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Love me forever (Introduction and epi 1)

Hey guyzzz!!! How are you ppl? First of all i m so sry that i didnt complete my stories even i knw that many of you dont remember me bt thats ok i was very very busy with my career and personal life too so never got a chance to complete my stories or rewrite a new one. Today i felt like i should write a story if you like this i will continue it otherwise i will stop here itself. Guys right now i can’t mention what kind of genre this story might be but i can entertain you with my story. Ok enough of my chit chat. Lets get into the story…

Arnav singh raizada – rich, handsome & famous doctor

Khushi kumari gupta – medical student

Anjali – doctor ; arnav’s sister

Abhishek prem mehra – ACP & arnav’s cousin

Pragya gupta – private detective and sister of khushi

Rest of the characters will be introduced in the story…

Story begins with a guy sitting in the park and was left in deep thoughts. He is none other than our arnav. He looks sad, angry, confused and worried.

From arnav’s point of view…

Why did you do this to me? I know i made a lot of mistakes even i regret each and every day for doing them but this is not the right way to punish me. Even i love you to the moon and back I dont expect the same from you. I just wanted you to forgive me. Please atleast for once. Where are you khushi? Come back to me please (he starts crying)

FB begins

ASR hospital

Arnav is busy with the patients. He then gets a call.

Anjali: hey chote!

Arnav: di! Tell me what’s the matter?

Anjali: i need you to do me a favour?

Arnav: what?

Anjali: i cant go to college as i m having a one month conference program in london so i want you to take the classes.

Arnav: di! Please i m not interested in teaching that too in our college. It makes me look like an old man.

Anjali: chote please don’t say like that its your college and reputation of raizada’s so its really important for me and you are the one who can deal with that and dont feel like an old man. You are always my little baby brother.

Arnav: ok ok! I will go and take the classes but only for one month.

Anjali: thank you chote! You are the best.

Arnav: i know that you are the luckiest one to get me. Anyway i m going to college. See u later.

He cuts the call.

ASR Medical college, Mumbai

A group of boys and girls rags each and every one who passes by. One of the boy (rikki) in that group asks a junior girl to kiss him bt she refuses to do that mean while swetha (khushi’s best friend) comes there. She warns him not to touch her but he refuses and pushes her. She is about to fall and a beautiful girl holds her. She is our khushi.

Khushi (angrily): what happened swetha? Why did he push you?

Swetha: khushi its nothing. Leave it.

Khushi questions her again but she refuses again then rikki comes near khushi and tries to misbehave with her. She slaps him hard. He gets anger and walks towards her. She steps back. He agressively holds her hand and drags her. Swetha tries to stop him but in vain. She runs to principal room. Meanwhile rikki drags khushi while arnav stands in front of him.

Other side

At present

A girl is tied and left unconcious. She is our pragya. A man comes near her and starts laughing

Man: see what you got for not listening to my words. If you had listened to me earlier then everything went well. Its not too late even now if you do what i say then you are set free to go. Meanwhile he gets a call and leaves from there.

Pragya wakes up and thinks i should escape from here before its too late. I know abhi will be worried about me even i was worried about him but first if i get out of here then i can explain everything to him. Later i have to go to khushi.

On other side

A man is sitting and waiting for his flight at the airport. He is left at deep thoughts. Meanwhile he gets a call. Its from Anjali..

Anjali: abhiii!!!

Its our ACP Abhishek prem mehra

Abhi: hey di!!

Anjali: where are you? Did you start?

Abhi: yeah di!! I m at airport. My plane is about to arrive. I’ll call you once i reach india.

She says ok and cuts the call.

Abhi is left in thoughts. And abhi’s point of view.

ACP abhi, a sincere police officer. Its my childhood dream to be a police officer. I lost my parents at the age of 7 in a bomb blast. Since then i was brought up along with anjali di and arnav. They are not my cousins but my best friends especially arnav. He is the best buddy anyone can get. This is my world but then another angel entered into this world. She is none other than my pragya. I love her with my everything but she betrayed and left me in tears. I gave her my everything but she threw up as i don’t deserve her. Thats why i hate love and i hate pragya. I dont know why still somewhere in my heart i can’t accept that because i love her more than myself. She is the reason i left india and its time i have to face reality. I m coming to india and wanted to see what destiny has kept in hold for me…

Episode ends..

Hey guyzzz!!! I dont know if have written this epi in a good way or not but i will try my best to write it in a pleasant way..and i m sorry if my english is bad. Please don’t complain about that and i want to know your opinion about this story. I know this epi is bit confusing but i will make it clear in upcoming episodes. So please comment and support my story. Thank you guyzz..love you…

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