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Swasan don’t hate me season 3 (Episode 5)

Hello again frnds.. i was thinking there will be noone who will remember me… But glad to know you all still read my ff…

Ragini’s truth

Sanskar was walking on the terrace. It’s almost dawn but he didn’t sleep . Sleep was miles away from his eyes. Tomorrow is his wedding with swara. He never thought of his wedding this way. He wanted someone to be with him this moment… He wanted the support of his brother… His brother lakshya..
Sanskar looked towards the stars as if trying to find his brother among those.
Sanskar: lakshya… Your brother needs you… Your brother is alone…
Tears streamed down his eyes.

It was sunrise. Sanskar was standing in front of mirror dressed as a royal groom. He looked at his reflection at once. He never thought of getting married this way. He never thought of marrying a girl who is almost ten years younger than him. He never thought of crushing an innocwnt’s dreams.

Swara was getting ready. She had never wore such heavy jweallery in her entire life. She was not accustomed to the the luxuries. Neither she wanted to reside in luxuries too. Her eyes were completely red and swollen due to continuously crying. She didn’t want to leave her sumi ma. After she got ready as a bride she looked at her reflection. She was adorned head to toe but shine was missing from het face.
She suddenly felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked back. Ap was standing .
Ap: everyone go out. I want to talk to princess .
All the servants moved out
Ap: you are looking beautiful swara.
Swara didn’t know whether to smile or to cry.
Ap: i can understand your mental status. Please don’t be sad. Please…. You promised me you will be a good queen.
Ap took swara to the window. Whole kingdom was crowned near the temple.
Ap: if you cry in front of these they will think you are weak… And if you will become weak the support system of the king will become weak. And this will mean the downfall of the kingdom.
Swara looked in ap’s eyes.
Ap: swara i know you have suffered… But do you want this kingdom to suffer too…. I know i am being a little selfish but this is the duty of a queen to keep the kingdom first and herself second. I hope you understand.
Swara: you are right rani ma.
She wiped her tears. She was determined now. What’s done can’t be undone. Tears will only increase pain. But there is still a hope. There is still a bright light shining amidst the clouds.
Ap: you have to be very careful from now on. If you have any problem directly come to me. If don’t then also come to me. You don’t need an excuse to meet your mother.
Hearing the word mother made swara beyond happy. At least she is getting a mother from this marriage. Swara bent down at once in ap’ s feet

Swara: rani ma… I ll never break your trust. Never in my life

Two happy eyes were watching this scene beyond a curtain. It was sharmishtha. She wiped her tears and gave a sigh of relief. She knew she didn’t need to worry for swara now.

Kaveri was sitting in her room. Sanskar came in.
Kaveri: come my son….
Sanskar: you know very well choti ma… I never do anything without your blessings. But today… I know the soul of a mother will never forgive me for doing this to her daughter.
Kaveri: you did what a would be king should do. I am happy to see a capable king in you.
Sanskar: where is kavita?
Kaveri: both kavita and adarsh are standing behind you….
Sanskar looked back. Adarsh was standing behind sanskar with a girl draped in royal clothes. She was beautiful… But her eyes didn’t have that innocence .
Sanskar: kavita… I…. I don’t …
Before sanskar could say a word kavita hugged him.
Kavita: i am glad that i love such a dutiful man. I will always love you. I don’t care whether you get married to anyone… I will just love you for no condition…

Sanskar felt a great sense of guilt in his heart which finally came to his eyes. He was no longer able to carry his weight on his feet. He collapsed on the floor. He begin to cry. He looked at kavita. He was no longer able to bear her presence. He jolted out of the room.

Kavita smiled and so adarsh. Kaveri smirked.
Kaveri: it was a great acting my sweetheart.
Kavita: learnt from u ma.
Kaveri: you have to fill him with the same guilt . So that even if he wants he can not go close to that girl.
Adarsh: but ma… Now we have to kill both swara and sanskar. Our work has been doubled.
Kaveri: first you have to kill sanskar… N that little girl…. Aah…. Haven’t you forget… A king can have many dasi…
Adarsh smirked…

@wedding venue
Swara was sitting with sanskar in front of the pyre. Nor swara not sanskar even bothered to take a single glance of each other during the whole wedding. Actually they didn’t even care to admire the beauty of each other.

Pandit: it’s the time of sindoor daan

It was the first time sanskar looked into the eyes of swara. Swara too looked at sanskar . Sanskar finally put sindoor in swaraa’s hair and again became indifferent to her.

This was not hidden from the eyes of ap and dp.
Dp: ap ji…. Can you see…. This is not a marriage ceremony… This is the celebration of sacrifice of two young souls…
Ap: may be this sacrifice will bring glory to their lives too….
Dp: may be…
Ap: i ve met swara…. Although not a member of any royal family.. she has all the qualities to become queen of this kingdom.. i am sure she will handle sanskar very well…
Sanskar’s indifference towards swara….

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