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The day when it rained – Part 4

Next day morning was beautiful than usual or I feel like that. Or maybe it was because I was too excited about the audition. And while taking bath I was humming a song or I say try to?? It’s not because I am a bad bathroom singer, the truth is I am a very bad singer… And I really suck at singing. It’s just not my thing. But when you are happy and no one listens it doesn’t matter I think. I get ready early, and I hope everyone got ready early for the auditions.

Shefali was in her usual time, she don’t have an audition an. So I waited for her after getting ready and together we left for the college. After reaching college I went to the office to enquire about the audition venue.
I reached the Drama workshop, where the audition was supposed to be planned. Drama workshop is a small individual room right behind the football ground. Its walls were made of red brick which gives the building a rustic look. The back yard of the workshop was beautifully and naturally arranged with trees and small cement benches and tables. I just fall in love this place.
There was a stage arranged by putting together some desks on the one side of the room. And there was a small room behind the stage where I think the props are kept. There were a few students who I think is the senior members of the club. Somewhere reading and writing somethings and others were arranging the props.
Me: Excuse me. I am here for the audition.
A guy who was reading a book comes up to me.

Guy: Hi. I am Sanjay.
Me: Hi.
Sanjay: you are from first year right.
Me: Yes. Naina Agarwal. I really like to be a part of theater work.
Sanjay: It’s nice. We are really looking forward for enthusiastic first years like you.
Me: Thank you.
Sanjay: Don’t think that right after joining Drama club you will be an actress. Ok?
Me: Ok, I know that Drama is a lot more than acting. A lot of work has to be done before that. This club is meant for that. It supports the back work. Anyone can be an actor, but a theater artist must know the hard work put behind the stage also.
Sanjay: Wow!! And welcome to Drama club!
Me: Welcome? Auditions??
Sanjay: You don’t need auditions; we need people with your thoughts. Congratulations.
Me: thank you.
Sanjay: Come I will introduce you to our other members.
Sanjay introduce me to others and almost everyone was quite encouraging. I left for my class after that.
Preeti: Where were you?
Me: Drama club.
Preeti: Ohh..
Swati: Naina, Sir has suggested some books to refer, do you wanna go and check in the library?
Me: Ya, sure.
Preeti: so come, let’s go.
We went to the college library.
Swati: Naina, if we can get two copies it will be great. We can share and read it na.
Me: I wish.
Preeti: but does our college have this book??
Me: Naina, let’s look.
We started to go through the catalog of the section.
Me: No yar, I don’t think I have it here.
Swati: Ya. But we have an alternative of another author.
Preeti: But Sir suggested this na.
Me: Yaa. But, till we get the preferred one, we can just use it as a reference right?
Swati: That’s true.
Me: Ok.. I will find the book.
Preeti: Ok. We will go through these magazines till then.
I was looking through the shelfs. That time Sameer came there.
Sam: Hey Naina!
Me: Hii..
Sam: what are you doing here??
Me: I came for a book.
Sam: hmmhmm..
Me: But what are you doing here!!
Sam: Why can’t I come for a book??
Me; I don’t say that. But…
Sam: But what? I don’t look like a guy who reads??
Me: When did I say that?
Sam: you don’t say that, but you mean that right?
Me: Noo..
Sam: Ok..
I just smile.
Sam: Naina, your phone is working right? It don’t have a problem na??
Me: Yaa. It’s fine why?
Sam: I have been messaging you for days, and I don’t get a single reply.. So thout its your mobiles problem, but no it’s your problem.. You don’t want to reply.. Isn’t it??
Me; Sameer, I am sorry. It’s not like that. It’s just that I ..
Sam: No.. If you don’t like me messaging you should have told so.. I won’t disturb you anymore..
Me: Sameer, noo. It’s not a disturbance. And I don’t say I don’t like it..
Sam: So you like it??
Sameer asked with a smile.
Sam: Tell Naina, do you like it when I message??

Thank you all.

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