audible to Veer standing right besides her. One of the men holding a gun spoke up.

M: he was trying to get into the house through the window.

Kabir grinded his teeth. Veer moved forward and got a glass of water from the table at the corner of the room. He went and spilled the whole glass on the man’s face. The man began to gain consciousness. He held his head while making attempts to get up. He was given a blow in the head when he was trying to enter the house through the window. Kabir knew very well who the person was. He was one of the gangsters of Kumar. He had been sent here, but why? They knew the dangers of sending a man in Kabir’s territory. Then why would they do that? Kumar was not a fool. Then what was the reason behind it? All these thoughts were constantly running in Kabir’s mind as he leaped forward to reach the man in two long strides.

Veer held the man from his collar. Veer’s face was as calm as ever. Kabir also behaved as if nothing was going on. Even Arjun besides Sanchi was standing in a very casual way like it was a regular thing for them. Sanchi’s mind panicked on seeing an intruder in the house. She caught hold of Arjun’s arm as she was feeling dreadful. She began to dig her nails in his arms but still he did not budge as though he knew her state of mind.

V: speak up.

M: do whatever you want to do but you know I will never open up. Kumar failed once but not the next time.

The man said in a very challenging way. He was not afraid of death? There were people standing around him with guns in their hands. Sanchi was thinking this and was in a state of confusion on seeing the activities around her. Suddenly Kabir spoke something which distracted her.

K: we need to answer Kumar.

Sanchi was all the more confused as to what they were conversing about. Veer was smirking and Arjun’s lips curved a little to smile. She was just staring at all of them, clueless about the situation. Kabir turned his head to the right and nodded. All the men dispersed in different directions as if they were searching something. Kabir, Veer and Arjun also started to look around the vast room they were in. It was now that Sanchi noticed the room with some sort of relief as she knew that Arjun was with her. She was sure that he would throw himself in front of any danger she would ever come across. The room was beautiful and she admired the room.

Her eyes strained back to the man who was standing a bit far from her. She saw that the man was looking around at the trio. He was continuously glancing everywhere as a thief does just before stealing. As she was continuously staring at him, she noticed that he slid his hands in the pocket of his jacket to take out something. Before he could complete his action, his hands were held by one of the men of Kabir. Arjun and Veer burst out in laughter whereas Kabir’s lips just bend a little.

V: he is the same one. What did you think that we would be so dumb to search around when we can smell it? Some sense of thrill filled Veer’s voice. It was like he was playing his favorite game.

K: let’s send Kumar his present then.

In a blink of a second, Kabir took out his revolver and shoot a bullet right at the center of the man’s head. The man fell down and soon his blood started to appear as a dark spot on the white polished surface of the room. Sanchi, who was a silent spectator all the while, could not take anymore and gave out a loud shout of horror and hid her face in Arjun’s chest.

A: angle its nothing. Just relax ok. Arjun said while stroking Sanchi’s head softly.

Kabir and Veer’s attention was drawn towards her due to her shrill cry. They did not realize her existence until now as she did not make any kind of noises. Even her gasps were too low to be heard by Arjun.

K: clean the mess. Send it to Kumar and take her in. He said pointing towards Sanchi in a cool manner as though nothing has happened.

Sanchi instantly put her hand on her mouth as though trying to stop herself from vomiting. She quickly ran to her room and barged in her washroom. She threw out everything she had in her stomach. She felt something burning in her stomach. Her head revolved around the pictures of the man lying dead on the floor and her father pleading in front of Kabir. She was again compelled to remember her bitter memories, her broken trust, her shattered belief and the broken heart of her besties. Her mind reminded her about the person responsible for the shattering of her small, peaceful and fake world. She at once was angry on him and she stormed out of the washroom.

Arjun came in followed by Veer.

A: angle are you okay?

V: what happened Sanchi?

She did not feel it important to answer them. Just as she saw Kabir walk in through the door in his usual calm personality she could not control herself any longer. She straight away went to Kabir and held him by his collar. She did not know what had got into her that she did this. Veer and Arjun were taken by surprise at Sanchi’s this step. Veer smirked and Arjun just stood there shocked. Kabir was looking intently at Sanchi but his stare was doing no good a job on Sanchi. She just held his shirt in the short palms of her.

S: what do you think of yourself? How could you do this to me? You just broke away my world and now making me see all these. Why did you do this to me? Why?

She ended her yelling session with her cries. She just shook Kabir by his collar and kept asking him the same questions again and again. She began to sob and dropped her head in between the place of her arms and his chest. She wanted to vent out her frustration on Kabir today. She was trying to get out of the phase and he reminded her of the painful past again and again. She began to hit his chest hardly but still crying. She was stopped in her actions abruptly when Kabir took hold of her hands harshly.

K: don’t ever dare to do this again. I have very little patience with women. He said in a husky and angry tone. With that he pushed her aside and began to walk out of the room.

Sanchi stood rooted in her place. She was staring at the disappearing back of Kabir’s. She stood there for some more time and then turned curtly towards Veer and Arjun.

S: what were you three doing with the man in the corridor?

V: we were making fun of him.

S: fun? But how?

A: oh angle, you are so innocent! I will tell you how. We knew that he was carrying something with him but just to distract his mind we acted to find something related to him in the house and the place around us. Do you want to know what he was carrying and for which he got killed?

Sanchi nodded out of curiosity.

A: he was carrying explosive ammunitions. If Kabir bhai had not killed him then the place where we are standing right now would have been in ashes.

Sanchi was shocked with this revelation. It was so dangerous. She got more curious to know more.

S: but why would they do so? Who is Kumar? How do they get access to these harmful materials?

A: angle you ask many questions. Kumar is one of the enemies of Kabir bhai. In fact he is the greatest enemy of Kabir bhai. The reason behind their actions is still not clear and these harmful substances are available to them easily through the black market.

V: now no more questions. It has been a tiring day. We want to sleep Sanchi. Do you want something?

S: yes. I wanted some clothes to wear. I cannot wear my wedding dress the whole day.

V: tomorrow be ready at 10. Arjun will take you to shopping. Ok now go to sleep.

Saying this Veer and Arjun left the room. Sanchi was exhausted with the day’s happenings. She wanted to sleep but could not as the images of the man lying dead on the floor came to her mind whenever she closed her eyes. She wandered about the room exploring it. She opened the drawers and the cupboards to find them empty. She went to the balcony and sat down on the chairs and started to count the stars. Even this did not work. She was wide awake like an owl. She had slept for more than four hours in the day, how was she supposed to get some sleep now? She glanced at her watch. It was 11:30 pm. She thought that everyone would be fast asleep now and hence she tiptoed out of the room. Her stomach growled as she walked past the dining room. She had emptied her stomach when she saw the first ever dead body in her life. She walked past the corridor in search of the kitchen. She was roaming around when she felt a strong hand pulling her to the corner. She was about to scream but before that a hand was kept on her mouth to prevent her from screaming. She thought it to be Sid and tightly shut her eyes. Soon she felt something touching her forehead. She opened her eyes to see Kabir standing close to her and pointing a gun on her forehead. She was terrorized but somewhere she breathed a sign in relief that the person was not Sid.

K: don’t roam around in night.

Sanchi was about to speak but Kabir cut her off.

K: go to your room and sleep.

Kabir was quite stubborn. Sanchi tried to get away with some excuses but Kabir did not listen. Sanchi finally gave up and began to walk away only to realize that she lost her path. The place was very much bigger and she had not seen the place properly in the broad daylight. She was just wandering when she heard Kabir speak.

K: your room is this way.

S: I lost my way back. This is a large place. She said almost in a whisper but audible enough.

Kabir gave a low grunt and led Sanchi to her room. Before closing the door he told her.

K: don’t move out of your room if you don’t know how to reach back.

Saying this he went away. This enraged Sanchi. What did he mean? To remain inside the room all the time? If I don’t know the place then I will get lost only na. I did not ask his help. Who told him to come and help me? Idiot. The anger on Kabir overpowered her hunger. She huffed around the room talking to herself for more than two hours. Then she felt pretty tired of all the walking and talking she was doing. She was also pissed off at Kabir. She just lay on the bed and sleep came to her within seconds.
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