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Manan-A love story that was meant to be – Episode 1

Hello people…Hopefully u guys are not angry on me for disappearing like this always..But sometimes unavoidably hota hai yaar.So please do understand…I promise from henceforth you will get daily updates as you used to get from me at the start…And Im starting the first one as many people voted for it…



It is the last day of college for both Mukti and Nandu.They are sipping coffee in the canteen after a hectic week of exams.(M.B.A).They are the best of friends.While Nandu is the queen of hearts in the college,being a style icon(she wears all kinds of dresses in my story) leading to the envy of other girls.In short beauty with brains.On the other hand Mukti(our dear tomboy),every other guy is scared of her and nobody dared to mess with her.She is sweet with good people and bad with people who are over smart.

Nandu(sighed):So here comes the end of our college life,Im gonna miss this a lot,the campus,our classes,professors,students,canteen and premises nd ya ofcourse our favourite terrace.


Mukti(nodding sadly in agreement):yeah…true yaar..In these few years v became soul sisters nd now time has come for the GOODBYE..


Nandu cudnt understand wat she meant and is confused of wat mukti is speaking abt.Still wondering she said”I didn’t get u”


Mukti stammered and answered”nandu…actu…ally…..I wanna…uh….tell u sumthng…but…uh…pls…don’t panic..okay?”


Nandu immediately rising her eyebrows asked”say it ,u r scaring me…I have a strong intuition that sumthng is really wrong with u”


Mukti was scared ,”But first promise that you wont be sad and  upset with me.”
Nandu now was both angry and tensed. ” Yeah promise.. now tell me or else I’m  leaving….”

mukti finally gathered up the courage to speak and finally spoke up “I’m going to India forever to my family, I  wanted to tell you this since many days but I  was scared of your reaction.Please Im so sorry…”she said all this in one breathe)


nandu was shocked and speechless. ”


“Because mukti means a lot to her, she was like a sister to her. Whenever she used to be with her she was always happy and  would forget all the worries in her life. The girls used to get totally crazy together. She never got love from her parents as they were always busy in making their empire bigger and  bigger in the world. She got every thing in her life which a money can buy”



” She got love only from her dog adore, her care taker Aashka chachi ,she loves nandulike her own daughter, nandu always wanted her mother to be like Aashka chachi, she always wanted to eat food cooked by her mother but all this love and  affection she got from Aashka chachi instead of her mother.


Mukti was worried now.


“nandu..what are you thinking .. for gods sake say something..you are scaring me now… I  know you’re hurt but please talk to me…”


nandu said expressionly “Umm… when you are  leaving?”


mukti replied totally shocked, “Are  you ok? You  didnt yell at me after listening all this?””


” Nandu said in a voice too calm for this situation, “I  understand Mukti.. you have a lovely family who loves you a lot and all these years cause of your studies you were away from them… I  know how much you miss them.. so its time for you to go back to your family. And cherish the moments…”



Mukti replied little bit shocked at the words she heard ,”Ya I miss them a lot, I  wanna go back to them and  want to enjoy the family time. I’ll be leaving next week till than I  want to spend my all time with you adore and  chachi. I am gonna miss you  like hell. And we have to do a lots of shopping for my family, as you are  expert in this field so you have to make choice for everyone”she giggled trying to change both their moods. ”


Nandu said teasingly ,”Yeah sure that’s obviously there  soo lets go… for shopping… Im so excited… I  haven’t shopped since one week…. cause of exams…” They do lots of shopping ( am not writing details of this) then they reach Nandu’s home.



Aashka chachii is in kitchen, she’s preparing dinner. Adore is waiting for Nandu. As soon as Adore heard Nandu’s voice she ran to her and  jumped on her.


Nandu said caressing Adore in her arms ,”hey baby I  missed you today, sorry for being late well I have news for you Mukti is leaving us she’s going back to her family to India.””




” Adore looks at Mukti and Nandu and makes sad face.


Mukti sadly says “Hey Adore I  will miss u so much “and then gives a peck on her forehead and  picks her in arms.



Aashka chachi then asked “Hey what happened ? Why are you people sounding so low..is everything ok? How was your exam?And why are you people  so late?”


Nandu replied “Exam was too good… actually Mukti  is going to India to her family. So we went for some shopping for her family.”


Chachi was both happy and sad .”Finally Mukti after long time you will meet your family. I’m so happy for you.


Mukti replied “I’ll miss you and your food so much. You are the best cook in the world.””



” Nandu chimed in, “That reminds me  chachi we are damn hungry.!”


chachi said ,”Go and get fresh, dinner is ready, we’ll continue our talks on dinning table.”


Mukti said what she had been thinking for a while now, ” Nandu.. what I was thinking is that you can also come with me …we’ll have fun in India. Anyways you  have never been to India.”


Nandu replied immediately “What will I  do by coming to India. None of my relative lives there.. I  know only you.”


Mukti said encouragingly ,”C’mon girl there will be someone or other  its possible that there are some relatives that you dont know about.”


Nandu replied sadly ,”No .. I dont even  have any relative there I had even  asked to dad also about this and he said that none of his or mom’s relatives live in India.””




” Mukti still didnt give up ,”umm….lets ask to chachi about this she is working in your house before you were born..so she must be knowing someone….what say..?”



Nandu said laughingly ,”Hmm okay but lets eat something first or I’ll die of starvation.  ” They then go  to the  dinning table where Adore and Chachi were already waiting for them.”


Mukti asked”chachi,since when u r working with Murthy’s?”


” chachi answered casually “From the time when Nandu ‘s dad was in Jr. college.”


Nandu replied curiously “That means you stayed in India too with my family. ”


chachi said answering, “Yeah after he got married he shifted to USA and than he had his business here. He brought  me here to look after his house and then after few years you were my responsibility.”


Nandu’s curiosity was now increasing ,”So are there any siblings of dad or mum? Well yes I  know dad said that he was the only child of his parents. but still is there any cousin?”


chachi knew where this was going “Why are you asking such questions now? Dont you believe your dad?”


Mukti replied for Nandu”Actually chachi I  want Nandu to come with me to India so I  just thought she must be having some relative over there.””


” chachi replied with urgency laced in her tone “No she doesnt have her any relative over  there. And Nandu’s dad will never allow her to go India, now finish your food I’ll send milk to your room in sometime.”


By saying this she was about to leave but was interrupted by Nandu.


Nandu now questioned her urgent and tensed tone “But why wont dad allow me ? What are you  hiding from me? Now I  wanna know the reason and I  will go to India too. ”


All this conversation  was heard by her parents, Nandu’s dad yelled at her ,”Dont you understand what your chachi has told ,now go straight away to your room and dont even think about  going to India. This is my first and the last warning to you . ”


Nandu now had tears in her eyes as it was first time in her life ever that her dad had yelled her.


” Mukti tried to calm her, ” Its ok nandu dont cry.May be he has some reasons for not letting you go to India……. so he wants u to stay away from this.”



Nandu gave up saying ,”Leave it babe ..anyways I dont expect anything from my parents , they always did what they wanted they never cared for me and  my happiness.You are very lucky Mukti, that you  have parents who love you so much.”



Mukti said cheering her up ,”Forget about it and tell me what are plans for tommorrow?”



Nandu said cheering up too,”Lets cook tomorrow cause after going to India you gonna miss chachii’s food a lot  so she’ll teach you some dishes , what say?””


” Mukti said cheerfully ,”Awesome plan.. But it  doesnt suit my personality tom boy never cooks dumbo.” She said laughing, ” Tomorrow you will cook n I  will eat, cause you cook so yummy my s*xy chef.”



chachi chimed in ,”So it seems its a holiday for me tomorrow. So Nandu baby is gonna cook food for us.”


Mukti agreed also teasing Nandu ,”Yeah chachi you know a good doctor who can treat us nicely after eating the food made by her..?”


Nandu continued playing the game, ” Mukti you wait ,I’ll see you !!”she takes pillow and  throws it on her and they start pillow fight. Then she says,”Im not giving you anything tomorrow ,youll see.” She says making  a cute pout.


chachi interfered ,”Okay fine this is enough for the day now have milk quickly and go to bed .”She leaves by  pecking them on their forehead and  says good night to them.”


Sorry if it is bad…I don’t know wat crap I have written..But this is really necessary to show mukti’s and nandu’s bond which is not explored that much in the serial.Manik’s intro will be done in next epi…So do let me know wat u feel about this update in the comments…


P.S:Ignore typos….Criticism accepted..Suggestions and ideas are most welcome…


Please let me know wat you feel about the update in comments so that I can improve in case of lackings….Nd my pyaare previous readers if any pls inform all our other old readers that Im back and pls do check my new ff…especially sindhu varma,karthi,crystal who even msgd me privately in order to know my whereabouts nd everything I love u guys…nd I luv u tash,mahi,salley ,anandi and many more whom I failed to mention,sorry guys but I luv u also a lot….

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